In world where politicians are treated as Gods and the land is ruled by the half-mad cults that have sprung up to worship them, where do you stand? RP
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The man walked up to the guard and looked at him. The guard recoiled a little upon seeing the man's face, and gripped his rifle tighter.

"Hello. I'm here to join the cult." He said, tilting his head to one side. His face was splattered in blood, and in one hand he held the dead body of one of the people who'd attacked the camp not so long ago. "The person who lead the attack. Thought you might want it." He said.

The guard looked away and nodded. "Yes. Come on in, come on in." He said. "You can, er, leave that...I don't know...I should ask my officer..." He said. "Wait here." He walked off, and came back with the officer who looked the man up and down.

"Leave that here and we'll take care of it. Are you injured?" He immediately asked.

The man shook his head, hoping they wouldn't see the gaping gash in his side--he hated people seeing himself injured.

"You'd better see someone in admin before anyone else. Give some info on yourself and such..." The officer said.

The man dumped the corpse and grinned, showing sharp teeth, and walked away into the camp.

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Quint looked up from his desk at the man who entered, flinching a little as he saw the blood on his face. He was used to such sights in the present climate, but could never quite handle the thought of getting his small area of the camp dirty, prefering to remain vaguely civilised even when all the others had descended into…what had they descended into?

Forcing himself into reality, Quint looked up at the man.

'Don't sit down.'

Chiding himself for such a display of his attitude to the dishevelled state of the figure, he quickly continued with the standard words, 'Can I help you?'

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Machine narrowed his eyes and tapped a foot. "I was told to go and see someone in admin." He explained. "I'm here to join the Cult."

He held out a blood-stained hand, somehow forgetting that it was probably a health and safety hazard all of its own and smiled.

"My name is Machine."

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Quint ignored the hand and instead reached for a piece of paper and ever-shortening pencil. Seeing it still hanging in front of him, he snapped, 'Handshaking is against health and safety regulations.'

After testing the pencil, he flipped the paper over, scrawled 'Masheen' and looked up impatiently.

'So…Masheen. Is that your real name, or an alias?'

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((I didn't mean that the cult would call Machine's hand a health and safety hazard...it's just that it's covered in blood and stuff and is all eew x) ))

Machine put his hand back into his pocket, still smiling with bloodied teeth that looked as if they'd been badly sharpened and shaped into fangs. He leaned over and glanced at the paper.

"You spelt my name wrong; it's M-A-C-H-I-N-E. And it's just my name, alright?" He reached for the butterfly knife inside his jacket, but stopped halfway, remembering his manners. "I told you my name," he said eagerly. "What now?"

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Quint shrugged and corrected the spelling. 'You should have a less ambiguously spelt name,' he said.

'Yes, you did tell me your name. And now…now…'

He sought for an official-sounding question.

'Now…why do you wish to join this exclusive and reputable cult thingy?'

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"I thought it was obvious it was spelt that way..." Machine muttered, frowning. His frown grew deeper when he heard the next question.

"That doesn't sound very professional...'cult thingy', heh. Hmmm...well, you see, I wanted to join this 'exclusive and reputable cult thingy' because I want to be useful. Don't you ever get that feeling? That you want to be useful to something or someone? I get it all the time. All the time, and I really--" He cocked his head as there was a crash outside. "Is there meant to be a sound like that?" He asked, and went to look outside.

Outside, a small group of cultists had cornered another group. The crash had apparently been caused by a makeshift barracade falling.

"Something's happened," he said, walking back into the office and looking at Quint.

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Quint tutted impatiently.

'What do you expect me to do about it? I'm a secretary, okay? I just do the administration. Go on, man.'

He flapped his hands about to give the impression that he was doing something to fool the crowds outside, who seemed to be going somewhere.

((Is that powerplaying?))

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((I wasn't intending to have the crowds go away, but I can work with that))

"However, you haven't told me that I could join this place yet, and I don't know my way around. How am I to know what to do if things are happening? Do you think we'd better follow?" Machine said, a little fed up of this man.

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((They could be coming towards them; I'm trying not to be specific…))

'Okay,' said Quint. 'I suppose you can join…if you behave appropriately in this, um, test situation.'

It pained him to have to explain more, but he did, out of, he supposed, the kindness of his heart.

'We're going out there. To see what they're doing. You may have to defend me. Look upon this as your…assessment.'

As he left the room, he felt fleetingly pleased as his ability to recall such a word.

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((Sorry I took so long!))

"Of course," Machine said, nodding. He followed Quint outside, holding his plasma pistol. He carefully watched the groups.

"Well, there's certainly been a fight between the two of them. I don't know what your cult does if brawls break out. Should I intervene in any way?" He asked, in a slightly scornful manner. He'd picked up on Quint's making-up of things, and found it slightly amusing.

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((I forgive you, my child. [/priest]))

'Yes,' replied Quint. 'Wait…no…yes. Um…go and see what they're doing.'

He leaned back a little and smiled.

'I'll wait here.'

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