Mican's Heirs
In the distant future, a gateway has been opened to another world... Join the roleplay, or just drop in for a chat! Everybody's welcome!
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These are the character sheets that have been submitted, approved and are ready to join the game. Also, NPCs are found here.

List of current players/characters

Lady Lilliana (admin) - All NPCs: Lex, Laerta, Shas, Carlos, Daralki, Maria and Jocasta

Bio-Mechanic: Sid and Sergei

9/25/2008 . Edited 10/21/2008 #1

Name: "Lex" (alias David Bast, true name unknown)

Age: 17

Race: Human

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark purple, mid-length, messy. Bangs cover most of his face.

Appearence: Average build, slightly shorter than most guys his age. Very pale.

Clothes: Loose black trousers tucked into green boots, short-sleeved dark green shirt, plain black choker, green-strapped goggles worn like a bandana, black wrist-computer with urban camo straps. Chain bracelets and large black earrings.

Weapons: Cat-20, V-rifle, Pulse Shotgun (custom weapon)

Character: Lex is a dark and mysterious figure; leader of the Heirs, he rarely goes out, skips school as much as possible, and appears to live at the hideout. He is highly focussed on finding the Ten Keys. He has a girlfriend, Faye, who doesn't know about the Heirs, so he must have some degree of social life, but he rarely goes out with the other Heirs. He is authorative, and gets angry when he is disobeyed. He is always serious, and doesn't appear to have much fun.

Skills: Bike - 3, Good shot - 3, Martial arts - 3

Level: 15

Inventory: Bike - Daralki mk. 3

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/27/2008 #2

Name: Shas'kiel "Shas"

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Bright red, short and curly.

Appearence: Taller than the average man. Has black ram-like horns and small black wings, tanned skin with red tribal markings, sharp canines and black nails.

Clothes: Tight black trousers, black sandals, dark red straps on his thighs for his knives, lots of belts and chains around his waist (his whip is on one of these), fishnet gloves, white shirt worn open with the sleeves rolled up, coloured glass bangles, numerous silver hoops in each ear. Black and dark red headphones around his neck connected to his black and red wrist computer.

Weapons: Long Knives, Claws, Dae Whip (custom weapon)

Character: Shas is still suffering from amnesia after coming through the Gate, but has lived on Earth for six years now. He is shy towards strangers but when he opens up to people he becomes a warm and reliable friend. Honest and trustworthy, likes loud rock music. A bit sweet on Laera, very protective of her.

Skills: Martial Arts - 3, Pick Locks - 3, Agile - 4

Level: 13

Inventory: -

9/25/2008 #3

Name: Laera Hardy

Age: 16

Race: Half-demon (mother). half-human (father)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blue, short and flicky, with silver star-shaped clips, or sometimes a silver headband.

Appearence: Tall, slender, pale. Has a baby-face and slanted eyes. Wears light green eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

Clothes: Short, dark blue dress with tight white shorts a bit longer than the dress, long, white arm-warmers, dark blue boots with red buckles, light blue wrist computer, a silver ring with an oyster-shell on her left index finger. Blue-strapped goggles around her neck, and a light blue bandana around her waist that she uses to keep her hair back while she's working.

Weapons: Sting Gun

Character: Laera is a cheery, bubbly girl, best friends with Daralki. She loves to take apart bikes and wingers, and is skilled at repair work; as a hobby she designs and makes weapons. She is an orphan, and lives at the hideout. She has a set of female friends outside the Heirs who she sometimes hangs out with, but rarely. She also does a lot of the cooking, and tries her best to make everyone in the hideout happy. She has a slight crush on Shas. Unlike the others, she is very rarely in direct danger.

Skills: Mechanics - 4, People Skills - 2, Drive Bike - 2

Level: 10

Inventory: Expert lockpicks, Repair Kit

9/25/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #4

Name: Daralki

Age: 75

Race: Charat (male)

Eyes: Pink

Hair: Royal purple fur with darker purple stripes; his belly, chin, tail and the large tufts on the ends of his ears are white.

Appearence: Unusually small for a Charat - only about a foot tall, so he sits comfortably on Laera's shoulder. Stocky, has large hands and feet and a fluffy tail.

Clothes: Wears a sparkling rhinestone collar and one gold earring.

Weapons: Claws

Character: Daralki is fairly young for a charat, but often finds himself acting like the grown-up in the Heirs. He took on Laera as his apprentice in Mechanics, and is a great friend to her. He loves her cooking, and is always eating something. He is mature and friendly to everyone, and very sensitive to people's moods. He always tries to cheer them up when they're sad.

Skills: Mechanics - 5, People Skills - 5, Pick Locks - 2

Level: 10

Inventory: Bell Collar, Blue Shells.

9/25/2008 #5

Name: Carlos Fabriz

Age: 25

Race: Human

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Shoulder-length black dreadlocks

Appearance: Very tall and muscular, olive-skinned. Has tribal tattoos all doen his left arm.

Clothes: Camo trousers with lots of pockets, large black trainers, a black vest and a camo jacket (always open). Black leather fingerless gloves and a plain wedding ring. Black wrist computer with dark green straps.

Weapons: Claws and Steel Knuckledusters (custom weapon)

Character: Carlos joined the Heirs after the murder of his wife Anthula by a demon on their honeymoon. Before joining the Heirs he taught martial arts in school, having been in training since the age to thirteen. He spends most of his free time either training in the gym or playing computer games, and taught all the other Heirs basic unarmed combat. He is easily bored, blunt and rude, and mistrusts Shas and Daralki. Lex trusts him absolutely.

Skills: Martial Arts - 5, Agile - 3

Level: 14

Inventory: Anthula's Ring

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #6

Name: Sid Denrig

Race: Human

Age: 16

Hair: Orange (Think badly dyed orange, not ginger), messy and gelled. Cut short-ish.

Eyes: Pale blue

Appearance: Sid is very lithe and of moderate height for a boy at 5'10". He's very fair, but not freckled, despite his hair colour. Clothes: Sid wears a black dress-shirt with faded blue jeans. His shoes are one black and one red trainers made to look like something has clawed at them and left white gashes. He has a silver bangle on his left wrist and a silver tooth-type necklace. One of his ears is pierced and so is his nose--he wears a small silver ring in both nose and ear. His wrist computer is black with red straps.

Weapons: Claws and a Cat-20

Character: Sid's clever, but never tries too hard (mostly because he can't be bothered) unless threatened or made to in some way. He's very arrogant and known to be irritating. He's laid-back and often lazy. Despite his laid-back and easygoing attitude, he hates people who lie and cheat. He likes to play computer games when he can.

Skills: Martial arts - 1, good shot - 1.

Level: 1

Inventory: 200 che, (that's the money everyone starts with)Verkis Knife, Health Drink (5 uses)

9/26/2008 . Edited 9/26/2008 #7

Name: John Jocasta (real name unknown)

Race: Human

Age: 45

Hair: Black, streaked with whites and greys; mid-length and gelled back

Eyes: Dark brown

Appearence: In his prime Jocasta was quite handsome; a little below average height, but muscular and with an attractive face. Now that he is ageing, his figure has softened slightly, and he has put on a little weight, but he is still very fit. He is a naturally fair man, and years in the sun have tanned him only slightly.

Weapons: Serrated Knife and a Pulse Pistol (custom weapon - a Pulse Pistol is smaller and less powerful than a Pulse Rifle, but much easier to load and aim))

Character: Considering he is the head of President Price's dark police, and a former torturer and assassin, Jocasta is surprisingly friendly; a widower, he has a teenage daughter back home in Unite, who he rarely sees, but seems to make up for this by being the kind surrogate father to everyone else in the force. However, those who displease him won't know about it until the moment he shoots them in the face. Jocasta orders assassinations with the calm and ease with which most men would order dinner.

Skills: Good Shot - 5, People Skills - 5, Drive Winger - 5

Level: 25

Inventory: Expert lockpicks, Truth serum, Emily's Ring

9/29/2008 #8

Name: Maria Schlegel

Race: Human

Age: 30

Hair: Blonde, bob-cut with a side-parting

Eyes: Blue

Appearence: Maria is very tall and slender; she is a little too thin, and so looks younger than she is. Despite that, she is quite beautiful. She wears a short, dark red, high-collared dress, black leggings and knee-high dark red boots with bright red buckles, black gloves and red bangles.

Weapons: Long Knives, Blade Gun (custom weapon)

Character: Maria is cold and businesslike, having been alone from a young age, and has a very dry sense of humor. She cares a lot more for herself than for others, and has never bothered to hide that; she let her last partner die to save her own life, and since then has worked alone. She answers directly to Jocasta, and performs most of his assassinations. A former bounty hunter, she still occasionally hunts down demons for money.

Skills: Good Shot - 5, Martial Arts - 5, Agile - 5

Level: 23

Inventory: [empty]

10/11/2008 #9

Name: Sergei Werder (The W is a V)

Race: Human

Age: 26

Hair: Dirty blond, short.

Eyes: Blue-grey

Appearance: Sergei is relatively short (5'7"). He's very skinny, but has more muscle on him than people often anticipate. His features are bony and sharp, and his fingers are quite long from playing the piano (Your fingers stretch if you play the piano from a young age, as far as I am aware). He has glasses, which he will replace with contacts if needs be. He normally wears clothes which let him move easily, but aren't low on the style factor. He's very agile and moves with grace.

Weapons: Pistol, long Knives.

Character: Sergei is ruthless and merciless. He looks very serious, but has a very odd sense of humour and often ends up laughing at totally inappropriate times. He often feels he needs to take command of the situation, and can be a little overpowering at times. He's very intelligent, but more cold and calculating.

Skills: Good Shot - 1, Athletics - 1

Level: 5 ((all Gatekeepers start out at a higher level than Heirs, 'cause they're all adults who've been trained heavily, as opposed to the Heirs, who're kids))

Inventory: [empty]

10/16/2008 . Edited 10/16/2008 #10
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