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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Little Miss Priss

"I don't know, he doesn't sit still very well. Maybe when he is older. Mommy say I will have my portrait done when I am older and can sit still better. Maybe we could do it together." he replied

6/30/2009 #571

"That would be a lovely portrait." Emmy agreed, glancing up to see Daniel in the doorway. She smiled brightly.

"Don't you agree Daniel?"

6/30/2009 #572
Little Miss Priss

"I do indeed. Perhaps Miss May could be prevailed upon to complete it for us." Daniel replied "Would you like to see the other rooms?"

6/30/2009 #573

"Indeed." she said, getting back up and looking at Owen. "Will you show me about as well?"

6/30/2009 #574
Little Miss Priss

Owen smiled and ran down the hall "I think he likes it here." Daniel said with a smile. "I hope you will as well."

6/30/2009 #575

"I already love it, dearest." she told him as she took his arm. "If only you could now how happy I am."

6/30/2009 #576
Little Miss Priss

"I am glad to hear it. What room would you like to see first?" he asked

(Do you want to tour the house or FF)

6/30/2009 #577

(You pick)

"Might I see my room?"

6/30/2009 #578
Little Miss Priss

"I am afraid that is the one room you can not see." he replied "For it is a wedding night surprise."

6/30/2009 #579

She laughed and blushed.

"Alright then, I shall settle for seeing May's room." she replied.

6/30/2009 #580
Little Miss Priss

"Right this way." he motioned and walked beside her down the hallway. Turning into a room slightly smaller than the last with a large window overlooking what would be the gardens. "It is smaller but I thought she would like the view."

6/30/2009 #581

Emmy looked at the rose-colored walls and nodded.

"She will love it here." she said. "She may never want to go home."

6/30/2009 #582
Little Miss Priss

"Then I have succeeded. For as long as she is here you will not be able to leave." Daniel teased

6/30/2009 #583

She laughed.

"I could never leave." she said with a smile. "What else must I see?"

6/30/2009 #584
Little Miss Priss

The parlor perhaps? Cassie is down there now." Daniel replied

6/30/2009 #585

"Certainly." she said. "Should we bring Owen?"

6/30/2009 #586
Little Miss Priss

"Where did he get off to?" Daniel asked looking around but not seeing him anywhere.

6/30/2009 #587

"Owen?" Emmy called softly. "Where are you?"

6/30/2009 #588
Little Miss Priss

Daniel noticed a small pair of feet hiding under a curtain and pointed at them. "I don't know where he could be." Daniel said "I guess we shall have to leave without him."

6/30/2009 #589

Emmy noticed them as well and smiled.

"What a shame." she sighed. "I would hate to be in this house all alone. It's so large, and with no one to live in it yet it must get terribly dark at night."

6/30/2009 #590
Little Miss Priss

"And he will be very hungry. Cook has made his favorite cake for desert and he will miss it." Daniel said with a smile "But I suppose that leave more for us."

With this statment Owen jumped from the curtains. "I'm right here!" he said "Where is the cake?"

6/30/2009 #591

Emmy turned to Daniel and gasped.

"Goodness, there you are!" she said with a smile. "We were about to go downstairs."

6/30/2009 #592
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, we were and you would have been left all alone." Daniel replied "But since you are here now, we had better hurry back downstairs or your mother will worry."

Leaving the room Owen turned "You wouldn't really have left me, would you Danny?"

"Of course." he replied "Besides Emmy wouldn't have let me."

6/30/2009 #593

Emmy chuckled and nodded.

6/30/2009 #594
Little Miss Priss

Later that day having returned from Meadow Park and exchanged gifts Emmy and Daniel walked alone in the garden while Anne trotted around them.

"How have the holidays been at your home?" Daniel asked

6/30/2009 #595

She sighed.

"It has been terribly quiet without Johanna." she admitted. "I miss her."

6/30/2009 #596
Little Miss Priss

"I wondered how that would effect you." he replied "I am sure that where ever she is she is happy and comfortable."

6/30/2009 #597

"She is my sister, Daniel." she said. "I cannot help but worry for her. I just wish I knew where she was, so I might send a letter or maintain some type of correspondance. Mama never told her of our engagement."

6/30/2009 #598
Little Miss Priss

"And I wish I could find her for you. Unfortunatly I have had no success in locating them." Daniel said sadly.

6/30/2009 #599

She nodded and looked up at him.

"I know you've tried your hardest, dearest." she said as she kissed his hand clasped in hers. "I can't ask for more than that."

6/30/2009 #600
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