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A beautiful seaside village, a perfect escape for a pair of newlyweds.

5/10/2009 #1

Jo was half-asleep when they arrived, and was woken up by the soft sea breezes.

"Liam?" she called softly.

5/10/2009 #2
disused account

Liam rode into town. troting toward the church.

5/10/2009 #3

She looked past him at the tall steeple and the seaside beyond. She breathed a little sigh - this place was beautiful!

5/10/2009 #4
disused account

Stooping he offered to help her down.

5/10/2009 #5

She came down and smiled at him.

"This is really happening." she said in wonder.

5/10/2009 #6
disused account

"It really is," he took her hand.

5/10/2009 #7

She couldn't stop smiling.

Mrs. Liam Gardner...

5/10/2009 #8
disused account

(Are married or getting married?)

He grined.

5/10/2009 #9

((Getting, but we can FF))

She walked into the church and began to tremble with excitement.

5/10/2009 #10
disused account

(FF I'm not good at weddings *Cries*

5/10/2009 #11


Johanna came out of the church with a bright grin.

5/10/2009 #12
disused account

He smiled just as brightly. "You're mine, forever."

5/10/2009 #13

She smiled and kissed him.

"I love you."

5/10/2009 #14
disused account

"I love you to, Jonna."

(g2g night!)

5/10/2009 #15

She felt her heart flutter and she longed to kiss him, but they couldn't do it in public.

"Are we staying the night?" she asked.

5/10/2009 #16
disused account

"If you would like to."

5/11/2009 #17

She nodded.

"I-if you can."

5/11/2009 #18
disused account

"If it makes my wife happy," he smiled.

(Gotta find a freakin pool!)

5/11/2009 #19

((*drags in kiddie pool*))

She blushed.

"Perhaps we should go home, then." she said. "I mean... It's very late, and..."

5/11/2009 #20
disused account

He nodded and kissed her forehead.

5/11/2009 #21

She smiled.

"I just... I don't want to... my sister would worry..."

5/11/2009 #22
disused account

"Want to what, love?"

5/11/2009 #23

She glanced up.

"I, I just... it's nothing, really. Please, I'd just like to go home."

5/11/2009 #24
disused account

"To my home or yours?" he asked.

5/11/2009 #25

She took his hands.

"Our home."

5/11/2009 #26
disused account

He grinned. "Ok."

5/11/2009 #27

She smiled and climbed back on the old horse.

5/11/2009 #28
disused account

They rode home.

(To whatever cottoge.)

5/11/2009 #29

This time, Jo managed to stay awake the entire ride and was excited for the ride.

5/21/2009 #30
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