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A beautiful city drenched (literally) in history.

5/18/2009 #1

Aaron Brighton was a simple man. He'd married his childhood friend, followed in his father's footsteps to become a lawyer, and bought his favorite house the moment it became availible. He'd had three children, and his dear Louisa was expecting another one in December. So when his parents had come with him, pleading for him to get an annulment for his younger sister, he was shocked. The little Johanna that he remembered would never have done such a thing. Out of respect, he pulled some strings and found the papers necessary to 'free' her.

And now, he sat in his study with his father, awaiting the arrival of someone from Cuthbert Castle with an urgent request before the older Brightons returned to Haversham. He suspected it was a request from his beloved Emmy, who he had heard was on a visit with Mrs. Roland to his city, to come and visit. That he would certainly never deny - his children all loved their Aunt Emily and he had no objections to see his playmate.

5/24/2009 #2
Little Miss Priss

Daniel and Mr. Roland arrived first in Bath having left ahead of the rest of the party. After a quick stop at the home of Mr. Roland's brother they journeyed to the home of Mr. Brighton. Knocking on the door they were met by a butler and after inquiring after Mr. Brighton left their calling cards with him. Now they had to wait.

"It is best that you meet with them alone." Mr. Roland said to Daniel

"I know, thank you for coming this far with me."

"Not a problem. Just remember all of the facts I have told you. You may not have title or lands but for a person of your age you do have assets."

Daniel nodded his nerves on edge as they waited for the Mr. Brightons.

5/24/2009 #3

The butler came in and told them a Mr. Durst was waiting to see him. Aaron narrowed his eyes.

"Durst?" he asked. "I'm not familiar with any Dursts..."

"Ah, Mr. Durst!" Christopher Brighton said. "He is a secretary to the Rolands, perhaps he's come with news of Emily."

Aaron nodded.

"Send him in."

5/24/2009 #4
Little Miss Priss

Daniel followed the butler down the hallway and into the study were Mr. Brighton and Mr. Aaron Brighton waited.

"Mr. Brighton" he said with a bow to the older gentlemn, "Mr. Brighton" he said to the younger man with a nervous bow.

"I do hope you do not my arriving without an appointment."

5/24/2009 #5

"Please, sit down." Christopher said with a smile. "It is quite alright, I assure you."

Aaron nodded.

"I trust that Mr. and Mrs. Roland are content?" he asked. "For I hear they are to spend some time in Bath with my sister."

5/24/2009 #6
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, they are quite content. Miss Brighton is a particular friend to Mrs. Roland, and a Miss Graham is traveling with them." Sitting before the two men Daniel did not know where to begin, or how to broach the topic.

5/24/2009 #7

"Ah, Miss Graham." Christopher said. "Well then, I know that Emmy will have a lot of good company on this trip. She is an excellent traveling companion, very attentive."

Aaron nodded again.

"Well then, Mr. Durst, might I ask what your business is here?"

5/24/2009 #8
Little Miss Priss

"Mr.Brighton with your permission I would like to come right to the point. I have known your daughter Miss Brighton for a short amount of time but in that time I have come to see the extraordinary young lady she is. In short I would like to ask for her hand in marriage." Daniel stopped and took a deep breath before continuing. "I realize that I do not have land or a title, but I do have a handsome income from my tea plantations, and own a piece of land near Cuthbert on which I plan to build a home. I have with me documents listing my current assets. As for my future income Mr. Roland has arranged for me to apprentice with a Mr. Hugh Edmond, to complete my education in the law." he handed the documents to Aaron for examination and waited for a response.

5/24/2009 #9

Christopher blinked.

"Emmy?" he asked. "You wish to marry Emmy?"

Aaron glanced at his father and cleared his throat awkwardly, passing him the papers.

"Mr. Durst," he said, watching his father for any hint he might approve. "You've come to ask permission to ask for my sister's hand. Is she aware of this at all?"

5/24/2009 #10
Little Miss Priss

"Yes sir she is." he replied "We spoke of it before leaving Cuthbert. I have come ahead of the party to request your permission."

5/24/2009 #11

Christopher kept looking over the papers, not giving a clue as to his decision.

"And..." Aaron tried, "I assume she agreed?"

Downstairs, Emmy arrived. Because of a spook that frightened the horse the carriage had arrived a lot quicker than first planned. She had seen her brother's house and the carriage Mr. Roland had taken and asked to be let off. The carriage carried on to to Mr. Roland's brother's house and left Emily at the steps, asking to see Louisa Brighton.

Almost immediately she was let in, and had two young children clinging to her.

"Aunt Emmy!" they shouted in delight, their voices carrying. There was five-year-old Edward and three-year-old Anne, smiling brightly and eager to have her play with them.

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #12
Little Miss Priss

"She did sir." Daniel said trying to keep his voice as level as he could.

5/24/2009 #13
Little Miss Priss

Mr. Roland was waiting in the entry when Emily arrived and was surprised to see her.

"Good morning Miss Brighton" he said as the children ran past him.

5/24/2009 #14

Aaron glanced up and heard his children, thinking they had escaped from their nursemaid again.

"Excuse me a moment." he said, leaving the room to calm them down. He went down the stairs and saw Emily, holding Edward in the crook of her arm and kneeling to talk with Anne. He smiled.

"Children, please take care of your aunt, for you break her you shall have no one left to play with."

Emmy laughed and set her nephew down, embracing her older brother.

"Aaron, it has been so long!"

In the office, Christopher sighed and set the papers aside.

"Mr. Durst, I must know one thing before I can consent to your wedding." he said. "Will you be able to make certain that her mother does not press her into abandoning you, for in my mind I could think of no better match."

He chuckled.

"My wife will come to like you, I'm certain. Mrs. Roland and Emmy have both spoken very highly of you."

5/24/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

Daniel smiled at Mr. Brighton. "I fear your wife would have quite a fight on her hands if she tried. For Miss Brighton is difficult to change after she has set her heart on something."

Mr. Roland stepped aside as Aaron and Emmy embraced. He did not wish to disrupt thier reunion.

5/24/2009 #16

Christopher raised his eyebrow.

"Are you quite certain it's Emmy you wish to marry, and not Johanna?" he asked. "I feel as if I don't even know my own daughter at times like this."

Aaron chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"Now, you must help me or I think I shall go mad." he said to his sister. "There is a Mr. Durst here who has come to ask Papa for your hand."

"Has he consented?" Emmy asked, praying he had.

"Emmy, do you plan to marry him? You never spoke of him in your letters."

"It all happened so quickly, Aaron, I'm... I'm not even sure what to think at the moment. All I know is that I'm certain that I will be happy with none other than him."

Aaron raised an eyebrow, then glanced at Mr. Roland.

"Mr. Roland, I suspect that you may have a married man for a secretary by next spring." he laughed.

5/24/2009 #17
Little Miss Priss

"Nothing could make me happier." Mr. Roland replied and smiled like a proud father. "Mrs. Roland will be pleased as well. For I believe she has already started planning the wedding!"

Daniel looked at Mr. Brighton in wonder. How could he possibly think he wished to marry Jo?

"I am quite certain I wish to marry Emmy, sir. For in my mind she has not an equal in the world." Daniel replied

5/24/2009 #18

Chris chuckled.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure." he said. "Then, in that case, Emmy is yours. I'm sure she shall be very happy. Now, there is the matter of her allowance. I have a fund of only a thousand pounds for her, and her grandfather left an additional two thousand, to be paid on the day she is married. Hopefully that shall be enough for you."

Emmy laughed.

"I shall value her opinion." she said. "I haven't the slightest idea of what to do."

5/24/2009 #19
Little Miss Priss

"That is more than adequate." Daniel replied and after taking a deep breath continued "There is only more thing I wish to ask you regarding your younger daughter Miss Johanna. Emmy has informed me of her current situation, and the hope of an annulment. If you are unable to enforce the annulment I will only accept an amount of two thousand with the expectation that the remaining amount be given to Miss Johanna. Please understand that this is not due to any partiality on my part but due to Emmy's care and love for her sister. As I have shown here I have adequate resources to care for Miss Emmy and although the higher amount may bring her more comfort I believe that the happiness of her sister would bring her more joy."

Mr. Roland laughed with Emmy and silently thanked god that Daniel had found someone who would not mind a meddling mother in law. To Miss Brighton he replied "Do not distress my dear. For I am sure Mrs. Roland will have it all set out in no time. This is after all her forte."

5/24/2009 #20

"I can only hope I am not attacked the moment I enter the house and am forced to choose between cream or white for table linens." she chuckled. "Mrs. Roland will have enough on her mind, the wedding aside. She gave me the task of finding out Daniel's preferences for a new house, and needless to say they may need to be altered."

Christopher sat back.

"I'm sure Johanna will oblige." he said. "Jo is merely a child and everything shall be taken care of. She has her own amount provided for. You need only be concerned for Emily."

5/24/2009 #21
Little Miss Priss

Mr. Roland was only mildly surprised that Emmy was aware of Mrs. Roland's condition. "I see Mr. Durst has informed you of her condition." he said with a proud smile "But I am certain it will not slow her down in the least. Do not distress over the house. We have already decided on a design and construction is starting this afternoon. As for your table linen I do hope you enjoy shopping, for my wife will not stop until she has found perfection."

Daniel was not surprised by Mr. Brighton's response but was also not willing to let it go.

"Let us hope that all goes smoothly. If it does not my condition still stands whether Emmy and I give them the funds directly or they come from you. Poverty is a terrible thing Mr. Brighton one that I have no desire for Emmy to see her sister subjected to." Daniel sat back in his seat having made his point. "Please understand that my only concern is for Emmy and her continued happiness. With this understanding do I have your permission to marry your daughter."

5/24/2009 #22

Emmy laughed.

"I imagine Mrs. Roland to be the type who will shop until she has found everything she needed with not a single break in between." she said. "Perhaps I can convince her to rest one in awhile."

Aaron chuckled.

"Well, I'm going to make sure Papa hasn't declined Mr. Durst's offer." he said, giving a nod to the man beside him. "Good day, Mr. Roland."

He turned and smiled at his children, then returned to his bureau.

Christopher nodded to Daniel.

"Yes, you have that as well as my blessing." he said with a smile. "Take care of her."

5/24/2009 #23
Little Miss Priss

"I will" Daniel replied beaming he shook the older mans hand. Standing he prepared to leave when Aaron returned.

Mr. Roland nodded and replied in kind to Aaron. Turning his attention to Emmy he said "I would appreciate your help in convincing Mrs. Roland to rest. I fear that she often gets caught up in her activities and rather forgets her own limitations. Also I must ask that you accept her offer to assist in the purchase of your wedding clothes. She much considers Daniel to be a son and now you a daughter. It would be a great honor for her to help you."

5/24/2009 #24

Emmy nodded.

"I will require her assistance with everything." she said. "I've never been asked to plan events, and haven't a single idea on how to go about it. I will try and convince Mrs. Roland to rest, although you'll have to forgive me if I fail in this attempt."

Aaron nodded to Daniel and stepped in.

"All is well, I hope?" he asked.

"Mr. Durst has received my consent to marry your sister, Aaron." Christopher said. "I hope you shall give him your blessing on their union."

"Indeed I shall." he said. "You and Emmy shall be very happy."

5/24/2009 #25
Little Miss Priss

"Thank you sir, I am certain we will be." Daniel turned toward the door to leave "Please excuse me as I am anxious to return the the Roland home and inform her of your approval."

Knowing Cassie as he did he was almost certain Emmy would fail in her attempts. But it brought him some peace of mind to know that she would try. "I thank you for that, and for your care with Daniel. I must admit that I did not think he would ever marry."

5/24/2009 #26

Emmy smiled and tucked back her hair.

"To be quite honest, I never thought I would marry." she said. "I suppose we were sent to convince each other otherwise."

She thought for a moment.

"Would you mind if I joined you and Daniel in your ride back?" she asked. "I sent the carriage on ahead and I'm afraid I don't know how to get to the house from here."

5/24/2009 #27
Little Miss Priss

Leaving the study Daniel started down the stairs and was surprised to see Emmy speaking with Mr. Roland.

"Of course you may ride back with us." he replied "It would not do to leave my bride to be behind."

5/24/2009 #28

Emmy turned around and smiled when she saw Daniel, and it took all her strength not to run up and embrace him. After all, Aaron's children were watching.

"Good afternoon, Daniel." she said politely. "Mr. Roland and I were discussing our plans for shopping here."

5/24/2009 #29
Little Miss Priss

"I am glad to hear of it." Daniel replied unable to remove the giant grin from his face. "As I am sure Mrs. Roland will be as well."

5/24/2009 #30
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