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The home of Mr. Collin Reed.

The Oaklands is a quaint but spacious cottage on a back road in Chatham. Mr. Reed employs a housekeeper, a Mrs. Kirklevington, as well as 5 maids, 1 parlor maids, 4 manservants, 2 groundskeepers, 3 grooms, 2 kennelists, a cook, and a butler, Mr. Leeds.

6/15/2009 #1
SnowClaw of Windclan

Reed shifted the slick leather of the reins to his left hand, gently moving them back and bringing the tall bay to a stop in front of the Oaklands, his place of residence. He was immediately greeted by the sound of deep bays coming from the dew covered fields as a pack of hounds, numbering at at least twenty, dashed towards him and his mount, tongues lolling and whiplike tails wagging cheerily, most of them dappled with light lemon markings, a few a reddish tawny color with dark saddles.

They were excited, riled up after seeing him mounted upon a hunting horse, and expected that they would be going on a chase soon. However, at the present Mister Colin Reed wasn't looking to go on a foxhunt; he had returned from a training run in the woods surrounding the estate and needed to cool off the stallion.

He dismounted, boots hitting the ground with a thud. The river of hounds, quickly moved over to him, squirming with excitement and jumping up and down. He stroked the heads of a few, taking back the reins and leading the horse, Caleb, towards the stables. A groom looked up at the red-clad man, he smiled back as he entered, making a gesture for the groom to stand by when he went to take the reins.

This was a green horse, he wanted to be the main factor involved in his training. He gestly took off the tack, setting them on the gate of an empty stall and then stroking the nose of a reddish chestnut after it was thrust at him over the stall door. He still had quite an agenda that needed to be acheived, and dallying wasn't going to do anything but hold him up.

He then put the saddle and bridle over his arm, heading towards the other end of the stable to tack up his Hack, a fine horse nevertheless but lacking enough in conformation to be a poor hunting mount, therefore now used for going about town. He finished buckling the girth and mounted, ducking as not to hit his head on the top beam of the stable as he headed down the road that would, eventually, lead him into town.

6/15/2009 #2

A letter from the Ducansbys' butler:

To my honorable sir or madam,

If you know the whereabouts of Miss Helen Ducansby, please refer her directly to Ducansby Manor.

Many thanks,

Yours humbly &tc.

Mr Hathorne

6/28/2009 #3
Little Miss Priss

Eliza approached the house the next day. From the vantage atop her horse she saw the house and surrounding grounds as a beautifully made quilt laid out before. "Of this, I shall one day be mistress." she told herself. Flicking her heels she prompted the horse into the courtyard and waited for a groom to assist her.

6/29/2009 #4
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Mister Reed. Miss Edgar has arrived." The butler said mildly, making a gesture to the woman waiting in the front yard as a groom took her horse. Colin smiled and got up from where he had been writing a letter; headed outside.

"Miss Edgar, how wonderful to see you." He took her arm and headed towards the stables, one of the grooms prepared his mount for him.

6/29/2009 #5
Little Miss Priss

"And you as well" she replied takeing in every detail of his home. "It is such a fine day for a ride. Where do you propose we go?"

6/29/2009 #6
SnowClaw of Windclan

"I have trails available for our use." He mounted, made a gesture as the river of lemon and white dogs approached, tongues lolling and tails a-wagging.

6/29/2009 #7
Little Miss Priss

Eliza let out a gleeful laugh as the dogs approached and forgetting herself started the horse on a headlong run for the woods, jumping lightly over a fence with an excited scream.

6/29/2009 #8
SnowClaw of Windclan

"You are quite a good rider, Miss Edgar." Colin remarked as he brough Whimsy over a log, landed smoothly.

6/29/2009 #9
Little Miss Priss

"Thank you" she replied flushed and breathless. "There are few things as exhilarating as a ride on a well trained stead. Would you not agree?"

6/29/2009 #10
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Quite true." He flicked his heels, brought the mare forward and headed over another log. "They're wonderful creatures."

6/29/2009 #11
Little Miss Priss

She laughed heartily and followed. Passing him she said "Race?"

6/29/2009 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Very well then." He smiled, brought Whimsy forward at a fast gallop.

6/29/2009 #13
Little Miss Priss

Eliza raced through the woods wondering if Colin was letting her win. Finally stopping in a small meadow she turned Felicity to meet him and the dogs. Exhilirated by the run her cheeks flushed and her hair was slightly askew, but she cared for neither as the pure enjoyment made up for the slight immodesty.

"You have a beautiful animal there, Mr. Reed."

6/30/2009 #14
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Yes, thank you." He smiled, stroked the dark fur of the mare's neck. She whinnied, snorted. "You did a good job back there, a very good job...Were you ever formally trained, Miss Edgar?"

6/30/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

"I was actually. Papa will be glad to know that it shows in my riding for I doubt the riding instructor was easy to acquire." she replied smiling "But I fear that Felicity here is in need of pasture and I will be in need of a new horse." As if listening to her Felicity let out a snort and shook her head. "Shall we take the path at a more leisurely pace?"

6/30/2009 #16
SnowClaw of Windclan

"I suppose so." He slackened the reins, allowing his horse to move more freely. "She may stay with the herd, if you would like. She will be quite well cared for. The bailey twins do a good job as grooms."

6/30/2009 #17
Little Miss Priss

"That is very kind. But she has been with me for years and I am not yet ready to part with her. In truth I was hoping for a colt from her. Do you think her too old?" she asked

6/30/2009 #18
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Perhaps, she probably still will be able to foal for a few more years, I suppose." He continued, "And a very attractive colt one must assume that will be."

6/30/2009 #19
Little Miss Priss

"Would you be so kind as to assist me with it? My father is not a lover of horses, and I do not have the knowledge to attempt it on my own." she replied

6/30/2009 #20
SnowClaw of Windclan

"i see no reason why not to." He shrugged, brought his mount over the knee-deep creek that ran across the trail.

6/30/2009 #21
Little Miss Priss

She followed lightly "Do you have a stead in mind then?" she asked

6/30/2009 #22
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Not particularly. But if you would like to see the stallions that we do have I shall show you." He turned Whimsy and began heading back down the trail towards the Oaklands.

6/30/2009 #23
Little Miss Priss

"I would appreciate that very much." she replied "How many are currently in your herd?"

6/30/2009 #24
SnowClaw of Windclan

"All in all, fifteen. One pregnant mare, as well. She's expecting any day now...Strangest thing, seeing as it is the middle of winter." He smiled.

6/30/2009 #25
Little Miss Priss

"That is odd" she replied "Would you let me see it when she delivers?" she asked

6/30/2009 #26
SnowClaw of Windclan

"If staying up all night in a barn is your fancy, of course." He smiled, dismounted as a groom took Whimsy's reins.

6/30/2009 #27
Little Miss Priss

"If Felicity is going to foal then I want to be there for her and I will be of little help without experience." she replied imagining it to be romantic evening between them.

6/30/2009 #28
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Of course so." He made a gesture to a swollen-looking mare in the corner. He looked up at him from where she lay resting on the ground and nickered. Despite the fact that horses almost never laid on the ground, this one mare had the habit of doing so for short periods of time.

6/30/2009 #29
Little Miss Priss

"Is she ill?" Eliza asked concerned about her sitting on the ground.

6/30/2009 #30
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