Regency RPG
Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Tea party! :D

7/25/2009 #2,971
Lee's ghost re-born

*Sips tea* *pours tub of suar into it* Ah, icetea

7/25/2009 #2,972
Little Miss Priss

Good morning all!

7/26/2009 #2,973
Little Miss Priss

I was thinking that we might want to create a separate thread for the Gardners house in Ireland. It is getting a little hard to follow in there.

7/26/2009 #2,974
Lee's ghost re-born

if think so or maybe one foe mevvee

7/26/2009 #2,975
Little Miss Priss


7/26/2009 #2,976
Lee's ghost re-born

How's life?

7/26/2009 #2,977
Little Miss Priss

Good. I am making new wings for my clown costumes.

7/26/2009 #2,978
Lee's ghost re-born


7/26/2009 #2,979
Little Miss Priss

I have a fairy clown costume I wear to a few Optimist club events. The wings got torn in the move so I had to remake them.

7/26/2009 #2,980
Da history lover girl

I'm kind of missing action with priss's chars. Priss could you post in Ireland soon?

7/26/2009 #2,981
Lee's ghost re-born

who's here

7/26/2009 #2,982
Lee's ghost re-born


7/26/2009 #2,983


7/26/2009 #2,984
Lee's ghost re-born


7/26/2009 #2,985
Little Miss Priss

Wow. The depth of conversation in here is astounding.

7/27/2009 #2,986
Lee's ghost re-born


7/27/2009 #2,987
Little Miss Priss

How are you this morning?

7/27/2009 #2,988
Lee's ghost re-born

Decent. You?

7/27/2009 #2,989
Little Miss Priss

Good. Just completing my FAFSA application. I have decided to return to school this fall.

7/27/2009 #2,990

Weehee!!! Sissi found a regency love story in her family history!!!

7/27/2009 #2,991
Little Miss Priss

Do tell!

7/27/2009 #2,992
Lee's ghost re-born


7/27/2009 #2,993

My great-great-ad nauseum grandfather was an officer in the British Army 99th regiment and came to Canada during the war of 1812. He met the daughter of a senior officer while he was serving named Mary. At the end of the war he went back to England, then to Dublin and studied for the church. In 1819 he went back to Canada, and within two months of arriving he found the girl again and married her.

7/27/2009 #2,994
Lee's ghost re-born

*Blows nose on Priss' shrit* So beatful!

7/27/2009 #2,995

... freak.

7/27/2009 #2,996
Little Miss Priss

What a great story!

*Shoved Lee away.* Gross!

7/27/2009 #2,997
Lee's ghost re-born

how we doin?

7/27/2009 #2,998
Little Miss Priss

Stressed. How about you?

7/27/2009 #2,999
Lee's ghost re-born


7/27/2009 #3,000
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