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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Little Miss Priss

((Fern you are needed in Off Topic))

7/10/2009 #31

Helen frowned. "How can you be tired?"

7/12/2009 #32
SnowClaw of Windclan

"" He sighed and sat up stiffly, leaning against the cold wall.

7/13/2009 #33

((Gahh...I keep forgetting about this. But it's starting to drag a little. Help?))

Helen gripped the cold, slimy iron bars. "Are you ill?" she asked, biting her lip.

7/14/2009 #34
Little Miss Priss


Seeing that Juan had lost consciousness Matthew returned to Helen's side "Come, let him rest. We should be going."

7/14/2009 #35

((We've changed the plan so often I can't remember what to do.))

Helen continued to cling to the bars. "Juan?" she whispered. Guilt tore at her innards. He wouldn't be in this state if it weren't for her. She couldn't help but remember what he'd said before the arrest...had she really enchanted him?

7/14/2009 #36
Little Miss Priss

"Helen" Matthew whispered tying to remove her hands from the bars "We must go now. Let him rest, he has little time left and will need his strength."

(I say we stop planning and just see where this goes.)

7/14/2009 #37

((Good idea. I think all the planning is sorta sucking the fun from RPing. Although, this can't go too far because Fern isn't here...))

Helen resisted Matthew's hands for a few moments. "How can you say that, Mr. Suft?" she breathed, letting go of the bars with great reluctance.

7/14/2009 #38
Little Miss Priss

"Helen" he said taking her by the shoulders and shaking her gently "It is the truth! You must face it! He has committed a crime, he has been tried and he has been found guilty. They are going to hang him tomorrow and there is nothing that can change it. Now leave him in peace, and come home."

7/14/2009 #39

Helen gaped at him, seriously considering using the flat of her hand to tell him just how displeased she was. But at last, she sagged, defeated. "Very well," she murmured. "I'm sorry I asked you to do this."

7/14/2009 #40
Little Miss Priss

Holding her up he looked into her eyes and saw the deep sadness in them. "Come, let him be. We will come back tomorrow and see him again when he is stronger." Matthew offered not sure if the unconscious Spaniard would awaken again.

7/14/2009 #41
SnowClaw of Windclan
He nodded weakly, shuddered.
7/14/2009 #42

Helen dragged her feet, but eventually let Matthew lead her away.

((Now what? To the next day? Or shall we have Helen force Matthew to help her smuggle Juan out of prison?))

7/14/2009 #43
Little Miss Priss

((Your call. You lead I follow.))

"Helen." Matthew said sorry he had been so tough on her "I'm so sorry you had to see that place. A lady like your self should never be in such a place."

7/14/2009 #44

Helen found a handkerchief in her reticule and dabbed her eyes silently.

((I vote she convinces him to come back late at night and smuggle Juan out. But we need to come up with a plan first - a secret agent plan!))

7/14/2009 #45
Little Miss Priss

Leading her to the coach he tried to relieve some of her anguish "Let us return the house and have a nice cup of tea."

7/14/2009 #46

She nodded.

((Meet you there!))

7/14/2009 #47

((FERRRRN! ¡Te necesitamos, por favor!))

7/20/2009 #48
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan looked up wearily when he heard footsteps, probably the warden...

7/22/2009 #49
Little Miss Priss

Matthew led the small group into the prison. "I wish to see the warden." he told the first guard they passed.

((Anyone want to be the warden?))

7/22/2009 #50

((I guess I can!))

The guard grunted and pointed to a dingy office.

7/22/2009 #51
Little Miss Priss

"Why don't you wait here with Aaron, while I take care of this?" Matthew offered.

7/22/2009 #52

((Twelve hours later, I reply...:|))

Helen nodded wordlessly, clutching her shawl at her throat. "But please, Mr. Suft," she whispered, "be gentle with him?"

7/22/2009 #53
Little Miss Priss

Matthew stared his mouth agap at her. Why would she be worried about the warden. "I fear that I will never understand your sweetness." with this he turned from her and entered the wardens office.

Sickened by the grimy film that permeated from the room Matthew looked the squat man in the eye "I am here on a very serious matter."

7/23/2009 #54

((I think Helen was urging him to be gentle with Juan, but that works too! XD))

The warden had been busy picking his teeth when the gentlemen entered, and he made no move to change occupations. "What 'business'?" he asked suspiciously.

7/23/2009 #55
Little Miss Priss

Straightening his coat Matthew replied "You have in your possession something I desire. Something that has damaged my pride and reputation." trying not to breath in the stench of the prison he waited to see if the warden understood.

7/23/2009 #56

The warden eyed him, still picking his teeth. "And...what is this...something?"

7/23/2009 #57
Little Miss Priss

"A prisoner." Matthew replied purposly taking his time so he could size up the man before him. "I believe you have a highwayman named Juan in your custody, are you aware of his crime?"

7/23/2009 #58

"Perhaps," replied the warden. "Why?"

7/23/2009 #59
Little Miss Priss

"The young lady he had taken is my fiance." Matthew replied "You can see the insult this man has dealt. The only greater insult would be to have her name associated with his at his very public execution." Matthew stopped briefly and retrieved the small bag of coins from his pocket. Placing it before the warden he continued. "I am certain you can see why I would prefer to take care of the matter personally."

7/23/2009 #60
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