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The house of Mr. Matthew Suft., currently for lease.

A handsome townhouse in a highly respectable part of London. Mr. Suft employs a staff of twenty: a butler, Harville; a housekeeper, Mrs. Elliot; three parlor maids; seven house maids, one cook and four cooks' assistants, three footmen, and two drivers.

7/7/2009 . Edited 8/10/2009 #1

Mr. Hugh Edmund knocked at the door. He hoped this was the right address - a witness at the highwayman commotion earlier that day had told him he saw the young lady in question being helped away by a Mr. Suft. Now, he must question the miss and try to get his case straight. It was difficult indeed to concentrate, what with Charlotte away in the north and forbidden to write.

7/7/2009 #2
Little Miss Priss

The butler answered the door. "May I help you sir?"

7/7/2009 #3

"Indeed you may," Edmund answered briskly. "I am here to see Mr. Matthew Suft. Is he at home? Here is my card."

He handed the butler his calling card.

7/7/2009 #4
Little Miss Priss

"I wil tell him you are here." the butler replied leaving Mr. Hughs in the entry while he went to the study "A caller for you Mr. Suft." Matthew accepted the card realizing the gentleman was here to see Miss Ducansby. "Please show him in and ask Miss Ducansby to join us." he instructed

7/7/2009 #5
Little Miss Priss

The butler left and escorted Mr. Hughs back into the study where Mr. Suft waited. "Mr. Hughs." he said bowing out of the room.

Upstairs the madi informed Helen she had a caller in the study.

7/7/2009 #6

Edmund removed his hat and followed the butler into the study. "Good day," he said, extending a hand to Matthew. "I am Mr. Hugh Edmund, here on behalf of the city of London. Mr. Suft, I presume?"

Helen, still dressed in the gaudy blue gown as the seamstress had yet to make her dresses, heeded the butler's summons and went downstairs curiously, following the sound of voices.

7/7/2009 #7
Little Miss Priss

"To what do I owe this visit?" Matthew asked bowing to the other gentlman.

7/7/2009 #8

"I'm here regarding the incident earlier this morning, apropos Miss Helen Ducansby," Edmund replied with a slight bow of his own. He checked the bit of paper in his hand. "I understand you and Miss Ducansby were...shall we say, privy to the goings-on?"

7/7/2009 #9
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, we were. Please sit." Matthew replied motioning to a seat and returning to his own. "I must ask that you be gentle with Miss Ducansby. She has been through a great ordeal and I do not want her further upset by your questions."

7/7/2009 #10

Edmund, most grateful, sat down and leaned on his cane. "Of course. I understand completely. But you must also understand the necessity for my interviewing both of you, correct? I have only a day or two to build my case against Mr." - he checked the paper again - "Esada. I am sure you and Miss Ducansby will both be obliging."

7/7/2009 #11
Little Miss Priss

"Of course." he replied "What information do you need of me?"

7/7/2009 #12

"First of all..." Edmund paused in the midst of drawing out a fresh notepad from his jacket. "Is Miss Ducansby all right? I am an acquaintance of hers - near neighbors."

7/7/2009 #13
Little Miss Priss

"She seems to be in good spirits, just slightly shaken." he replied "I met her while visiting my aunt in the neighborhood, her disappearance had been reported just before I quited for town. When I saw her at the theater I almost did not recognize her."

7/7/2009 #14

Edmund nodded, scribbling this information down. "I wondered why I did not recall you at first," he said candidly. "Now, tell me, Mr. Suft, why didn't you recognize her right away?"

7/7/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

Matthew thought of the best way to phrase Helen's appearance. Deciding he said "Miss Ducansby is always impeccably dressed and well groomed. At the theater she was wearing the strangest gown, and appeared most out of fashion."

7/7/2009 #16

"I see," said Edmund. "And did she seem unhappy, or distressed in any way?"

7/7/2009 #17
Little Miss Priss

"Not at all." Matthew replied "She has seemed calm and collected the entire time."

7/7/2009 #18

"Interesting," Edmund murmured, still scribbling. "And she was previously with Esada, correct?"

7/7/2009 #19
Little Miss Priss

"I believe so, though I have not spoken with her regarding it."

7/7/2009 #20

"Hm." Edmund wrote this down, then straightened. "I believe that is all the questioning I may do to you today, Mr. Suft. I do not think I will need your testimony in court. Is Miss Ducansby in?"

7/7/2009 #21
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, she will be down shortly." Matthew replied

7/7/2009 #22

Helen, who had been listening secretly this entire time, chose now to walk into the study. "Mr. Edmund!" she cried, feigning surprise. "What a pleasure it is to see you!"

Edmund stood up quickly and bowed. "It is very good to see you well, Miss Ducansby," he said. "The neighborhood is in quite the hysteria over your disappearance."

She blushed modestly. "How is my father?"


"Good." She looked between him and Mr. Suft. "To what may I owe the pleasure of your visit, Mr. Edmund?"

7/7/2009 #23
Little Miss Priss

"If you will excuse me." Matthew said standing "I will leave you to your business."

7/7/2009 #24

Helen curtsied and Edmund bowed. "I will not stay Miss Ducansby long," Edmund promised.

When the door shut, Helen turned to Edmund. "Are you for the prosecution or the defense, Mr. Edmund?" she asked.

"The prosecution. Of course. Mr. Esada refused the assistance of an attorney."

Helen frowned. "What do you need me for?"

Edmund offered her the pad of paper. "I have simply come for a written statement from you, the victim. If I have this, it will not take much effort to put Mr. Esada in gaol for a very long time. He is wanted for other charges, as well, you know."

Hesitantly, Helen accepted the paper and pen. "What...what do you want me to say?"

"Simply what he did to you and that you wish to see proper punishment." He withdrew to the window to leave her in peace.

Helen stared at the blank paper. What could she say? That he had kidnapped her? But if she said that, he would certainly be locked away, no matter what she said. Juan was not a bad person - he was kind, and gentle, and good. She did not want to be responsible for putting him in gaol. "I'm sorry, Mr. Edmund," she said, standing up and setting down the paper and pen. "I have no statement to make."

Edmund frowned, then looked quizzically. "What - what do you mean, Miss Ducansby?"

"I do not wish to make a statement against Mr. Esada."

"But Miss Ducansby - "

"And I will not testify. Good day, Mr. Edmund."

Leaving Hugh Edmund, the famous lawyer, gaping wide-eyed at her, Helen swept from the room.

((Shall we to the next morning, then?))

7/7/2009 #25

((I'll take that as a yes. Fast forwarding two days!)

Helen woke, dressed in the first of the several gowns that the seamstresses (working overtime) had delivered, and went downstairs. Breakfast was already laid out, and she eyed Matthew's paper covetously - two whole days had passed with no word of Juan.

7/7/2009 #26
Little Miss Priss

Matthew smiled and set is paper to the side as Helen entered. "Good morning Miss Ducansby." he said standing as she sat down "How are you this morning?"

7/8/2009 #27

Helen's eyes followed the newspaper. "Well, I thank you," she said. "You?"

7/8/2009 #28
Little Miss Priss

"Quite well." he replied noticing her eying the paper "Would you like to see the paper?" he asked handing to her.

7/8/2009 #29

Helen took the paper and sat down, scanning the front page, her foot untouched. "Is there anything about - about the highwayman?" she asked.

7/8/2009 #30
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