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Home of His Lordship, the Earl of Falmouth.

Appleforth Downs is, by far, the grandest house for miles around. Though the earl's true home is somewhat farther north, he prefers the peace and serenity of the rather quieter neighborhood Appleforth is on the outskirts of. It is a large, long mansion, surrounded by thick woods on all but 3 sides, and boasts extensive gardens. The earl employs a housekeeper, Mrs. Amberly, as well as 25 maids, 8 parlor maids, 15 manservants, 3 groundskeepers, 9 gardeners, 7 grooms, 3 kennelists, 3 cooks, 8 cooks' assistants, and a butler, Mr. Markwick.

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Isabella urged Phillip onwards, reveling in the feel of the wind on her face. She longed to loose her pinned up hair and let it flow freely in the wind, but knew she would be scolded by her mother for doing so, and as she was at present in her mother's good graces, she had no wishes to change that position. She dug her heels into her mount's sides, gaining speed until the pair fairly flew over the ground as one individual. She had no idea how far she'd ridden. She'd set out earlier that morning with no specific destination, preferring simply to ride and see where it took her. She was in the mood for adventure.

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"What has occurred to me, from the slight inspection of his letters in which my undertaking has engaged me, is that his mind had a large grasp; that his curiosity was unlimited, and his judgement cultivated; that he was a man likely to love much where he loved at all, but that he was fastidious and hard to please."

Lord Thomas Berkely IV almost chuckled as he read these words. Digging in his pocket, he found a dull pencil, and as the crisp leaves of autumn crunched underfoot, he underlined and made some notes in the margins of the book he held close to his nose. Thomas loved to read. He found it enlightening, entertaining, pain-easing. On this particular instance, he was reading Dr. Johnson's "The Life of Gray," reveling in the doctor's keen wit and extraordinary observations.

Behind him walked a manservant, respectfully silent but all the while watching sharply for any stick or gopher hole his occupied master might stumble into as they walked the extensive grounds of Appleforth. This little procession was a regular occurrence at the estate; urged by his cousin, the Lady Lydia, Thomas had determined to take a brief stroll every afternoon. His quick mind, however, soon found such brainless activity boring, so the brief strolls turned into rambling hikes as Thomas discovered he could walk and study at the same time.

Gradually, the manservant began to sense the distant sounds of horses' hooves. He wondered if they'd wandered too close to the road, but a quick look around told him they were safe in the depths of Appleforth's gardens. Where could the sound be coming from?

"Milord," he managed.

Thomas did not hear.


"What is it, Granger?" Thomas snapped, looking darkly at the other young man.

"Forgive me, milord," said Granger, "but I believe I hear a horse."

Thomas paused, listened, and said, "I hear nothing. Don't be a fool."

The manservant bit his lip but was loath to argue, and so fell back into silence.

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("I hear nothing. Don't be a fool" *giggles* Ooh we should bring Lady Lydia in some time!)

Isabella did not notice the building to her right, so intent was she on her ride. She spurred Phillip onwards, having spotted a large rotting log that appeared to be situated at the exact perfect height for a jump. She grinned. SHe had always liked a challenge. She cantered towards it, gathering speed.

7/21/2009 #4

((Oh, that might be fun! :D))

Thomas turned back to his book. "His contempt, however," he heard Dr. Johnson's voice say in his ear, "is often employed, where I hope it will be approved, upon scepticism and infidelity."

"Indeed, indeed," he murmured, underlining this also.

Suddenly, he did hear the horse Granger had been babbling about earlier. He dragged his eyes away from the page, blinking at the change in focus, and saw to his horror a strange horse, with an equally strange rider, bearing down upon him!

"What in God's name - " he bellowed, throwing himself out of the way just in time for the horse to come crashing down right where he'd been standing a moment earlier.

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As she cleared the jump, Isabella had the strangest sensation of being watched. In fact, a loud voice very suddenly bellowed "What in God's name?" near her, and she slowed Phillip to a trot, turning around to see who stood there. A handsome young man in his late twenties, accompanied by another young man, were what she saw. And from the looks of it, she had just nearly run the both of them over. Oh dear...she thought. Mother will kill me. I've really done it now.

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"Who the devil are you?" Thomas barked, his voice echoing off the trees. "Do you realize you're trespassing on private property? I could have your head for such an offense!"

He stared at the intruder - a young woman - , feeling his hands shake with unpleasant surprise. It felt as though he'd been caught naked, or with a forbidden person, being looked at by her. He hated meeting new people, and hated even more meeting them unexpectedly. There was a very good reason he never offered dinners or held dances at Appleforth! Appleforth was supposed to be his sanctuary, his only place of comfort, and here this - this - girl had come in and shattered his peace and ease. Thomas felt hatefully exposed and his temper began to burn accordingly.

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Isabella was taken aback by the man's sudden anger at her, and she reined in her horse. "I'm Isabella Graham," she said. "And I'm sorry, I had no idea I was on your property. I was just riding without thinking where I was going, and I must have stumbled across it. I meant no harm, I assure you." Goodness, but this man was prickly. Being apologetic seemed the best path, and her anger at being spoken to thus was being barely contained beneath the surface. Don't get yourself into any more trouble than you already have, Izzy, she told herself sternly. You already appear to have made quite a mess of things.

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"I suggest, then," Thomas replied with a clenched jaw, "that you leave right away. You have no purpose being here."

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Isabella stared at him in astonishment. Really, there was no reason for him to be so rude. He was being downright hostile towards her. "Of course," she said tersely. "I shall be on my way and not bother you any longer, sir." In irritation, she turned Phillip around and began to canter off towards Aberdeen. She was just about to turn into the woods and leave all sight of the two men behind when a large bird flew past Phillip's head and startled him. The large gelding reared up, and Izzy, though normally a strong rider, was taken by surprise and toppled off, landing on her ankle. She swore silently. That hurt!

7/21/2009 #10

Thomas saw this little accident and also swore silently. Another walk, ruined!

"Granger, bring her up to the house," he said darkly. "I'll have Mrs. Amberley tend to her." With that, he tucked his book under his arm and stalked back to the main house, all zeal for Dr. Johnson's writing gone for the time being.

Granger went over to the young miss. "Are you hurt?" he said.

7/21/2009 #11

Isabella groaned softly. Now she was going to have to stay here longer. Of all the horrid luck. She looked up at the man bending over her. He seemed relatively decent compared to that other man, the odiously rude one. She gave him a smile and stood up, testing her weight on her ankle. It hurt. A lot. Which was a bit of an understatement, actually. She bit her lip. "I'm...not sure," she said at last. "My ankle feels like I may have done something to it. It hurts to put weight on it."

7/21/2009 #12

"If you don't mind, then," Granger said, "I'll help you back to the main house. The housekeeper will be able to set you right, I think." He held out his arms.

7/21/2009 #13

She took the offered arms gratefully. At least one of the inhabitants here was a decent human being. Unfortunately, the other one appeared to be in charge. "Thank you, Mr...?" She paused, realizing that she hadn't the faintest idea who he was or even where she was. "I'm sorry, what is your name?" she added. "I don't believe I know who you are or where I am at present. Perhaps you would be so kind as to enlighten me?"

7/21/2009 #14

"Granger, miss," Granger said. "I work here."

He lifted the young lady easily (she was much lighter compared to the furniture and boxes he was used to lifting for the housekeeper). "Well, miss, you've found yourself at Appleforth Downs, I'm afraid. That was the earl hisself you - er - met."

7/21/2009 #15

A sinking sensation filled Izzy's heart. "I just trespassed on the Earl of Falmouth's property?" She groaned. Even in the country they'd heard rumors of his bad temper and dislike of the general company of others. "Oh dear, I've really done it now," she muttered to herself. "I'm terribly sorry to be inconveniencing you," she added.

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Granger carried her back to the house. "You ain't inconveniencing me, miss," he said. "The earl, p'haps, but not me."

The housekeeper, fat, short Mrs. Amberley, met them at the front door, her pasty cheeks splotchy red. "Oh, oh, me," she said, waving her hands in front of her face as Granger helped the young lady over the threshold. "Granger, be a dear and bring the young lady to the parlor. I'll call for tea. Just rest, dearie, don't worry about a thing. Mary, fetch tea and chip some ice from the icebox, right away. And don't disturb the master in his library. Pray, don't disturb him!"

"Come along, miss," Granger said, half-carrying Isabella to the fabulously decorated parlor. He set her gently on the settee and clumsily put a pillow underneath the wrong foot.

7/21/2009 #17

Isabella looked around her at the (in her opinion) rather over-decorated parlor she sat in. Noticing the pillow, she surreptitiously moved the correct foot onto it, not wanting him to notice his mistake. He seemed very nice, and she couldn't help but wonder how such a nice man had come to be working for the Earl.

7/21/2009 #18

Mrs. Amberley bustled into the parlor, bearing a tray of tea and a chunk of ice wrapped up in a cheese cloth. "You're dismissed, Granger," she told him briskly.

Granger tugged his forelock and left the room.

Pouring rich brown tea into a fine china cup, Mrs. Amberley said, "Now, dearie, what's your name?" and handed her the cup.

7/21/2009 #19

Isabella watched Granger scurry from the room, feeling rather bad for the poor man. She turned to face the woman, taking the tea with a smile. It smelled delicious. She took a sip. "Isabella Graham," she said politely. "This tea is delicious, by the way. Thank you."

7/21/2009 #20

"Graham," Mrs. Amberley replied. "Well, Miss Graham, you seem to have taken a nasty fall." She carefully rolled Isabella's stocking down and placed the ice towel gently on the swelling ankle. "If you don't mind me askin', what were you doing at Appleforth? Did my master invite you?"

It was obvious the fat housekeeper knew this wasn't the case.

7/21/2009 #21

"Oh, I don't mind at all," Isabella assured her. Then, hearing the end of the question, she laughed lightly. "I think we both are aware that that is not the case," she said, smiling at the woman. "No, I was out riding and I strayed a bit too far. I, er, ran into the Earl, and when I took a fall, Granger brought me back to the house."

7/21/2009 #22

"I see," said Mrs. Amberley, beginning to unroll a long bandage. "I hope the master didn't...unneccessarily frighten you. He is a rather...private person, you see, and..."

She apparently couldn't think of the right word to describe her rather singular employer, so instead offered Isabella a tray and said with a bright smile, "Cookie, dear?"

7/21/2009 #23

Isabella bit her lip in an attempt to hide her amusement at the description of the Earl, and took a cookie. "They look quite tasty," she smiled.

7/21/2009 #24

"Oh, yes, only the best for the master," Mrs. Amberley said. "Now, eat up, dearie, and I'll send a post to your family right away. I'd like to bandage your ankle, but the swelling must go down a bit before I may. You'll be home for sup, I assure you. Now, where is it you said you lived?"

7/21/2009 #25

Isabella gave her another smile. How was it that all the Earl's staff remained such decent human beings? It was positively mind-boggling. "I'm from Aberdeen," she answered. "The Graham home."

7/21/2009 #26

"Aberdeen, of course!" Mrs. Amberley cried, going over to the desk to write a note to the house. "My sister, Mrs. March, is your housekeeper, if I may be so bold."

7/21/2009 #27

"'Tis no boldness at all, I assure you," Isabella said. "I am very fond of Mrs. March."

7/21/2009 #28

Mrs. Amberley's fat face crinkled in a pleased smile, and she sealed the envelope with a smart slam of the wax. "Davis! Davis!" she called, waving the letter in the foyer outside the parlor. "Bring this to Aberdeen House right away, and be sure it gets to the master immediately. We don't want them worrying about Miss Graham."

"Yes, ma'am."

Mrs. Amberley came back into the parlor and lifted the ice towel. "How does it feel, dearie?"

7/21/2009 #29

Isabella opened her mouth to deny any pain, but her wince told otherwise. "It still hurts," she admitted, "but nowhere near as much as it did earlier."

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