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She realized where his thoughts were concerned and nodded, feeling guilty for forgetting her friend.

"That is true." she said. "Mrs. Roland is not one to sit back. Perhaps the child is causing her difficulty?"

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Little Miss Priss

"Comparing her current state to that of her previous child Mr. Roland is concerned that she be carrying more than one child. Though they do not wish to have it spoken of in public." Daniel replied "I do believe that this is causing her a greater amount of discomfort."

8/14/2009 #302

"Twins?" Emmy said in surprise, using all of her control to keep quiet. "My goodness, that is quite a burden."

8/14/2009 #303

(Should Erasmus be introduce to both Isabella and Caroline at different points during this ball?)

Isabella laughed gaily as she dragged Alice to the ballroom. I wonder where dear Adrian is? She wondered, looking around.


Caroline noticed Gabe's obviously unsettled appearance as soon as he re-entered the room, and she went to him. "My dear brother, whatever is the matter?" she asked lightly. "Has some young debutante attached herself to you?"

"Congratulate your sister, Caro," he said stiffly, looking away and over at Julia and Charles. "She is to be married."

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Little Miss Priss

"Yes, and as Cassie is not one to sit at home when there is company to be had it is an even greater burden. But one that will soon be over." Daniel said smiling and trying to pull his mind back to the present "But I wonder if you might visit her tomorrow and tell her of all the beauty you see before you."

8/14/2009 #305

((Missy - I think so, yes. Now, who should Thom be forced to dance with?))

8/14/2009 #306

(Hmmm...Lydia, since they are related, some blushing debutante that would irritate him, someone of equal status, or I dunno. And then later in the ball we can use our little torture Izzy and Thom by having Lydia make them dance since they have met)

8/14/2009 #307

Alice joined Isabella, trying to keep up with the fast pace of the girl.

Emmy smiled and nodded. "Of course." she said. "I would not miss a visit to her for anything."

8/14/2009 #308

((Missy - Well, Lydia's married, so she's out, but a giggly debutante would work just as well. Any takers? :D))

8/14/2009 #309

Isabella glanced over and laughed as she noticed that she had forced poor Alice to run after her. "I am sorry," she said, grinning at the girl. "I did not mean to leave you so far behind."

8/14/2009 #310

((*looks at characters* Nope, no giggly debutantes here.))

Alice smiled back at her.

"It is quite alright." she replied. "I'm afraid I can be rather slow at times."

8/14/2009 #311

((Okay, well, anyone who would annoy the heck out of the earl around? That will widen the playing field. XD))

8/14/2009 #312

(if no one else turns up, he can dance with Izzy. Or maybe Caro?)

Isabella gave her a smile. "And I in turn, I fear, can be rather over-enthusiastic at times. We balance each other out, it would seem." She glanced around. "Are there any men here tonight whom you have a tendre for?" she asked, changing the subject. She remembered that Alice's brother was the young gentleman Adrian had mentioned, and wondered if Alice might mention anything about him.

8/14/2009 #313
Little Miss Priss

((I am off to make a giggling debutante))

8/14/2009 #314

(Steph. You. Are. Awesome. OOOOOOH she can annoy Gabe after she annoys the Earl!!)

Julia turned to Sevenworth. "Charles...would with me?" she asked timidly.

8/14/2009 #315

((Hurrah! After the debutante, Izzy. Then Caroline because "your father would want you to find a wife of similar rank, Thommy." XD))

8/14/2009 #316

(*snicker snicker* Poor "Thommy")

8/14/2009 #317

Alice blushed clear to her ears at the forwardness of Isabella's question.

"Oh, well, erm..." she stumbled over the word. "I... I've never really... I don't think about that often."

8/14/2009 #318

Isabella sighed softly. She was being a bit forward and overenthusiastic that evening, at least around poor Alice. "I quite understand," she said soothingly.

8/14/2009 #319

She chuckled.

"I have been out for less than one season and the only one I was mildly interested in was a doctor from Spain, and I played with him a child." she looked at her new friend. "It would have never been accepted."

8/14/2009 #320
Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds arrived late at the party as her charge was late in arriving from town. The young Miss York was a rather pretty and sociable thing with plenty of whit and charm. Which led her to believe that Miss York would be a Mrs. before her parents return. "Well my dear, what do you think of the party. For I must say it is a very pretty sort of room."

Abbie glanced around at the beautiful room and giggled "It is very lovely! I have never seen such a lovely and well situated room." she replied "But I fear that I know no one at all! For this is hte first time in my life that I have left the shire. I shall not know what to do at such an assembly."

"Do not fret, my dear" the matron replied "I shall have you introduced and engaged before the evening is out!" To this Abbie giggled again and fanned herself with mock humility.

"There is a very fine catch." the matron continued "The Earl himself. Come I shall make the introductions and if we are very lucky perhaps he shall ask you to dance."

Approaching the Earl Mrs. Reynolds waited to make the introduction. "Sir, may I introduce my ward Miss Abbie York."

8/14/2009 #321

Emmy watched the crowd for awhile and turned to Daniel.

"Are you not to dance at all, dearest?"

8/14/2009 #322

Thom tried to ignore the matron and her charge, but Lydia caught one glimpse of the girl's fine gown and said, "Oh! Why, welcome, friends! I cannot confess I recognize either of you - I am Lord Falmouth's cousin, Lady Winchester. How pleased I am to meet my cousin's neighbors! Oh, Thom, you must introduce me."

"Lady Winchester, Mrs. Reynolds," said Thom stiffly, having met Mrs. Reynolds on only a few other occasions. "Mrs. Reynolds, the Marchioness of Winchester."

Lydia bobbed an altogether too delighted curtsy.

8/14/2009 #323

"Was he only a doctor, or a physician?" Isabella asked. "Do you still care for him?"

8/14/2009 #324
Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds returned her delight and her curtsy. "May I introduce my charge Miss York."

Abbie curtsied and smiled "It is a pleasure to meet you."

8/14/2009 #325

Lydia smiled. "Miss York, I believe you and I are quite new to Chatham. We must stick close, you and I!"

((Ooh, Lydia could want Thom to marry either Alice or Caroline and so constantly have them over at Appleforth! :D))

8/14/2009 #326

"Just a doctor." she nodded. "Worked with the poor. It was a very unsuitable match, one our families would never endeavor to pursue."

She gave a small smile.

"As I said, it was only a slight attachment. I hardly would know him if I met him on the street."

8/14/2009 #327

(Are we still planning to have him end up with Izzy? If so, if might be amusing if Lydia wasn't terribly fond of her)

8/14/2009 #328

((Exactly my idea. :D))

8/14/2009 #329

"That is good then," Izzy said. "For your sake, I am glad it was only slight."

8/14/2009 #330
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