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Balthorpe is the local Presbyterian church. Ministered to by the Reverend John Thornapple, the church has wooden pews, a nice little organ, and hymnals from the mid 1700s.

8/4/2009 #1

Rev. Thornapple always loved weddings. Little Balthorpe was all done up in white laces and the marriage book was open on the altar table, ready for the newlyweds to sign their names. It was just so joyful!

He beamed and bowed at the early-arriving guests as he stood in the doorway to welcome them.

8/4/2009 #2

The Brighton family had worn their Sunday best for Miss Duncansby's wedding, despite Mrs. Brighton not seeing a reason to be so dressed. "She is not marrying nobility, she's marrying beneath herself. Our morning gowns would be far more appropriate."

Emily, who now took her mother's protests with little more than a grain of salt, took it upon herself to make her mother see reason.

"It would do quite well to impress Sir Cuthbert." she said. "He is a wealthy man himself and would would appreciate our efforts."

With reluctance, Tatiana asked for her Sunday dress to be brought to her. Now the family sat in a pew, Mr. Roland closest to the aisle, then followed by his wife, Emmy, then May.

8/4/2009 #3

"Good morning," said Rev. Thornapple, bowing deeply with a dimply, wrinkly smile. "Marvelous day, is it not?"

((Shall we pretend everyone's parishioners at Balthorpe?))

8/4/2009 #4


"It is indeed, Reverend." Tatiana smiled politely. "A most lovely day."

8/4/2009 #5

The Rev. sighed happily and bounced on his toes. "I am glad to see young Miss Helen married. She is quite the lovely lady!"

((The Rev. is slightly blind...and completely oblivious. XD))

8/4/2009 #6

May tried not to giggle at the Reverend's antics.

"She is indeed." Tatianna nodded. "I hear there are a number of engagements since my Emily's."

8/4/2009 #7

"Indeed!" The Reverend lowered his spectacles. "I have received notice of Miss Brighton's betrothal, and may I offer my congratulations? You must be very proud."

8/4/2009 #8

Tatiana gave a proud - yet quite superficial - smile.

"I certainly am." she said, glancing back at the most shy of her children. "She has done quite well for herself."

8/4/2009 #9

"I do not think it will be long before Miss May finds herself a beau, eh?" the Rev. asked merrily, with twinkling eyes and a wink.

8/4/2009 #10

Tatiana chuckled.

"Let us pray it shall not be too son." she said, glancing over her shoulder at the young girl. "She has not yet been introduced."

8/4/2009 #11

"Of course, of course," said the Rev., feigning seriousness.

((I'm off for the night - bye!))

8/4/2009 #12

Cecy had been unsure of whether or not to attend Helen's wedding. She did not know Miss Ducansby well, and she was not sure what to think of everything. But she wanted to see if Helen loved Matthew. And, though she did not think Matthew would attend her wedding, she wanted to see if he did, and if so, what his feelings for Miss Ducansby were. If she stayed to the side and behind people, he would not see her, and she could observe. If he loved Miss Ducansby, she would say nothing to him. She did not want to add a burden if he already loved another.

8/5/2009 #13
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan shifted uneasily. Even through all that he had done, all of the risks he had taken in his life---his own wedding day seemed beyone terrifying to him. His caramel skin was a shade lighter from anziety, and he couldn't help but gnaw mindlessly on his knuckles to calm his own nerves. He turned to Cecy, who stood next to him. "Miss Graham...", he started.

8/5/2009 #14

Someone nodded to Sir Cuthbert, who nodded to the Reverend, who then nodded to Miss Judson, the church organist, who began loudly and happily belting out the bridal march on the pipe organ, calling all congregants to attention.

Behind the doors, Helen heard the music start and took a shuddering breath. How long she had dreamed of this day! But she had never imagined she would be exchanging vows with someone she didn't wish to!

8/5/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

Arriving late the Roland's with Mr. Suft arrived at the church after the music began to play. Entering the church they nodded to Helen in the foyer and hurried to find seats at the back of the church.

Seeing Cecy at the front of the church Matthew stopped and stared in her direction until jostled by Cassie. Walking toward the pew he tried to read her expression. Did she still hate him? Would she continue to believe the vicious lies spread by others?

8/5/2009 #16

Someone opened the doors. Gripping her bouquet until her knuckles whitened in her fine kid gloves, Helen took a deep breath, closed her eyes for an instant, and then proceeded forth down the aisle, gripping Sir Cuthbert's arm for courage. It took all of her will not to turn and run screaming from the church.

All the same, she kept her eyes on her feet, unable to bear to look at Juan.

8/5/2009 #17

Cecy observed at Miss Ducansby as she walked down the aisle. She kept her eyes at her feet, seeming to have trouble meeting her husband-to-be's gaze. Cecy bit her lip. Was Helen unhappy with the marriage? Did she love Matthew? She glanced around furtively, looking to see if he had arrived yet. Seeing him near the back of the church, she swiftly swung her gaze back towards Helen. Good Lord, he really was here. She'd assumed he might be, but hadn't actually thought about what she would do if she saw him. Just the sight of his face made her want to smile just from the sheer joy of seeing him, but at the same time she felt an ache in her heart. She did not know how he felt.

8/5/2009 #18

Helen wished her veil were thicker. It felt as though everyone in the church were burning holes in her face with their eyes.

Sir Cuthbert surreptitiously loosened her fingers from around his arm.

8/5/2009 #19
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan wiped his eyes, which were burning with tears that one would assume were from happiness.

They weren't.

8/6/2009 #20

Rev. Thornapple stood beaming before the altar, and Helen fixed her gaze on him. He couldn't perform the ceremony if it was a bad match...could he?

"Dearly beloved," he began, and Helen forced down a wave of nausea.

((Shall we skip to the I-dos, everyone?))

8/6/2009 #21


8/6/2009 #22
SnowClaw of Windclan

"I...Do.", he whispered, barely audible.

8/6/2009 #23

Despite underlying drama of the occasion, Emily could not help but be overcome by the girlish nature to fawn over every detail of the wedding. The dress, the veil, the flowers... it all was so lovely. Even in haste she couldn't imagine anything lovelier than this little church ceremony.

8/6/2009 #24

Whatever the charmed onlookers might think, Helen could only bring herself to say "I do" by pretending that someone was asking her if she'd like an eclair. With a rush of dizziness, though, she realized that she was a wife, now, with a ring on her finger. It was not the most pleasant sensation.

She arranged a falsely happy look on her face for the good of the congregation. She did not want them knowing the depth of her wretchedness when Juan lifted her veil.

8/6/2009 #25
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan, knowing of her unease, sighed ever so softly, brushing his nose against hers for a moment. Although it appeared to onlookers that he had been kissing her...he hadn't.

8/6/2009 #26

Helen flinched ever so slightly when Juan's - her husband's - nose touched hers. But as soon as it had started, he was withdrawing, and she sighed in relief. Now she just had to get through the receiving line, and all would be well.

8/6/2009 #27

It took all of Cecy's willpower to keep her gaze on the bride and brideroom during the ceremony. She wanted terribly to look back at Matthew, but knew that she oughtn't to. People would notice. She'd be seen as disrespectful, and she did not want to ruin poor Helen's wedding. But looking at Helen was hard enough. She didn't look happy. Not genuinely. And that pushed the thought that she loved Matthew further forward in Cecy's mind.

8/6/2009 #28

Helen held her breath as she and Juan walked down the aisle. She did not feel much like celebrating, but she must smile for the benefit of those waiting outside.

Bits of rice pelted Helen's face, and she had an excuse to keep her head down as she went along the gravel path with Juan towards the waiting carriage, bedecked with flowers and late ivy.

8/6/2009 #29
Little Miss Priss

Cassie sat uncomfortably in the back of the church. She had come to the wedding under protest. Mr. Roland had thought it unseemly not to attend due to Sir Ducansby wealth and stature in the neighborhood. But Cassie was certain Helen had no say in the union, and that was something she would never support. Sitting sullenly she tried to divert herself by watching the furtive glances between Cecy and Matthew.

8/6/2009 #30
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