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Home of the future Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Durst, built on the grounds of Cuthbert Castle.

8/10/2009 #1

A tall, pale footman in the elaborate livery and cloak of Hauke Hall knocked politely on the doors to Meadow Park. The Dursts themselves would not be there, of course, but that was the whole point. There would, at least be servants, preparing the residence for habitation.

9/1/2009 #2
Little Miss Priss

The recently hired butler was startled by the knock but hurried to answer it promptly.

9/1/2009 #3

The footman swept a short bow to the butler. "Good morning sir. My master, the Viscount Luminary of Hauke Hall, bade me deliver some packages for Mr. and Mrs. Durst. I believe this is their residence?"

9/1/2009 #4
Little Miss Priss

"It is the home of Mr. Durst who is as yet unmarried." the butler replied curtly. "If you seek Mr. Durst he can be found at Cuthbert Castle until the wedding night."

9/1/2009 #5

"Sir, these packages must not be recieved until after the wedding. My lord and master wished to give the Dursts gifts, to celebrate the union. He could hardly do so at the ceremony, and sent me here, to the prospective marital home, to deliver them, so that they would be recieved after the wedding is concluded." The footman produced two carefully-wrapped parcels.

One was tall and sturdy, and wrapped in white paper with the Luminary crest in gilt, while the other was long and thin, wrapped in black, again with the golden crest. "I am told that the white is for soon-to-be Mrs. Durst, and the black is for Mr. Durst. Mrs. Durst's gift is, moreover, rather fragile and must be handled with care. Will you accept them, sir?"

Inside the wrapping paper, the two gifts waited. Mrs. Durst's was a jewelled egg [a precursor to Faberge's work]. Its outer shell was lapis lazuli, encased in ornate, leafy scrollwork in gold. Diamonds sparkled top and bottom, and inside, on a golden dais encrusted with rubies, an elaborate bouquet of flowers wrought in precious metals and stones glowed. ((Look for a picture of the Czarevitch egg if you want to see what the outside would look like)) It was a perfect showcase of Hauke jewellers' craftsmanship and skill in metalwork and jewellery.

Viscount Luminary had also included a small note, nestled inside the egg. 'Because a bride should never be without flowers.'

Mr. Durst's gift came in two handsome mahogany cases. One held two perfectly-balanced duelling pistols, the wooden stocks elaborately carved and gilded, the metal barrels chased with Indian gold, while the other contained all the gentleman's paraphernalia of letters - handsome letter-openers, weighted ink-stands - even one of the new fountain pens just coming on the market. Viscount Luminary's note here read: 'The weapons of a gentleman.'

9/2/2009 #6
Little Miss Priss

The butler softened at the kindness of so great a man. "I shall leave them with instructions for them to be opened after the wedding."

The butler accepted the gifts and nodded to the servant.

9/2/2009 #7

"My thanks, and the thanks of my master, to you, sir, for your understanding," bowed the servant, who turned in a whirl of livery and mounted one of Luminary's carriages - for the journey to Hauke Hall from town was long and arduous, not to mention mountainous in many places, and with such precious packages the man had been allowed to take a closed landau to deliver them.

9/2/2009 #8
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