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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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A lovely house on the edge of the Promenade. It is a mid 16th-century construction of red brick, with a gravel drive leading to the front door.

A Mrs. Frominger is the housekeeper, and she oversees 5 parlor maids, 2 cooks, 11 maids, 7 manservants, 2 grooms, and a butler, a Mr. Andrews.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

"Luna, darling, wake up. We need to get you ready." The girl blinked blearily, stifling a yawn, and looked up at her. Mrs. Clark was a large woman, heavy-boned and rosy-cheeked, with beady black eyes with a certain twinkle in them. She held up the dress that had been folded over her arm. "It's the one you picked out when we went to Bath.", she chirped, "I really do think it will look simply splendid on you. Now hurry along!" She set it on the bed and left the room to allow the Lady to get dressed.

Luna, whom had been resting sitting up, head against the wall, stood, picking up the dress and setting it on top of her dresser. She put on her normal corset, then pinned up milky strands into a tidy bun. She turned to look back at the dress. A quite attractive design, perriwinkle blue. She had always liked perriwinkle, really....It was such a pretty color, especially against her overall light complexion...She yawned again, blinked tiredly.

Still, she had guests to greet and a coming-out ceremony to have, so she continued to get ready despite her fatigue. She put a string of pearls given to her by her father around her neck, checked herself in the mirror, and headed downstairs.

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The Grahams stepped out of their carriage and looked up at the hall before them. It was a pleasant house, and although they had been surprised to receive an invitation to the lady's ball, they were pleased to be there. Cecy and Izzy both looked beautiful in their gowns, Cecy's white with golden flowers, and Izzy's pale green with pale green embroidery. Walking to the door, the family paused as Mr. Graham knocked.

The Listers were attending the ball. Or, at least, Caro and Gabe were. Julia had pleaded sick and lay at home. She did not want to face another society evening so soon. She could not do it. Caro wore a light pink silk, and Gabe had dressed well, as usual. He was half hoping Miss Edgar might be there. He could not think of his next move, so to speak, but he was hoping to figure something out during the course of the evening.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

The butler answered the door and tipped his hat to them, holding it open. "Good evening, ladies. Wonderful to see you here." Luna blinked, having sat down, then got up briskly to greet them, flattening her dress with her hands as she walked. She smiled at them, her eyes bright. "Hello. I'm glad you could come.", she chirped, playing absentmindedly with a milky white strand that had fallen loose from her bun.

Luna heard her father's familiar footsteps, short and staccato on the wooden stairs, and glanced over in his direction. He smiled at her, clearly proud, yet a certain look behind his eyes that she didn't quite understand. I wonder what he's thinking...

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Little Miss Priss

Matthew Suft arrived at the ball practically dragging Daniel with him. "I do not see a need to attend such a tedious evening when Emmy will not be attending." Daniel complained for the third time since leaving the house. Matthew rolled his eyes but did not comment, he had made every argument he could think of but nothing seemed to pacify Daniel's foul mood. Approaching the door he finally turned to his sulking friend and said "You may be wrong and she might be in the ball right now waiting for you. If she is she will not wish to see such an ogre in the place of her fiance." With this Daniel brightened and the entered the hall together.

Eliza entered this ball in much better spirits than the last. Having established herself in the manor house and ridden out into the surrounding country just that morning she was feeling far more confident and comfortable. And with the Viscount to keep her entertained she was certain to spend a very happy winter in the neighborhood. It was with him in mind that she had chosen her most elegant peach and cream gown and had her maid pile her hair loosely atop her head. Certain of her beauty and the interest of the Viscount she was perfectly content.

Mrs. Reynolds and Miss York arrived at the ball brimming with gossip about Miss Lister and Captain Sevensworth and set to spreading it among the other ladies.

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The moment Matthew entered the ballroom, Cecy noticed him. She wanted to run to him, but her parents forced her to first curtsey and politely thank the lady of the house for inviting them. "I am so glad to be here," she told her warmly. Luckily, she was spared from further comment as another lady appeared to take their hostess's attention from the Grahams. It was not that she bore the lady any ill will, but her desire to see Matthew again was very strong. She began to make her way towards him as swiftly as was possible to do while still being decorous.

"Thank you ever so much for inviting us, Lady Luna," Caroline said pleasantly.

Gabe bowed. "Delighted," he said smoothly. "A lovely home you have here."

Caro let a warm chuckle roll from her throat. "Do ignore my silly older brother," she advised. "He likes to pretend he knows about houses, you see." She gave a conspiratorial grin to the lady. "He really does not know much about architecture. It is quite amusing."

Gabe made a mock pout and, bowing again, grandly, he made his way to the side of the room to watch as people entered. He noticed the moment Miss Edgar entered the room. She looked stunning, of course, and he barely caught himself from dropping his jaw in amazement. It would not do to show too much more interest than he already had. She already knew he was interested in her, and he did not want to give her too much leverage. He strolled in the opposite direction, pausing here and there to make pleasant conversation.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Luna smiled, and put a white-gloved hand over her mouth, yawning quietly and blinking back her fatigue. "Oh, it's lovely to have you all here.", she chirped, "Would you like something to drink, perhaps...? We can get you something if you would like." Oh, not again...She was growing continually more tired, and knew that being a hostess would only drain her of energy further. However, she was still quite happy to have guests, after all, today was her big day!

She tucked the milky strand of hair that she had been playing with behind her ear and pursed her lips as she waited for an answer.

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Little Miss Priss

Matthew looked at Cecy making her way toward and unconciously headed in her direction. Remember his decorum he bowed "How are you this evening Miss Graham?"

Daniel sulked in the corner and spoke to no one.

Eliza strolled around the room chatting with neighbors and keeping a discreet view of the Viscount. Still unsure if he had suffered enough for his deceit she tried to plan her next move.

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She raised an eyebrow. "It's Cecy," she said firmly. "Is it not proper to call one's fiancee by her name?" She twinkled up at him.

Gabe was trying very hard not to watch Miss Edgar.

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Little Miss Priss

"Whatever you wish." Matthew replied not willing to correct her again. "Have you been here long?"

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She smiled at him. "Not too long. We are only recently arrived."

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Little Miss Priss

"Then may I have the honor of the first set?" he asked sure of the reply.

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"Do you even need to ask?" she teased, taking his arm.

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Little Miss Priss

Matthew smiled and led her to the dance floor. "Have some wonderful news for you."

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Twirling in his arms, she asked "What is it?" her excitement brimming over.

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Little Miss Priss

"Keswick Manor is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Suft." he said with emphasis on the Mrs.

Eliza meandered through the room purposely staying out of the path of Gabe. If he wanted to speak with her he was going to have to make his purpose known.

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Cecy's eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Giving a squeal of excitement, she hugged him, disrupting their dance slightly. they regained the rhythm easily, however, and danced on, Cecy's eyes glowing. And how very right Mrs. Matthew Suft sounded. She was going to be Mrs. Matthew Suft. She was going to really, truly marry him.

She was avoiding him. She may have been good at her game, but Gabe could tell when he was being ignored. And he was being ignored. Sighing, he gave in to the inevitable and stopped in front of her. "Miss Edgar." He bowed.

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Little Miss Priss

Matthew chuckled at her exuberance and tried to continue the dance. "I am glad that it pleases you so."

"Viscount Lister." Eliza replied with a curtsy and a distinct punctuation of his title.

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Cecy blushed slightly at her outburst of excitement, but she smiled lovingly up at him anyway.

Ah. That. His title. Gabe bit his lip. "Viscount," he said bitterly. He still didn't want the title. "A terrible inconvenience, my title," he said, attempting to explain himself. "It tends to attract young ladies rather like Miss York. I...enjoy conversing with those who are unaware of my title, at least until I can make out if the title would be the sole reason for them to continue the acquaintance." He paused. He was not usually so bad at saying what he wanted to get across to someone. "Trouble seems to be, when I find someone worth talking to, I can never seem to find the right moment to bring the title up. it seems rather conceited to wave it about in conversations for the sake of mentioning it." He hoped this would explain to her his reasons. For some reason, he preferred her to not be angered at him.

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Little Miss Priss

"I can see how your title can be s burden, as well as a blessing." Eliza replied understanding his motivations and softening slightly. "But you may find that others are not what they appear either, when you yourself are less than truthful."

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Gabe gave her a tentative smile. "Shall we start anew?" he asked.

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Little Miss Priss

"Of course." Eliza replied giving a true smile. "Have you had an opportunity to ride out?"

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"Not as of yet," he answered, giving her a grateful smile. " would care to accompany myself and my sister Caroline on a ride sometime?"

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Little Miss Priss

"That would be wonderful." Eliza replied "I would so enjoy company on my daily rides."

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"Excellent," he said. "Whenever would be convenient for you, then."

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Little Miss Priss

"Tomorrow afternoon would be convenient." she replied not wanting to reveal that she had so few acquaintances in the area and such an empty social calendar.

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He bowed over her hand. "I shall be delighted to see you then," he told her. "Come to Castleby. And in the meantime...might I have the honor of this dance?"

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Little Miss Priss

"Certainly." she replied with a smile.

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He smiled and offered his arm to lead her onto the floor.

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Little Miss Priss

She followed as they began the dance next to a couple that was obviously in love.

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