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Gabe spun her around in the dance, smiling as he watched some of the other couples.

8/27/2009 #31
Little Miss Priss

((What else is happening at this ball?))

8/28/2009 #32
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Everybody, everybody.", the earl said, striding forward, "Dinner will be beginning soon." He smiled, eyes twinkling with a certain charisma his daughter had obviously not inherited. Luna, at his side, smiled politely at her guests, curtseying slightly after her attention had been caught by his announcement. She yawned quietly, putting a hand over her mouth as she did so.

8/28/2009 #33

Emmy had been late in arriving, her mother suddenly falling ill before they could even step out the front door. Mrs. Brighton had fainted in the hall, proclaiming it was the approaching wedding that was causing her great stress. She was carried back to her room, weeping with great theatrics about the loss of her 'dearest, most beloved child'.

At first she believed she would not attend at all, and sent a note to Daniel warning him of such. After Tatiana was settled and doing better, Mr. Brighton permitted Emily to attend this last ball on her own (seeing as it would be one of her last as a single lady and that she was highly unlikely to get into any trouble). When reminded of propriety the man simply laughed and said "any propriety this place has, has been lost a long time ago."

The Brighton girl immediately started for the ball, in her familiar old ballgown and quiet demeanor. She wondered what Mrs. Roland might say if she knew she had come unaccompanied.

8/29/2009 #34
Little Miss Priss

Daniel watched from the window as Emmy's carriage arrived. Seeing that she had arrived alone his heart gave a flutter and nearly jogged to the steps.

8/29/2009 #35

It was quiet a sight for Emily to see her tall, lanky fiance dash towards her as if the building were ablaze. She chuckled and smiled as the carriage came to a stop and allowed her to step from it on her own.

"Good evening, Mr. Durst." she said, trying desperately to keep from laughing.

8/29/2009 #36
Little Miss Priss

"Good Evening." he replied with a broad smile "I did not want to you to arrive unaccompanied."

8/29/2009 #37

She took his arm and looked up at him.

"I could have either arrived with my unstable mother or my exhausted father, neither of which suitable to attend even a garden party."

8/29/2009 #38
Little Miss Priss

He chuckled happily "Then I shall thank them for this opportunity later. Before I am overtaken with the assembly Cassie has asked that you join her tomorrow for tea. She wishes to prepare you for our journey to Spain."

8/29/2009 #39

"Spain?" Emmy asked in surprise. She recalled the discussion about their honeymoon and smiled. "Oh, yes, Spain."

8/30/2009 #40
Little Miss Priss

"You do still wish to see it?" Daniel asked worried she had changed her mind.

8/30/2009 #41

"Of course, love!" she said with a laugh. "Forgive me, my mind has become quite cluttered."

8/30/2009 #42
Little Miss Priss

Daniel breathed a sigh of relief and smiled "I am glad to hear that you have not changed your mind. For I have already booked passage on a ship."

8/31/2009 #43

"Well then, I should hate to deprive the ship of your presence." she chuckled. "Have they already left for supper?"

8/31/2009 #44
Little Miss Priss

"I believe they have just started." he replied "Do not worry yourself, you are not unfashionably late."

8/31/2009 #45

"Thank goodness." she said, leading him back inside. "How is Cassie today?"

8/31/2009 #46
Little Miss Priss

"Tired, and I must say more than a little uncomfortable." he replied with a chuckle "If this child is not born soon I fear she will give up on it altogether."

8/31/2009 #47

"Poor dear." she sighed. "I hate to think she would be uncomfortable at the church."

8/31/2009 #48
Little Miss Priss

"I am sure she shall be fine. Or that we shall have an unexpected guest." he replied lacing her arm into his and leading her inside.

8/31/2009 #49

"That would be a welcome surprise." she nodded, following the crowd into the dining room/

8/31/2009 #50
Little Miss Priss

"That it would. Poor Owen is beside himself with anticipation. He is quite determined to have a brother." Daniel replied with a rather childish smile "I myself think a little sister would make a wonderful addition to the family."

8/31/2009 #51

"I believe Mrs. Roland did tell me of her hope for a girl." she smiled. "Thought I'm sure whichever she has we shall all be delighted."

8/31/2009 #52
Little Miss Priss

He simply smiled in return and pulled back her seat.

8/31/2009 #53

She sat down and looked up at him sweetly.

"Thank you, dearest."

8/31/2009 #54
SnowClaw of Windclan

Luna smiled gently as her chair was pulled out for her, sent an appreciative glance the man's before looking back ahead of her as she waited for the Earl to begin speaking. Surely enough her father did.

"As you know, today is the seventeenth birthday of my dear daughter, Luna." He smiled at his guests, "and her official coming-out."

8/31/2009 #55
Little Miss Priss

Daniel joined in the general applause of the guests and waited for the Earl to finish.

8/31/2009 #56
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