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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Physical Description:



Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.):

Notable relationships:


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disused account

Name: Nathaniel Royce

House: wherever

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Weight: average

Height: 5'9

Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: blue

Physical Description: Tall man, with blue eyes tick feathery hair and closely trimmed mustache. Always carries a sword-cane with ornate hilt, the handle is craved in the shape of a stallion's head, which is present on the family coat of arms. Walks with a slight limp, but it is only just noticeable.


Nathaniel enjoys dancing and a stiff claret, but never too much of either. Knowing he has good looks and charm he is often the talk of the ball. But also being a barrister he can hold conversation quite easily. He aspires to be Lord Mayor of London one day.


The second son of Lord Royce, denied the family estate he sought a commission in the army and found himself as an aid to the Duke of Wellington though Spain and France. The general made an impression on him and gained the impotence of culture and thought.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Nobility

Notable relationships: Still on fair terms with the Duke, his influence could be brought to bare,

Likes/Dislikes: stated above. He's still unconvinced marriage has benefits.

(Let me know what you think. Just a note: most Historians agree British Regency era is defined as 1811- 1820 the highpoint began in 1815 with the end of the wars in French, the econ boomed and so did the population, but I leave that to you. :))

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Name: Sophie Élisabeth Joséphine Marie Gaudet (known in the family as Élisabeth, Lisette by her younger siblings)

House: Aquitaine House, known in the family as Chateau d'If

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Weight: 136

Height: 5'5

Hair Color: A sweet coppery brown, shines when the sunlight hits it.

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Physical Description: Élisabeth is taller than all of her siblings, but not quite as tall as some women. She is plump from her days spent dining on chocolates, but not so much that it is unappealing. In fact, it has almost had the opposite effect. Her skin is a creamy colour, like fresh milk, with pink in her cheeks when she laughs and smiles. She has dimples that show when she is particularily happy. Her hands are small and slender, without too many blemishes or marks from writing all of the time, and she likes to wear little gold rings on her hands (gifts from her noble relations). Her fashion taste is extravagant, with detailed embroidery and layers of netting and lace, with her favorite colours being white, green and pink. She is, however, suited to the plainer morning clothes that she often dons. She is attractive at a more subtle level.

Personality: Élisabeth it pleasant and appealing, with a gentle way of doing things. She is accommodating and fairly easy to please. However, as a well-educated woman, she does have opinions of things and is not afraid to express them even in situations not exactly condusive to such behaviour. She prefers the quiet of home than the spectacle of balls, but she does enjoy getting dressed up and socialising. She prefers the company of Cécé of all of her family. She has a vivid imagination and has taken to writing whatever she can - fiction, letters, biographies, whatever she can think of. She has an artistic mind, as most women do, and loves to sketch and paint and draw when she has a moment to herself. Lisette's idea of a dream life would be to live in France again, in a good house, and be at court again. Perhaps the Promenade will change her mind?

Background: Élisabeth is a middle child of the Gaudet family, her father the former Compte de Roucy. The family was prominent at the French court, honored guests of the Empress with whom Élisabeth shares a name. Her eldest sister was a lady-in-waiting to Hortense Bonaparte until the latter moved to the Netherlands. They lived in a very lavish home near the Chateau de Saint-Cloud, close to the Emperor, and lived a lifestyle envied by most of their friends. Each of the five children had at least two horses for their own use, their own rooms (each with a room adjoining for their studies) on a level entirely devoted to them including a large playroom filled with extravagant toys. Each child was tutored in the arts, sciences and mathematics. Élisabeth herself excelled in the study of astronomy, and learned to play the violin and paint watercolours.

In 1806, the family left France for reasons none of the children truly understood. However, the reason was that the Compte de Roucy was loyal to the British cause during the war and risked being found out if he stayed in France any longer. At the advice of an old friend, he removed himself of his title and had his family leave before Napoleon could discover the treasonous affairs. He arranged for a house to be prepared for him and his family, who arrived in the summertime to find a house a quarter the size of their old home. They were all devastated by the change, none more so than Élisabeth's mother, who had been one of Joséphine's dearest companions and greatly missed her. Contact with friends in France was forbidden, and the children had to adjust to their new life.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): French Nobility / Upper Class

Notable relationships: Adélaïde Maryse Sophie (Maman) & Rénauld Christophe Pierre Gaudet (Papa) (parents); Céline Ghislaine Mathilde Marie (Cécé), Marguerite Annette Louise Marie (Margot), Alphonse Napoléon Christophe Rénauld (Minou), Nanette Hélène Josée Marie (Nani) (siblings).

Likes/Dislikes: Hates Politics, Snakes, Bracelets, Sewing. Loves writing, painting, staying up late to admire the constellations, roses, bright happy colours, and France.

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Little Miss Priss

Name:Prudence Charity Montrose

House: Minnow Manor

Gender: Female

Age: 22



Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description:Of average height and a slightly plump weight she has no distinguishing characteristics. She is in a word plain.

Personality: Quiet and demor as is befitting a woman of her status she is well read and educated. She rarely argues unless she is passionate about the topic.

Background: Born the second of three daughters to Baron Vincent. At the end of her second season in London she was married to the elderly Earl of Montrose, who is 30 years her senior. This is a marriage of convenience arranged by her father to create a tie with a more powerful and wealthy family. The Earl having been 3 times widowed and fathering 5 children (3 sons, 2 daughters) married her for companionship in his ailing years. After moving to the Earl's country estate she tried to reconcile her situation and find a direction for her life. After a dinner party attended by several anti-slavery activists she became an abolitionist and has dedicated her life, and husbands resources, to ending the slave trade within the British Colonies. Her move to the neighbor is the result of a compromise between the Earl and Prudence to move closer to the political system while not compromising the Earl's health with the city air.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Nobility

Notable relationships: Married to the Earl of Montrose, and has 5 step children.

Likes/Dislikes:Likes toast and honey with her tea, and hates slave owners.

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Maximilien Francois

Name: Doctor John Oates.

House: Poplar is constructed of handsome red brick that is slowly facing genteel decline. Many windows are located on the faces of the first, second, and third stories. The fourth, however, only has a handful and is locked off to visitors, containing the doctor's personal study and extensive library. The house contains one ballroom that hasn't seen use in a few years, and two dining rooms for hosting guests. Several white Pekin ducks can be seen wandering the gravel courtyard in front of the manor; a stone fountain spouts cold water in its center. Tall trees grow on either of the manor's front corners, providing the doctor with some amount of privacy. The gray gravel courtyard splits off into a carriage road that eventually meets the main way that winds in front of his home, and a large stable is located on the left grounds. A massive, grassy field moves downwards into a hill is located behind the manor, eventually turning into brambles and light woods that are separated from the rest of the forest by a clear, lengthy creek with round stones in its bed and on its sides.

Gender: Male.

Age: 27.

Weight: Average; lean.

Height: 5' 11"

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Eye Color: Dark brown.

Physical Description: John stands at 5' 11", built on a lean frame. His chin-length hair is dark brown, the same shade as his short sideburns and eyebrows. His nose is straight and well constructed, paired with high cheekbones and a well defined jaw. He has attractive, long-fingered hands with short nails and defined joints, including his wrists. His cheeks and the end of his nose tend to take on a barely visible and unevenly distributed flush when he's exposed to the cold.

Personality: John is an intelligent man and it tends to reflect in his mannerisms and speech; he's generally respected by others. However, he inwardly struggles with a low level of self confidence and is (although not known to the rest of the community) an alcoholic. Although he is outwardly gentlemanly as expected, he is a far different person at home. Because of his involvement in the realities of the medical world, he views the reluctance to speak of the body as ridiculous. In summary--John Oates stands precariously close to being exiled from the social circle of the promenade. However, John is a good person and he tends to treat women with respect. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot always be said for men.

Background: John was the only child that his mother was able to conceive; perhaps it was because of that that he became he person that he is today. From an early age he has warm memories of spending most of his time with her because his father was a doctor in the military and was rarely home. The paternal bond did exist, although it wasn't as strong. John took a personal interest in medicine in his teenage years, and was taught by his father (and with the help of home-owned textbooks) to become a physician.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Upper.

Notable relationships: None as of present, but at one time or another he has probably treated almost all of the families in the promenade.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Horses, medicine, fall, realistic discussions, debate, ducks, and honey. Dislikes: People who interrupt, the close-minded, many of the 'pointless' rules of society.

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Da history lover girl

Name: Elizabeth Wilburforce

House: St Anne's Parish Vicarage is where Elizabeth lives. It is a cozy little stone house, across the road fron St. Anne's Parish near Poplar. It has a small garden full of Roses, Hyacinths and Violets

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Weight: slim

Height: 4' 11'

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Physical Desription: Elizabeth is a very short young woman. Her hair is very dark brown, almost black. It is shoulder length and in small ringlets.Her nose is small and straight. She has a round face.

Personality: Elizabeth is a well mannerd and inteligent young women. She is a very warm and carring person,with a very cheerful disposition. She cares very much for the outcasts of society, and has a passion for charity work. She can be very outspoken and somwhat unladylike when she is talking to people who have opsing view points. She has a strong faith in God and belives that the slave trade is unchristian.

Backround: Elizabeth's family is one of England's most prominent abolishionist famlies. Her parents are Edward and Emma Smith. Edward has served St. Anne's Parish for 5 years. He had been serving parishes in Cornwall for 20 years. He met his wife in a small town in Cornwall 25 years ago. It is his brother who is Albert Smith, who is trying to get Anti- Slavery legeslation enacted. Elizabeth has been educated at the Church of England School for Cornish Girls.

Social Class:lower middle

Notable Relationships: Parents

Likes/dislikes: Likes: Family, chuch, hyms, bible study, singing, abolishtionisim, charity work Dislikes: Snobery and Slavery

3/16/2011 #10

Name: The Honble. Charles Latham Sterling

House: Has taken rooms on the east end of St. James Square

Gender: male

Age: 22

Weight: 161lbs

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: light honey brown, almost blonde

Eye Color: glasz (a mix of blue, gray, and green)

Physical Description: Though not very tall he is lean and well proportioned, he makes a striking figure in formal attire. He is undeniably handsome and knows it. (

Personality: Sterling is living a dual life and it shows in his personality, in public he's something of a dandy and a rake, charming, light-hearted and flirtatious. Underneath he's cunning and selfish, though you'd never guess it.

Background: Charles is the second son of The Viscount Sterling of Wrendale, he was the apple of his parents' eye and his father much doted on the boy, giving him anything his young heart desired. Charles became quite spoiled, he attended Oxford but spent more time gambling and chasing women than focusing on his books and left when he was seventeen. He went to London, where he continued to gamble and carouse, becoming a favorite in the gossip columns and the talk of the season. He frittered away his inheritance and still begging his father for more funds, and though it would be the ruin of his family the old man could still deny him nothing. Last October he was sent for with the news that his father was gravely ill, he rushed home. Not a fortnight after his father's funeral his older brother, the new Viscount (who held no affection for Charlie) disinherited him and drove him off the property.

Back in London and penniless, his debts began to pile up, he gambled what little he had left away in a last stitch attempt to win back his fortune. He evaded his debtors for a while but was eventually sent to Newgate Prison. He wrote to his brother, pleading that he would do anything if only he paid off his debts and freed him. After much supplication from his Mother and sisters his brother finally agreed on the condition that afterward Charles never trouble him again.Charles disappeared for a time from the public eye, he has only reappeared this very season appearing well and, shockingly, quite wealthy. Where his new found fortune comes from no one can say, though there is plenty of speculation.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Upper, disinherited son of nobility

Notable relationships: He destests his brother, The Viscount John Sterling III of Wrendale. His younger sister, Ms. Georgiana Sterling, is probably the only person he cares about other than himself.

Likes/Dislikes: He's addicted to gambling but likes it only if he wins, if he loses then he likes to drink. He enjoys the high life and will do just about anything to maintain it.

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Name: The Honble. Georgiana Augusta Sterling

House: Is staying with her brother in rented rooms in St. James Square

Gender: female

Age: 18

Weight: 119lbs

Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: golden blonde

Eye Color: glasz (a mix of blue, gray, and green)

Physical Description: Petite and a little too thin by the standards of the day but nonetheless very pretty, her fair skin and pale features remind one of a china doll, she seems just as delicate. (

Personality: A seemingly sweet, if somewhat naïve young lady, she's shallow and self-centered but charming enough that most people don't notice.

Background: The youngest daughter of The Viscount Sterling of Wrendale and the pet of the family. She despaired at the death of her father and still more at Charlie's disinheritance. When news of Charlie's imprisonment reached them it was she who finally convinced John to free him. She was proposed marriage at the tender of age of 16 by a gentleman of some wealth and repute but of course her family dismissed him, Georgie maintains she would have refused him anyway, he wasn't nearly fashionable enough for her tastes. She caused quite an upset at home when she announced that she wanted to stay with Charles in London for the season but eventually got her way, as usual.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): upper, gentry.

Notable relationships: Finds life on her eldest brother's estate horrifically dull and therefore dislikes those of her family who live thereabouts. She dearly loves Charlie and her little Papillon, Pudding. (

Likes/Dislikes: Fancy gowns and pretty shoes are the way to this fair maid's heart. She absolutely loves to dance and is very light on her feet.

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Little Miss Priss
Name: Bessie Brown

House:Minnow Manor



Weight:95 lbs


Hair Color:Mousy Brown

Eye Color:Light Brown

Physical Description:Small and skinny she is the smallest servant in the home.

Personality:Quiet and shy with the more refined manners of an upstairs maid. Though usually serene she is given to flights of excitement especially in matters of the heart.

Background:Born to a butler and sculery maid in the home of Lady Montrose's family she was raised to believe her place was to care for her employers, and marry a good christian man. She was assigned as the personal maid of Prudence after her debut and moved with her to the home of the Earl after the marriage. She continues to miss her family and is struggling to find a place in the new home. Feeling overwhelmed by the other servants she has taken to hiding in closets and cabinets earning her nickname of "The Mouse". though overwhelmed by the new home she remains hopeful of finding happiness and love.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Servant

Notable relationships:Ladies Maid to Prudence Montrose

Likes/Dislikes: Likes to wear the color yellow as she believes it lightens her brown hair and eyes. Dislikes gloomy people.

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Name: Henry (Hank to those close) Casemen House: I need like a house above Royce's stables Gender: Male Age: 25 Weight: Height: lanky Hair Color: black Eye Color: green Physical Description: Tall and fit has dark hair and green eyes, quite muscular from doing a lot of Royce's farm labor. Personality: he is soft spoken when does interact with his employers friends, as any lowly stable hand should, but there is also an unmistakable sense of kindness that runs through his veins, bur it goes unnoticed by most. Background: Was born in the slums of London, took a job at eighteen as Royce's stable boy just to get himself out. He is still regarded as a dreg and rouge, but things are better. He doesn't go hungry. Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Lower Notable relationships: Works for Lord Royce and company. He hears many details of the family's private-life when he readies the mounts for foxhunts. Likes/Dislikes: Likes dancing with in pubs when he has the chance, and watching lightening. Dislikes people get drunk, like Lord Royce, simply because they don't need to be responsible. (Rouge enough for you, Priss? :))
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(hopefully I have filled it in the right way, you wouldn't mind if I join you?)

Name: Margaret (Meg) Danielle Everett

House: Kentchurch Court, her father's residence, but she spends most of 'the season' in London at their house in Chelsea. Particularly now that she is losing her chance of marital bliss, her mother and aunt aspire to see her married and settled, before the year's out.

Gender: female

Age: 25

Weight: Slightly fuller than most girls in her hips and chest

Height: 5.6

Hair Color: Dark blond natural curling hair

Eye Color: Hazel with a dot of green

Physical Description: Her skin is slightly tanned and the sun took care of that dark blond hair highlighting it and brightening it considerably. A fair face with rosy cheeks full lips and large hazel eyes soften her features. Although she is somewhat fuller of body she carries herself with a certain sense of pride. Her hair is rather long reaching over her waist which allows her maid to make intricate braids, crowns and buns. Her dresses tend to vary, but there is one she is particularly fond off. A chinese kimono her father bought for her when he traded with Chinese merchants on one of his journeys.

Personality: Vivacious, though she keeps to herself, not feeling comfortable as the center of attention. She is rather fond of sharing her thoughts and ideas with a person of equal intelligence, but often finds her male company lacking in this particular area. She is passionate when it comes to books and her art and strives to learn as much as she possibly can.

Background: Her father Admiral Bartlett Haddon Everett rose in the ranks quite early in his life. Upon returning to the shores of his native country, he was tricked into marrying a young gentile lady Miss Lucy Arlington. The new Mrs. Everett gave birth to Marcus Cedric Everett, Margaret's older brother who is 4 years older than she. He holds a post in the Marines thanks to his father's influence. Despite that he intends to make something of himself, desiring to prove himself. Now Mrs. Everett's sister Mrs. Hopkinswas married to a wealthy man who was twice her age. He was to be found mostly at the Courthouse serving Justice as one of the judges of civil affairs.

Social class (nobility, upper, comfortable middle, etc.): Upper

Notable relationships: Uncle; Judge Vetrinari Hopkins, Father; Admiral Bartlett Hadon Everett and a nephew from her father's side Duke Bray Blackwood.

Likes/Dislikes: Libraries, books, craft stores and art in every form, animals, children and her father's letters telling her of the travels he has done. War, disease, maltreatment of God's creatures including humans, slavery, hurtful gossip and the helpless situation she sometimes finds herself in. (Particular when her mother has found another poor sod to marry her).

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