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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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The manor is two stories high and made of beautiful red bricks, built in 1612. It built in the traditional H-shape and has ivy growing up the sides. A wrought-iron gate stands before it with beautiful yellow rose bushes poking through the bars and lining the dirt driveway. A broken marble fountain sits just before the dors, where the water has become murky and unbecoming. On the first level of the house is the lobby, with a grand staircase leading up to the second level. To the right we find the grand dining hall and an office, both decorated in mahogany panels and light blue paper. To the back are the servants' quarters, including kitchens and two shared bedrooms. To the left of the staircase is a small library and sitting room, with a warm stone fireplace and comfortable green furniture. A beautiful, handmade wooden desk is the marvel of the room, attracting immediate attention to the owner. There is also a ballroom, with an upright piano and some lighter seats near the walls. A rather large window brings in some much needed light.

Upstairs are three bedrooms and two more studies. All of them have the same paneling seen downstairs, and some smaller windows. The master bedroom takes up nearly an entire part of the manor, with a study and sitting place incorporated into it. A small bath has been placed in the second study to be shared by the family. There are at least two beds in each room, with room for more to be added. There are currently fifty acres attached to the home, currently leased for farming sheep and cattle. There is a small vegetable garden for the family's use near the servants' quarters, as well as a stable containing two horses and a small carriage.

Purchased by M. and Mme. Gaudet

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Needless to say, Monsieur and Madame Gaudet were no less than disappointed when they saw their new home.

The gate rattled as they came in on their cart, giving of the most eerie creak ever to be heard from an iron fence. It startled Minou, who had fallen asleep on Lisette's lap about an hour ago, and he awoke with a start. He sat up and looked around with great curiousity, as most nine-year-olds would. His twin sister Nanie joined him at his side and pointed out the broken fountain. The two chittered away like little squirrels, often so fast that Cécé and Lisette wondered if together they spoke an entirely different language. Margot, entranced with her latest book, wouldn't have noticed if they'd passed into Portugal.

Perhaps I must first describe our cast of characters. First we have the parents, Christophe and Adelaïde Gaudet. He is two-and-fifty, very old for a man, and his wife is exactly fifteen years younger than he. He is tall and thin, and has become weary with age and tired with the burden of responsibility. Not thirty years ago, however, he was the very image of youth. A young, charismatic soldier with a talent for negotiation. It was no small wonder that when he met Napoleon that the two would become very close, even though he was born an Englishman with virtually nothing to his name. His companionship earned him the title of Count and, after marrying his young bride Adelaïde (known to him as Didi), a place at court. Didi was an image of elegance, with silk blonde hair and a thin little nose that turned up just the tiniest bit. Her blue eyes captured Christophe's attention and her sweet personality captured his heart. They were married very quickly, and the two have been nearly inseperable ever since.

Cécé was the first gift to her parents, born nearly nine months to the day they were wed. She was considered to be the most beautiful of the daughters, with long auburn hair that curled this way and that at whim. She almost never put it up in private, finding it too much of a hassle. Her lips were full and lucious, cheeks plump and rosy, and blue eyes like her mother's that reminded her father of the sea. She was a very practical sort of girl, never asking for anything unless she truly needed it. Her parents called her "simple", while in truth she was just easy to please. She was the most headstrong of the children, not afraid to defy a rule or parent she felt unfair. She could be loving one moment, then furious the next. At twenty-three years of age, her parents have almost given up on finding her a husband.

Lisette was next, born in the still of December as the snow fell around their old wooden cottage near Bordeaux. She was happy and easily pleased, equally joyful about a new doll as she would be to the paper it came in. She was always smiling as a child, a trait that has hardly changed as she aged. She is gifted in the arts as well as sciences, often endearing visitors with her watercolours and impressing her family with her knowledge of constellations. One of her favourite things to do is dress up in beautiful clothes and dance, but she is not flirty by any stretch of the imagination. She prefers quiet times at home above all else. Her eighteen years still have hope for a good marriage.

Third to arrive was Margot, the quiet middle child. Her parents remark often how she seldom cried as a child, and barely spoke until the age of six. She still barely speaks a word, prefering to read and write than talk or sing. She also has long dark hair and brown eyes, and can be seen as sort of a twin to Lisette, but there is a darkness and sadness in her eyes that her parents can't quite place. She seems to get upset very easily and prefers not to have contact with anyone. At only 13, no one is very sure as to why she is the way she is, but Cécé suspects it runs much deeper than people think.

Nanie and Minou are the youngest of the family, a pair of active little twins that seem to bounce off of walls at every opportunity. The pair are both blonde with blue eyes, and have the most adorable little faces children could ever hope to have. Minou is the Gaudet's only son, and is one of the most adorable little boys you would ever hope to meet. He is kind and good to everyone, and loves to run and play like any normal child. He hates to study, much prefering to climb trees or ride his pony. Nanie also loves horses and animals of all kind, and can be often found in the fields talking to sheep or chasing the hounds around the forest. The pair often get into trouble and find something to mess with.

Their reaction to the new home was mixed. The twins were eager to begin exploring, Cécé and her mother were skeptical, Lisette and Christophe decided to look on the bright side and Margot couldn't have cared less. It would never be like Chateau Larivière, with it's fine marble exteriors and spacious rooms on three levels. For them, this wasn't home.

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