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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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An extensive stone-and-marble home with three levels and elegant Grecian details.

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Nathanial Royce sat in lounge awaiting his guests.

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(I thought you were going to practice description, my friend. :D)

"I've never been to an English ball." Lisette remarked to her parents as she stepped down from the carriage, carrying the hem of her white gauzy dress as she landed in the dirt with a very big grin. Her white slippers only hinted at the accumulation of dust, having been cleaned that morning. The pink silk, embroidered in gold floral designs at the hem, was trimmed with white lace and a layer of thin material that sparkled in the lamplight. More gold flowers circled around the bodice and onto the sleeves, white had been went with ermine and lace for comfort. Her long white gloves began to fall around her elbows, then straightened as she pointed to the sky. "Look mother! Cygnus is out!"

"Oui, oui ma belle." Adelaïde chuckled, adjusting her mantle as her husband helped her out. "Come along, Cécé, I am quite eager to meet Lord Royce."

Cécé grumbled some sort of mild obscenity in french, decending from the cart in her own light green dress. This one was trimmed in silver, and tied at the front with what appeared to be an overdress trailing behind her. She tucked back her hair, which had been forced into an updo with a coronet of daisies and baby's breath and longed to escape. Christophe chuckled.

"You girls look absolutely splendid." he remarked, kissing the eldest's cheek and leading them inside.

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Lord Royce hearing a young woman's laugh, rose from his plush leather chair. He was dressed in a white shirt and brown coat with dangling coattails. He also adorned a yellow cravat that hugged his neck. His brown locks were curled in the latest fashion. He made his way to the enterence hall and watched his guests flow toward door, he leaned on his cane as he greeted each in turn. His eyes dancing with each introduction.

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Christophe grinned at the sight of Nathaniel.

"Lord Royce." he spoke in his English accent, still as natural as it had been all those decades ago. "I would like to introduce you to my family. Mrs. Gaudet, Miss Gaudet, and Miss Elisabeth."

Each lady bowed in turn, Lisette replying with a smile as bright as her father's and Cécé nodding serenely. They had been instructed not to speak, or to do so as little as possible, as the elder daughter had become quite used to the French tongue serving under the Empress and Lisette still had a hard time grasping some of the English grammar and structure.

"Might I say what a lovely home you have, Lord Royce." Christophe continued. "The architecture is splendid."

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"Way thank you," he said, his face showing deep etched laugh lines. "Might I say the same of your family." He beamed at them."Yes the manor is wonderful, you would enjoy the grounds in fall."

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Lisette blushed and Cécé did everything in her power not to roll her eyes. Only eight-and-twenty, Papa said, and yet he seemed so very old for a man only five years her senior! Céline noticed the cane and glanced at his leg for a moment, curious, but quickly turned her head back up when she remembered staring was rude. She looked along the hallways, admiring the works of art that adorned the manor.

"I would imagine so." Christophe continued contentedly. "I imagine you have a lot of game on the grounds, seeing as you are so close to the forest."

Maman began to lead the girls into the dance hall, excusing herself and the children politely with a nod of her head.

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"Yes," he said "There a far to many red foxes that roam the woods," he said. He ordered a servant to bring calort to his guests.

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Christophe laughed, a jolly laugh and his face brightened. "Well, sir, I would be happy to help you lessen the population."

The oldest sister quickly glanced over her shoulder, then turned to her sister and began to chuckle.

"Il devrait être même plus vieux que Papa!" she said in a whisper. Lisette glared at her, knowing what she said was terribly rude. Even her mother considered giving her a slap with her fan.

"Soyez poli." Maman instructed. "Lord Royce has been kind enough to invite us into his home."

She took a seat down by the fire and took the offered glass of wine from the servant boy. Lisette and Cécé took their own glasses and instead chose to wander about the room. Lisette spoke politely with the other guests, even getting a dance or two reserved, while Cécé stared out the window into the gardens.

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(English subtitles please :P)

"I should like that," he said. "I need someone to break a spited mare," he teased.

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Christophe nodded.

"Well, I shall not keep you." he said while raising his glass. "I hope to meet again before the evening is through."

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"Enjoy yourself," he nodded and decided to wander into the ball room he chatted with his guests, winding his way around the room. He moved with a slight limp that prolonged his journey by a few moments. He then noticed Cece alone. He paused by the neighboring window and cleared his throat lightly. "You're evening is plesent I trust?" he said with raised eyebrows.

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Cécé, startled, turned quickly towards him and swallowed her drink nervously. She hesitated, then managed to speak.

"Yes, quite so." she managed to say, without her accent. She gave a small curtsey. "You are very kind, Sir Royce, to host this event."

This time, her French betrayed her Rs and Os, and she blushed. She bravely continued to meet his gaze, as it was polite to do.

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He pretended not to notice the clear French vowls. "I do enjoy hosting them," he commented. He leaned on his cane and stared out the window, the leaves of the oak trees were rimmed with the gold of the dying sun.

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She nodded and followed his gaze. At home in France, Cécé used to sit outside and watch the sun set while the twins played with Papa's hounds. She would watch patiently as they threw sticks and the liver-coloured dogs leapt for joy to chase them. Maman and Papa would watch as well, holding hands and smiling with joy. With the hounds and the chateau gone, unclasped hands were a common sight. She sighed at this thought and turned to the Lord.

"Do you host them often?" she asked gently, curious. To her he seemed to old, too frail to host so many social events.

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"Once every month," he stated. "Do you attend many balls?"

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At this Cécé couldn't help but laugh. It was a sweet, pleasing laugh, one similar to her father's in volume and jolliness. She shook her head and sighed.

"No, sir." she replied. "Not often."

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"Then you must make the best of this one, would you care yo dance?"

(Jelous sister fight? I thought you went to bed :P

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(can't sleep, too much muuuuuse.)

Cécé stared at him. He walked with a cane and seemed to lean on it quite heavily. Surely her couldn't dance in such condition? However, it would be wrong to refuse the host, especially at the very start of the dance.

"Yes, thank you." she said with a smile, setting down her goblet and placing her hand on his arm.

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They meandered toward the dance floor. He took her hand, his cane in the other. "So tell me about yourself?" he said, as he suffled to the music.

(Now Sissi if you have muse share it with the class XD

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The lady grew quiet for a moment, taking the turns under his arm as the dance dictated. As she cme back into his sight she spoke.

"I'm afraid there is not much to tell." she said. "I am Miss Gaudet, and I live at Aquitaine Manor with my family."

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"Oh there must be more to you then that, what do you enjoy doing?"

(What ya thinking?)

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(I don't rightly know yet...)

Cécé thought for a moment, sidestepping, and looked back at him.

"I'm afraid I'm rather simple." she said, hearing her French accent and beginning to wish she'd bitten her tongue or directed him to the more English sister. "I enjoy music, I suppose, as all girls do."

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"And who is your favorite composer?" he asked. He kept hearing flicks of the French accent. When he was a younger man he captured a few French of observers while fighting in India, he did not understand why they, even Britain was invested in suck a desise ridden place.

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"I've not thought about it." she replied, feeling the Lord's eyes on her. "I normally play what is set before me."

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He nodded.

(Well the Brits thought it was a utter hell hole, yellow fever, malaria, it was hot, crocks in rivers ect. You should read The Sharpe books by Bernard Cornwell. You'd love to hate Jane Simmerson. XD)

He nodded, he figured was going to divulge very little. The dance finished and he srt his eyes on the younger sister.

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Cécé sat back down with her mother, divulging the details of her turn with Lord Royce. The ladies giggled, and the eldest daughter merely muttered to herself.

Lisette, of course, would be far more endearing. Not ten minutes after she arrived she had already made friends, giggling joyously with two girls about her age. Her brown hair sparkled in the candlelight, and when Lord Royce asked for the dance her amber eyes lit up.

"Of course, sir." she said, her English accent nearly flawless.

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He took her hand, enchanted by her eyes. "Are you enjoying the ball?"

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Lisette nodded, then remembered her manners and used her words instead.

"Very much so, Lord Royce. I do enjoy dancing."

She took her position on the floor and observed the man for herself. He was only about three or four inches taller than herself, with nicely coiffed hair and a neatly pressed suit. His blue eyes seemed to be merry, and even though there were lines on his face they seemed to disappear in the light. She smiled and began the steps.

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