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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Maximilien Francois

"Thank you. The compliment is appreciated." he saw the other sister skirt across the ballroom and watched for a moment before he turned back to Cece, asking casually and as if it was perfectly acceptable, "Is your sister alright? She seems rather distraught, from my observations at the very least."

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Little Miss Priss

Nodding to people as she attempted to wander the room she search for the host Lord Royce. As a Justice he was exactly the person she needed to speak with regarding the newly proposed ban on the slave trade. After much searching she spotted him speaking to an attractive young woman, and debated the social ramifications of interrupting. Finally she selected a seat not far from them where she could hear thier conversation and perhaps learn a bit more about the Lord.

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disused account

(The girl he was talking to ran away arms flailing XD)

Feeling eyes upon him, he turned to meet them.

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Lisette sat by her mother, keeping quiet and going sheet white to the point where Mme Gaudet sincerely believed that she had fallen ill. She tucked the young lady close and attempted to soothe her.

Cécé turned her head in equal casualness. Her sister sat quiet shaken under her mother's arm, and she sighed.

"I imagine our host said something rather unbecoming." she said. "Lisette is sensitive, poor dear."

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(Well there goes his chances. :P)

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Maximilien Francois

The doctor watched with vague interest for a few more moments before turning his attention back to his dancing partner, not surprised in the least at the bluntness of her words. "Some are born that way, or so it seems." He stepped backwards with the rest of the men on the floor, moving forward again after a few seconds. You, however, aren't one of them, are you? It was as if she were a carefully wrapped package dangerously close to unraveling and exposing its contents, only heightening his interest and desire to be present when said unveiling was to happen.

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Little Miss Priss
Meeting Lord Royce's gaze Prudence nodding and continued toward him. "Lord, you have achieved an outstanding success. The ball is both well attended and filled with joy."
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disused account

"Thank you for your kind words," he said. "How do you find yourself this evening?"

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Little Miss Priss
" I am well, sir. Though I cannot say the same for others." she replied trying to create an opening to discuss the slave trade.
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"And what distresses those dear?" he asked. "If I am not too bold."

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Little Miss Priss

"Bold, my dear sir would offend me less than the lack of heart shown with no reply. The distress of which I speak is that of the poor dears torn from their homes and sold into slavery aboard our very own ships!" She replied with as much emphasis as society would allow. "For is it not most disheartening to know that our own countrymen would condescend to such vial acts."

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(point void after using almighty Wekpida. HAIL, to three teacher of random stuff!

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He took a sip of wine and gazed at her, smiling. "Oh you your worries are unfounded Mrs. Montrose I assure you," he said waving a hand in the air, as if to sweep them away. "You know as well as I,R v Knowles, stands and just now it is before parliament to strangle slavery in the rest of the empire, you have nothing to ferret over. All you must wait for is time, they need to bribe the suager plantations into submission and the Empire shall be a free one." He gave her a smile. He found her passion for others quite, enchanting, hw knew deep down, it was all about the rights of women and as long as their was slavery there would never be hope for the next lowest chink in the chain.

Had she not been already wedded and bedded these convictions would of made him smitten. Hw needed an educated woman in his life.

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A general hum of excitement swept over the gathered assemblage at the, however belated, arrival of Mr. Sterling and his young companion. The noise in the room increased exponentially as fans were opened and gloved hands were raised to whisper behind. Rumors that the young gentleman was returned to London, supposed sightings at theaters and billiard halls, had been circulating the parlours and tearooms about town for weeks. Many had dismissed it as idle gossip but now it would seem to have proved true.

This was not the only thing that piqued the interest of Lord Royce's guests. How fine they looked! How grand! Every light in the room seemed dimmed except for the one shining over them. Sterling was resplendent, indeed too much so for a man so recently cut off from his fortune, in a dark blue cutaway coat of fine silk with velvet collar and dark gray silk breeches, his cravat was a thing of beauty, immaculately white and fashionably tied. Still, in all his glory, he was far outshined by the young lady at his side. She was quite small and fair, enough resembling the gentleman on her arm to avoid suspicion. She was dressed in a periwinkle blue silk gown trimmed with frothy white lace at the sleeves and hem, a darker blue silk ribbon tied beneath her bosom, and matching slippers. Around her neck she wore a three string chocker of precious gems, they twinkled in the candlelight, though not as brightly as her eyes. Her golden hair was worn in a crown of curls piled upon her fair head, cascading in gentle ringlets down the back of her slender neck, here and there within the curls a few gems had been pinned so that with every tilt of her head they caught the light and glittered splendidly.

Georgiana gazed about herself now with wide eyes as if surprised, though greatly pleased to find herself in such a splendid place, "Oh isn't it lovely Sterling?" She said, squeezing her brother's arm.

Sterling took the little gloved hand placed delicately over his and kissed it, "not as lovely as you, dear sister," Georgiana blushed, a rosy tint coloring her pale cheek and he smiled, "come, I spy several gentleman and not a few young ladies eager to make your acquaintance."

((It's excessively long, I know, I got a little carried away...also it would be really great if someone acted like they knew Sterling. :P)) 4/4/2011 #104
Little Miss Priss
Prudence gazed in surprise at the man who upon first inspection appeared so removed from the welfare of other, and wondered just what his true character might be. "It is as you say Sir, but to what avail is this petition if it does not harness the support and confidence of men such as yourself? For without a social referendum from those in whom we have entrusted justice such a petition becomes little more than paper and speculation. Tell me sir would you without legal recourse for your delay provide freedom to those on whom your income so heavily required, knowing the financial consequences? If not then you can not begin to prompt others to an action which would in essence go against your own character. It is not simply a matter of passing a law, or inducing fines, it is a matter of prompting true change in the hearts of all men so that they may look on one another as god looks on them." Attempting to remain as composed as possible while discussing a topic so close to her heart she sipped her drink and composed a most passive face. After all it would not due to alienate herself from the countryside at such an early juncture. There was also the matter of her husband to consider, one ill word to him would end her social outings and remove her to the lonely country home in which she had spent the previous months.
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((Hi! The off-topic thread is full so that's why I haven't responded...I'm not sure we've met?))
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Little Miss Priss
(( Where has Sissi gone with our new off topic???? I don't think we have met, My name is Priss but I also reply to Steph or from small voices Momma :).))
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((I don't know, she was here earlier but she disappeared again...Pleased to meet you Steph, call me Wood, pretty much everyone does :) I used to rp with Sissi and Lee in a WWII forum, I saw this one and was very excited but it looks like this was a bad night to join in, no one's really around. :/))
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Little Miss Priss
((It will be better in the Summer when everyone has more time.))
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(Hi loves! The man of the hour has cometh, you've given me much to respond to here and I am utterly braindead from night class. I shall try. No great novel tonight dears.)
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((You're probably right. Lee-lee *glomp* I'm a little overly excited about this...Sissi's going to murder us later for so much occ in this thread.))
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Little Miss Priss
(( Yes to the ball!))
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"I do wish slavery were not so," he admitted. "It shall remain though, as there are those who claim a man is only worth the ground he was born on. These slaves are no less then you or I. What makes them so is they have no other lot in life, or a means to preserve the one they had." He knew that sticks were little use against a Brown Bess. "But whatever my outrage, I must adherer to the rule of law." (Maybe I being ideal, but an intecaual affair that turns into a pyscal one would be interesting. Maybe her husband makes her hold he tounge? Just a thought. Remember I am a zombie at the moment. XD)
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Little Miss Priss
"My Lord, as an English landholder you are among a small portion of the Empire which has the ability to create this change. As one with access to others of your class, have you expressed these thoughts to the others of your class. Have you railed against the injustice in your club or educated others who live in ignorance of the issue. If you have not then one must wonder have you done your Christian duty?" This being said she noticed the Earl looking at her and knew his opinion of speaking to another man at length. Not wishing to arise his suspicion she hurried to end the conversation with a quick nod and walked to the Earls side wondering what impression she had left behind.
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(Well hi to you too Sissi :P) The call to action left Royce bemused and he just straightened in his chair, thinking. His face was still etched in a look of surprise. Most women never admonished a man in such a way. It was if she thought she could be as frank with him as she would her husband. But never had he heard a woman speak so eliqently and with such flame of heart.
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Little Miss Priss
Prudence continued to watch the Lord from the side of the Earl until directed in a new direction. "Well, look at what has walked in!" exclaimed the Earl "It has been 10 years since I have seen him but I tell you my dear that I would know him anywhere for he is a picture of his father the Viscount Sterling! Come you must be introduced to this most honorable family." Following the Earl she approached the young couple which had recently entered.
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Royce rose at the sight his knew guests the speech forgotten for a moment. "Viscount Sterling," he said with his easy amusement. "It os good to see you!"
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Sterling could hear the whisperings, about himself, about Georgiana, and he swallowed a smile. Rumor, as ridiculous and farfetched as could be, was never quite as interesting as the truth. He could see The Earl of Montrose, an aging fellow well acquainted with the family through their father, though Sterling himself only had a vague recollection of the man. Far more interesting was the woman at his side, presumably his wife though much younger than her spouse, she was not what one would call handsome but still far outmatched her husband. "The Earl of Montrose," he whispered to Georgiana before they were in earshot.

"Iremember him, father's friend."

He smiled, bowing once they were upon them, "Lord Montrose," he drew the attention to his sister, "may I present my youngest sister, Ms. Georgiana Sterling." Georgiana bowed gracefully, her smile demure, but enchanting none the less.

Just as he was about to inquire after the Lady, Lord Royce appeared beside him and the formalities were momentarily forgotten, "Royce, old friend! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! Ah but forgive me, Ms. Georgiana this is Lord Royce, our gracious host this evening."

Georgiana took to all this sudden attention quite naturally, bowing to Lord Royce as well, "Good evening My Lords."

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