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The Promenade, also called the Walk, is a beautiful, 40-acre gated park with well-tended gardens and fountains. While the majority of the property is dedicated to sprawling meadows and leafy paths where gentlemen and ladies ride their horses and take scenic strolls, there is a small area sectioned off for beehives.

Animals such as quail, deer, rabbit, and duck abound, but hunting is prohibited. Each of the wealthy homes in the area has easy access to the park by maintained walking and riding paths.

10/1/2008 #1

The Kingston siblings rode their horses in silence around the well-manicured trails of the Walk, Charlotte frustrated and William guilty. "Look here, Char," he said finally, urging his russet Cleveland Bay stallion to go faster so that he was riding beside his sister, "If you're going to be so sour the entire ride, I think we might as well go back home now."

Charlotte looked at her brother out of the corner of her eye to see that he was being serious before she sighed. "You might have been on my side a little," she said, referring to the conversation they'd all had at breakfast earlier that morning when mother had asked about Mr. Edmund.

William looked down sheepishly. "I was only being realistic," he said.

Charlotte frowned. "You were being rude. I don't know why you suddenly want to take mother's side. Are you determined to marry me off as well?"

The conversation had, of course, concerned Mr. Edmund as a potential suitor for Charlotte. Charlotte had promptly brought up Miss Emily Brighton, claiming that she was the only lady that the host had stood with to dance the entire evening. Mrs. Kingston had been very upsat at that, until William had spoiled everything by saying that he had not been under the impression that Mr. Edmund had taken any romantic interest in Miss Brighton, and that he'd only stood with her once. Furthermore he raised Mrs. Kingston's hopes by telling her that Mr. Edmund had invited Charlotte to view his grounds sometime.

William smiled mischievously. "I want the house all to myself," he said.

Charlotte couldn't help smiling, knowing that he was teasing her, but then her face returned to a pout. "Why can't things just remain as they are? Why must we grow up and get married?"

"Most girls want to get married," William pointed out, relieved that the earlier tension between them was finally dissapating. He hated tension of any kind!

Charlotte sat taller on her horse, a palomino mare named Apple. "Well I don't want to get married," she said decidedly. "I shall live as I please until the day I die!"

William laughed. Nevermind bringing Charlotte down to earth. She'd recognize the need to get married soon enough. But for now, he wanted to enjoy his sister while he still could. "Race you to the pond?" he offered.

"Don't fall too far behind," Charlotte giggled as she urged Apple into a run that sent her riding dress flapping against the horse's belly and her hair streaming out in curly whisps behind her.

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #2

Mr. Edmund, a trusty manservant close behind, walked in the underbrush of the Promenade. Dew and raindrops from the night before had dampened his hair and shoulders until his dark hair lay plastered and curling atop his head; his nice leather boots were scuffed and covered with mud. But his eyes were dancing with the adrenaline of the hunt - just ahead his hounds had cornered a fox, one they had chased from his land over pastures and through brambles and brush to the Promenade. So far, Edmund had been lucky not to come across any neighbors, but the thought had never crossed his mind.

Even as he strode purposefully towards his hounds' baying, he heard Nelly's high-pitched yelp, and the baying began to move. Had the fox escaped? Edmund broke into a run, ducking branches and avoiding holes. Then he heard a horse's whinny - "Oh, God, they've found a rider by the pond," he groaned, and sprinted towards the sound.

10/14/2008 #3

"Gentleman that I am, I let you win," William declared from atop his winded horse.

Charlotte threw back her head in laughter. "How fortunate for me that I have such a chivalrous brother."

Just then, a party of yelping hounds burst through the bushes and charged toward the pond where the two Kingstons and their horses stood. "Here now," William laughed, "where did you rascals come from?" Charlotte's eyes lit up and she let out a coo of delight before sliding from her saddle and leaning forward to pet the dogs. "Charlotte, careful!" William cried, about to dismount and come to her rescue, but he calmed when he saw that the dogs meant her no harm. "Not all animals are so friendly," he warned as he let his shoulders relax in relief, "you should be more careful in the future."

Charlotte merely laughed. "Look how funny that one is, Will!"

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #4

Edmund burst from the brush, covered in leaves and mud but apparently unconcerned. "Nell - Blythe - Mutt - " He whistled sharply, and the hounds abandoned the horse and ran baying back to their master, who affectionately tousled their ears and nodded to the footman to leash them.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience," he started, then stopped when he recognized the Kingstons. "Oh, forgive me - I had no idea - " He strode forward, heart in his throat, so fearful that his hounds had hurt one of the siblings or their horses that he forgot to bow.

10/14/2008 #5

Charlotte straightened when the hounds were called back to their master, still laughing at the playful creatures. She smiled brightly when she recognized the damp and muddy hunter as Mr. Edmund, completely forgetting about the conversation at the Kingston breakfast table that morning. Her spirits were high from the race, her eyes bright and her cheeks flushed from the cool air. She laughed softly when Mr. Edmund stumbled through an apology. "Mr. Edmund, what a delight!" she said, coming forward to take his hand in greeting. "Will and I were just going for a ride. You missed a very good race, I'm afraid."

William's eyes sparkled in amusement at his sister's ability to forget her worries of only minutes before and be her usual self. He dismounted and followed after her to greet his new aquaintance. "Good morning, Edmund," he said with his usual cheerfulness, reaching out to shake the man's hand. He nodded his head toward his sister then as he added to her remark, "It would have been even better if I'd really tried."

10/14/2008 #6

Edmund started to hold a hand out to shake Miss Kingston's hand with, but he realized at the last possible second that it was covered in mud. Self-consciously, he wiped it clean on his trousers and gingerly shook her white-gloved hand, leaving dirty marks on the fine linen. "I'm surprised you call being mauled by my dogs a delight," he said dryly, as the hounds bayed to continue the hunt. He shook Mr. Kingston's hand. "Greetings, Kingston. Fine morning after all that rain, eh? Excellent race turf." He added the last bit with a bit of a teasing glint in his eye.

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #7

"Indeed, indeed," William agreed with a chuckle, looking from the blue sky above to the muddy trail below.

Charlotte didn't notice the fresh dirt on her glove; neither was she paying attention to the conversation- she had her eye on the dogs. "Would you mind introducing your friends to me?" she asked when she thought it wouldn't be too rude.

10/14/2008 #8

"My friends?" Edmund repeated, rather blankly. Then he followed her gaze. "Oh - my dogs! Why, most certainly." He gestured her over to where the footman had their leashes and knelt before them. The three foxhounds yipped excitedly and fell over themselves in their haste to receive a pat from their master's willing hand.

"This one's Nelly," Edmund said, ruffling the ears of the smallest. "She's my best trailer - can find a fox's scent in a river. And this brute is Blythe. He's my mau - " Edmund almost said mauler, but stopped himself before he could utter the unpleasant word in the presence of a lady. "He takes possession of the prey once it has been flushed. And this is Mutt." He scratched the back of the stupid-looking hound. "He's a quick little thing, at least physically."

He glanced at Miss Kingston, failing to avoid the temptation to wait almost anxiously for her approval.

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #9

Charlotte didn't even try to contain her smiles. "Oh, they're wonderful!" she sang, putting her hands on her knees and bending down as if to look the excited creatures in the face, while maintaining a safe enough distance that there was no danger of them accidentally scratching her face with their bouncing paws. "Beautiful creatures! Oh, I wish I had a treat for them...." She said this last more to the dogs than to their master. Then, remembering herself, she looked up at Mr. Edmund. "How old are they? Do you mind if I pet them?"

William feigned an exasperated sigh. "Come now, Charlotte. Let's not interrupt Mr. Edmund's hunt...." That's when it occured to him that hunting wasn't permitted in the Promenade and he wondered what Mr. Edmund was up to. He decided to ask about it once he could get Charlotte out of ear shot. It wouldn't do to question a man's integrity in front of a lady.

10/14/2008 #10

Edmund gave a ghost of a half-smile. "They are all brothers and sister - four years, each. And I don't mind - they are much too spoiled for their own good, but please, pet them."

The hounds yipped excitedly.

10/15/2008 #11

Charlotte didn't have to be told twice. Without even thinking to remove her gloves, she held the dogs' faces in her hands and scratched them behind the ears and stroked and patted them, laughing when one of them managed to lick her face with a large, wet tongue. She vaguely hoped that it hadn't been the mauler. "Oh, you're just so friendly, aren't you," she crooned, unable to keep a hint of baby-talk from her voice. "Were you out to catch a horse today?" The servant's muscles were straining from the effort of keeping all three hounds from piling on top of Charlotte.

Thinking that his sister looked suficiently distracted, William stepped beside Mr. Edmund, still keeping a firm grip on the reigns of both his and Charlotte's horses, and lowered his voice slightly. "What is it you were hunting, if you don't mind my asking?" His tone was curious. He wasn't one to rush to negative conclusions about people, and he thought that if Edmund had, indeed, been hunting in this area, it would be the neighborly thing to do to inform him that others would frown upon him for it

10/15/2008 #12

Edmund was excessively diverted, though more so by Miss Kingston's enjoyment of his animals than the actual animals themselves. All too often, his hounds' exuberance, which he found endearing, frightened many a young - and old! - lady away. He couldn't resist a small, yet genuine, smile as he watched the four interact.

But his enjoyment was tempered by Mr. Kingston's question. Edmund, being a lawyer, saw right through Kingston's curious tone and straightened to his full height, nearly half a foot taller than the younger man. "My hounds were tailing a fox," he answered, his pleased expression dissolving to another, sterner, one. "The trail originated on my property. And yes, Mr. Kingston, I am well aware that hunting is prohibited here. But as you can see, I carry no weapon. It was only my intent to follow the lead until it ran itself down, then return, empty-handed either way."

His tone was light enough, but his eyes burned, cautioning his neighbor to tread carefully.

((I have a plot bunny, I have a plot bunny...:D))

10/15/2008 #13

((Oh my gosh, I totally understand how Edmund feels with the whole dog thing! I have a dog, and I'm always nervous when people come over that my dog's energy and playfulness will be annoying to them, so I always try to hold him back and put him in another room or something. But whenever someone really likes him and wants to let him greet them, I'm always so glad, ha ha!))

William's face lightened with understanding. "Ah! I see! Well, if the fox came from your land, I see no reason why you shouldn't take the little devil back to where it came from." He chuckled, relieved that he didn't have to warn anyone about anything. "If you ever have the inclination, you're welcome to come after some of the brutes on our land. We've been having trouble with our chickens going missing, and I'm afraid our own dogs are more of house pets than anything else and they can't catch anything but a stick!" He laughed.

Charlotte was suddenly listening. She looked up eagerly. "Oh yes, you must bring them over sometime! The darlings."

((A plot bunny? Catch it! Do tell! XD))

10/15/2008 #14

((I've never had a dog. I've had a cat, though!

Edmund wasn't completely convinced at Kingston's apparent satisfaction with his answer. Being a lawyer had taught him that much...but he nodded. "Thank you."

He was relieved when the conversation turned back to animals, a topic he was well-versed in. "I daresay Blythe and Nell could teach your housedogs a thing or two, eh?"

The dogs barked in perfect timing.

((Okay, so here's my plot bunny (innee cute!): Edmund and William don't hit it off, and they foster a mutual dislike/mistrust of each other, despite how well Edmund and Charlotte get on. That could be an issue, both ways.))

10/15/2008 #15

((Hey, my cat looks almost exactly like that! Her dark markings aren't quite as dark, but other than that, that could have been a picture of my own Delilah! XD .... As for the plot bunny, I was kinda thinking the same thing! It won't be easy, making Will not like Edmund, since he's such an easy-going, loveable person, but I think I can manage it ;D))

William's good humor was dampened slightly by Mr. Edmund's obvious distrust, but he tried to brush it off. There was no reason to rush to conclusions. He stood quietly and let Charlotte dominate the conversation, as he often did when he was feeling unsure of someone.

"Even Blythe and Nell may not be enough to teach those dogs," the lively girl laughed. "But I won't lose faith just yet. Won't you come back with us now? I'm sure a spot of tea would do us all good after our adventures this morning, and Rothbury Lodge isn't far from here."

10/15/2008 #16

((My parents named our poor cat Hobbes. After the philosopher, not the cartoon. :P))

Edmund felt his discomfort returning. If he had been dressed in groom's clothes and looked as dirty and wet as he did, it wouldn't have been half bad...but he was dressed as a gentleman. He bit his lip - he couldn't possibly think to intrude on his neighbors looking so unpresentable! Glancing at Miss Kingston's glove, stained from when he'd shaken it, he thought of all the damage he would do to their furniture.

He stammered a bit, but couldn't come up with an eloquent response.

10/15/2008 #17

((Poor kitty... lol, jk! Is it a boy?))

William read Edmund's thoughts through his eyes. "Why don't we all freshen up first," he offered. "We are a bit muddy, afterall...."

Charlotte stood, giving Mutt a final pat on his chest. "We needn't go inside," she said. "It's nice enough out for us to take tea on the pateo, I think." She she looked innocently from her brother to Mr. Edmund, thinking nothing of his appearance but that he looked rather charming with his hair wet like that....

10/15/2008 #18

((That last sentence made me literally burst out laughing! I've been thinking that exact same thing! XD))

Edmund leapt on the chance. Bowing briskly, he said, "I think your brother is right in this instance, Madam. Do not take my meaning ill - it would be an honour to take tea with you. Shall I meet you here in, say...thirty minutes?"

((And yes, Hobbes was a boy. {We put him down...9 years ago, about.}))

10/15/2008 . Edited 10/15/2008 #19

Charlotte's face fell for a moment, but then her smile returned. "Alright then, Mr. Edmund. We shall see you again in thirty minutes. Oh," she added, as if as an afterthought, "and remember, you're welcome to bring your dogs." She cast a last adoring glance at the happy animals before smiling at Mr. Edmund and dipping into a curtsy.

William nodded a farewell, not sure how he felt about this sudden invitation. He held Apple's reigns as Charlotte mounted her horse before mounting his own and the two of them rode back in the direction of Rothbury Lodge. "I must admit," William said as they rode, "I'm a little surprised at you, Charlotte."


William glanced over his shoulder once, watching Edmund disappear as he rounded a bend. "I thought you didn't want to encourage mother's match-making."

Charlotte suddenly felt sick. "Oh," she realized. "I- I only meant the invitation as a friend...."

"Mother won't think so."

"Oh dear...." Charlotte put a hand to her head, eyes closed. "Mother ruins everything! William, we must find a way to keep her away from the house! It would be so humiliating if she were there when Mr. Edmund comes!" William couldn't help the amused look that came over his face as he imagined mother fussing over Edmund. Charlotte panicked at the look. "William, don't you dare!"


"Whatever it is you are thinking of, stop! Can't you see how distressing this is to me?"

"Oh, come now! I was only... nevermind. Don't worry, Char, I'll try to find a way to get rid of mother for the afternoon."

10/15/2008 #20

((Oh, I'm sorry about your cat. We had to put a dog down last year- it was so hard!))

10/15/2008 #21

((XD It's okay.))

Edmund bowed and motioned to his footman to follow him back to Carnwath Hall.

10/15/2008 #22

(From Haversham manor)

"Aaron, for goodness sake, please slow down!"

Emmy fixed her hat and shot a glare at her brother on the dark chestnut horse from the back of her grey-and-white speckled mare. The older boy with messy brown hair grinned at her and tipped his cap.

"Aw, Emmybear, your horse is an old nag."

Emily rolled her eyes and adjusted her seat in her saddle.

"My horse is just fine." she told her brother. "It's yours that seems to have found some magical way of running quickly."

"Only the oats and carrots."

10/17/2008 #23

William spurred his horse into a run, enjoying the feel of the crisp, cool air on his face, blowing away his troubles and worries. He didn't want to think about Edmund and Charlotte right now. General's hooves carried them back to the Promenade, where they kicked up a spray of gravel with every footfall. William took care to avoid the pond, as he was trying to keep Edmund out of his mind, but other than that allowed his horse to run freely. He leaped over shrubs and benches every now and then, enjoying the rush of adrenaline it sent through his veins. "Atta boy, General!" he laughed.

10/17/2008 #24

"Then I declare, something has gotten into the oat crop."

Aaron laughed and nudged his sister's horse into a gallop playfully. The horse raised it's front legs, spooked, and began running off with it's poor rider clinging on for dear life.

"Emmy!" Aaron cried, his face pale as urged his horse into a run to catch up.

10/17/2008 #25

William pulled his horse to slow trot at the sound of someone crying out in distress. He stood up in stirrups and peered over the hedgerow to see Aaron Brighton pursuing his sister, whose horse appeared out of her control. They were heading toward the pond, and William saw that if he just turned left and went fast enough, he might be able to beat the Brighton girl's horse there and stop it before it trampled through the water.

"Ho, General!" He cried, yanking his reigns the other way and guiding his horse toward the pond. He ran along the hedgerow until it ended and then leaped over a shorter wall of plants onto the trail that led to the pond. "Faster, boy," he urged his horse, leaning forward until his head was beside General's neck, "faster!" He could see Miss Brighton now, heading in a straight line toward the pond, terror written plainly on her face.

10/17/2008 #26

Aaron clenched his jaw, his hands tight on the reins as he tried to catch up with Emmy. He knew his younger sister was tough and could hold on for a long time, but he was more afraid of what the horse would do.

Emmy's mare whinnied as she approached the pond and slid to a stop so suddenly that her rider fell off into the pond.

10/17/2008 #27

William reached the pond almost at the exact same moment as Miss Brighton, but too late to save her from falling into the water. He leaped off of his horse and splashed through the pond after her. "Are you alright, miss?" he asked as he helped her to her feet. She was sopping wet all over- her hair dripping into her face and her dress clinging to her small figure like a second skin. Her bonnet was still barely hanging on to the top of her head.

10/17/2008 #28

Emmy gasped for breath, freezing cold and in shock from the water. She hadn't a clue who was holding her up, until she opened her eyes and saw Aaron leap off his horse and through his jacket around her. She glanced around and blushed red at the sight of the stranger.

10/18/2008 #29

The poor girl was shivering, and her lips were turning almost purple. William allowed Aaron to take her and followed them out of the water. "She isn't hurt, is she?" he asked Aaron, because Miss Brighton had failed to answer his previous question.

10/18/2008 #30
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