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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Little Miss Priss

"I am not sure as I have never met one."

5/16/2009 #361
disused account

He chuckled.

5/16/2009 #362
Little Miss Priss

"And you? What type of woman could send you running for a ring?"

5/16/2009 #363
disused account

"Someone who i can talk to honestly I guess.

5/16/2009 #364
Little Miss Priss

"Then are you in the habit of lieing?"

5/16/2009 #365
disused account

"Never; I just want to be able to sate my true feelings without slecting modofied words.

(Did try to put the reveiw on yet?

5/16/2009 #366
Little Miss Priss

"That is a unique quality I admit."


5/16/2009 #367
disused account

He nodded.

(Didn't work. Maybe PM it?)

5/16/2009 #368
Little Miss Priss

"I am sorry to leave you again but my charge will be needing me. I will read the book and look forward to our discussions."

(Sure give me a minute.)

5/16/2009 #369
disused account

"As will I."

5/16/2009 #370
Little Miss Priss

Sheila turned to return home. "Mr. Price, if you wish to see me in the future you need only call at Haversham Manor."

5/17/2009 #371
disused account

He grinned. "I shall. But I do teasure these walks."

(How am I doin do the ol' time delect

5/17/2009 #372
Little Miss Priss

"Then I shall have to continue to take them." she replied "In the mean time I shall enjoy the gift and hope to see you soon."

5/17/2009 #373
disused account

"I shall see you soon," he promoised.

5/17/2009 #374
Little Miss Priss

She curtsied and continued down the path.

5/17/2009 #375
disused account

(Can post rules for courting? Got know what I'm doing.)

He waved good-bye.

5/17/2009 #376
Little Miss Priss

For the third day in a row Sheila followed her young charge to the Promenade. Young May was determined to paint the perfect picture for Mr. Durst before his return and refused to stay indoors until it was complete. At first Sheila had been against the outings worried that they would again meet Mr. Price. But after his absence yesterday she found that she missed his conversation, and that perhaps he had meant no harm in his invitation.

5/22/2009 #377
disused account

He waved to her as hec walked along.

5/22/2009 #378
Little Miss Priss

Seeing Mr. Price on the path she nodded in his direction and approached him. "How are you today Mr. Price?"

5/22/2009 #379
disused account

"Arching from the composition i must write, but quite happy, and you?"

5/22/2009 #380
Little Miss Priss

"I am well, what is the topic of your composition?"

5/22/2009 #381
disused account

"I don't know yet. Any ideas?"

5/22/2009 #382
Little Miss Priss

"I'm not sure, what is the genre?"

5/22/2009 #383
disused account


5/22/2009 #384
Little Miss Priss

(I need a translation. What is Phospy?)

5/22/2009 #385
disused account


5/22/2009 #386
Little Miss Priss

"Then I am sorry to say that I do not know much on the topic. Did you have any particular ideas?"

5/22/2009 #387
disused account

"Maybe breaking norms and see people react."

5/22/2009 #388
Little Miss Priss

"But how is that Philosophical rather than Sociological?

5/22/2009 #389
disused account

"I don't know. maybe I'll just right about Plato."

5/22/2009 #390
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