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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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This beautiful manor home sits on 15 acres of woodlands, tended by a team of 8 groundskeepers. The home itself has nine upper-story windows on the front, and eleven lower-story front-facing windows.

A Mrs. Flagel is the housekeeper, and she oversees 2 cooks, 15 maids, 11 manservants, 3 grooms, 3 parlor maids, and a butler, a Mr. Westerley.

(The former owner, a Mr. Ramsay, having decided to quit the house sold it to a Mrs. Reynolds, who promptly moved in and redecorated the home with painting of her favorite Welsh Corgis. Currently she has 5 Corgis and no family of her own.)

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A rider came galloping to the front door of Homeleigh Hall, bearing a message from Ducansby Manor to Mrs. Reynolds.

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Little Miss Priss

Mr. Westerly answered the door and accepted the message. Not needing to see who it was addressed to he carried it to Mrs. Reynolds.

Mrs. Reynolds opened the letter:

Dear Madame,

The search party having recently returned to Ducansby Manor reports no sign of Miss Helen Ducansby. They will continue the search shortly and any findings will be reported directly.

Mrs. Reynolds set the letter down very disturbed.

"Well Mr. Westerly there is only one thing to be done. Please tell my maid I will be up shortly and will be visiting my neighbors this afternoon." She instructed him.

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Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds sat in her room enjoying a small breakfast and tea when the post arrived. Flipping through the letters her eye was immediately caught by Helen's handwriting. Heart racing she read the letter. "So Mr. Suft had ridden all the way to London to rescue her. How romantic!" she thought "I will of course have to inform my neighbors of her safety, and the actions of Mr. Suft." she added. Calling to her maid she dressed and ordered her carriage.

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Delivered by a liveried servant:

A Union of Souls

Balthorpe Chapel, Chatham

12 October, 1814

Presented by Sir Cuthbert Ducansby, Knight:

His daughter, Miss Helen Jane Ducansby, in marriage to Mr. Juan Esada.

Your presence is cordially requested.

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Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds had attended the wedding and was quite amazed by the handsome man Miss Ducansby and caught for herself. For such a plain young lady she had certainly used all of her womanly skills to arrange this. After all she had plenty of money, it mattered little that the gentleman did not. He was certain to the toast of parties. Reflecting on this Mrs. Reynolds sat comfortably in her parlour. Perhaps she should visit Helen, after all she will have so many questions and no mother to answer them. Standing she called for a carriage and taking her bonnet she left the house and headed for the newlywed Mrs. Esada.

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