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The home of Mr. Henry Kingston III and his family

Rothbury Lodge is perhaps the grandest house in the neighborhood, built by the Marquis of Rothbury in the early 18th century. It sits on 35 acres of gardens and meadowlands.

Its housekeeper, a Mrs. Allen, is in charge of 23 maids, 19 manservants, 13 groundskeepers, 7 parlor maids, 8 grooms, and 5 cooks. The butler is a Mr. Austin. There are 2 billiards rooms, 3 magnificent parlors, 4 staircases, and servants' quarters for twice the number that are currently employed.

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Charlotte hummed tunelessly and daydreamed as a maid put the finishing touches into her updo of fair, almost-white curls. "I do hope Mr. Edmond isn't allergic to baby's breath," she said with a smart smile when she noticed the little white flowers in her hair.

William appeared at the door, leisurely fixing his cuffs. "Is the Queen sufficiently beautiful yet?" he asked with a smile at Charlotte's dull expression reflected in the mirror.

"Yes, yes, I think that's quite good enough, Hanna!" Charlotte waved off the maid's tampering fingers. "I'm certain everyone at the party will instantly mistake me for the garden."

"All you need is a little bird," William chuckled, thinking of mother's hat with the pheasant plumes sticking out of it. This remark earned him a quick whip from his sister's shawl once Charlotte was out of her seat. She was getting good at clothes whipping, he realized as he rubbed the sore spot on his thigh. "Do you really want to start this now?" he said with a challenging glint in his eye and a warning tone in his voice.

Charlotte grinned mischievously and crouched into a defensive pose in reply. Hanna gasped in horror. "Miss Kingston, your hair!" she peeped. "You must be careful!"

William laughed, shoulders rising and falling. "Tonight," he promised. "I'll get you tonight. We wouldn't want to damage Hanna's masterpiece." With that, he stepped aside and motioned for his sister to lead the way out.

Charlotte stood tall again, nodding genteelly to her brother as she passed him, and skipped down the flight of stairs like a breeze. William watched her with pride, his little pocket of springtime. In his opinion, there were few things on earth more beautiful than his little sister. The green satin of her dress draped so perfectly down her figure that his heart ached a little to realize how old she was getting. He wouldn't have her all to himself forever. Already there were many men who noticed her, and someday she would notice one of them. He smiled as he thought of the fair amount she'd already rejected.

Charlotte waited at the foot of the stairs for her brother, slipping on her long, white gloves. "You're certain you don't want to come along, mother?" she asked the grumpy woman who stood by the door to see to it that her daughter remembered a shawl.

"My dear, my health is too poor for a ball at present," Mrs. Kingston said dramatically. "And I have half a mind not to let either of you go, either, with your lack of propriety."

"We shall be very good, mother," William promised before leaning forward to kiss the woman on her cheek.

"See that you are! And don't forget your coat, Charlotte, like you did last time. You must make a very good impression on Mr. Edmond."

"I shall assure him that we are the best neighbors in all the world!" Charlotte declared, allowing William to place a white shawl around her shoulders. Then she, too, kissed her mother, wished her a good night, and the two Kingston siblings stepped out into the crisp night air.

"To Carnwath Hall, James!" William called as they climbed into the carriage.

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((From Carnwath Hall))

Thank goodness mother was already in bed when William and Charlotte arrived at home. "Be sure to step over the squeeky board when you pass her room," William reminded his sister in a whisper. "If she wakes up she'll make us tell her every word about it."

"You don't have to remind me," Charlotte whispered back before giving her brother a hug good night. Then the two seperated off to their rooms. Charlotte stayed up for another hour or two, her mind too wild with obserd stories for her to sleep. The sounds of her pen scratching away at page after page of parchment could be heard almost without pause until every dramatic character and funny line was transfered from her head and she was free to fall into the blackness of sleep.

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Edmund, freshly bathed with his dark hair combed neatly and his fresh coat starched and brushed, urged his bay up the drive to Rothbury Lodge. It was a grand property, no doubt about it. He surveyed the prospect as a footman approached to take Arabia's reins.

He climbed the steps to the front door and rang.

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Mr. Austin opened the front door and stepped aside with a bow, motioning for Edmund to enter. "Please come in, Sir. Mr. and Miss Kingston are expecting you." He then closed the door behind Mr. Edmund. "The Kingstons are in the second parlor upstairs, if you'll just follow me." He led the way slowly up a flight of stairs, listening for any sound of Mrs. Kingston's departure. She would take the other staircase and go out the back way if she was going to leave, but last Mr. Austin had heard, Mrs. Kingston had no intention of going to visit Mrs. Gardner today.

Up in the parlor, Charlotte tried desperately to convince her mother to go. "You haven't been to see Mrs. Gardner in so long, Mama! And I'm sure she will have news of her son in France."

Mrs. Kingston was getting annoyed. "Yes, yes, I'm sure that she will. But, as I said before, I'll go and see her later. You are making my headaches act up, Charlotte."

William merely watched from the corner. He'd given up ten minutes ago and now just wished the contention would end. Charlotte looked at him pleadingly for help. "But mother-" she started again, when a knock came on the door and she straightened in surprise. Mr. Austin had promised to stall Mr. Edmund if he came!

"Come in," Mrs. Kingston called absently, looking over her needlework.

Mr. Austin opened the door and bowed. "Mr. Edmund has arrived, Ma'am," he said, casting an apologectic glance at Charlotte before bowing and sidestepping to allow Mr. Edmund's entrance.

Mrs. Kingston looked up in pleasant surprise. "Mr. Edmund! Well, well!" She set her needlework aside and stood to recieve her guest.

Charlotte was blushing even before Edmund entered the room.

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Edmund bowed, rather surprised himself. He had not been expecting the Mrs. Kingston to be present...he was neat and clean, but he had forgone the gloves and silly top hat, thinking that he was just having tea with the younger Kingstons.

Nevertheless, he retained his composure. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs. Kingston, ma'am," he said, bowing deeply to her. "I was disappointed to be denied the delight of making your acquaintance last night."

He shot a glance in Miss Kingston's direction - she was quite red, and looked discomforted. Had he intruded? Was she unhappy to see him?

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Mrs. Kingston wore a smile that so plainly said, 'I am going to snag you for my daughter' that it was embarrassing. She looked him over like one looking over a horse that they hoped to buy, taking in his handsome face and nicely-pressed clothes. She noted the absence of a hat and gloves, but was too delighted by his presence to care. "Believe me, Sir, the pleasure is all mine." She curtsied and sent her daughter an obvious look before turning back to Edmund. "I was so sorry not to attend your party last night, but I have rather poor health that keeps me at home sometimes. Please," she gracefully waved her arm in the direction of the elaborate sofas around her, "won't you join us?"

Charlotte wanted to die. This was a sure way to butcher budding friendship. She kept her eyes on the floor, because she knew that if she looked at Mr. Edmund her embarrassment would only be worse. "Mother," she said softly when her mother had finished speaking, "William and I invited Mr. Edmund over for tea on the patio. Of course, if Mr. Edmund would prefer to stay indoors...." She chanced a glance up at Edmund, praying inwardly that he would express his desire to go outside. Mother hated going outside.

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Mr. Edmund was slightly aware of the rather hungry look Mrs. Kingston wore on her face, but he'd had such limited contact with matrons that he shrugged it off as a regular occurrence among women. "I do hope your constitution will not keep you from socializing with myself in the future," he said to her, kissing her hand. He opened his mouth to accept her invitation to sit, but stopped when he heard Charlotte's voice - it was quiet, and rather strained, nothing like how she had been with his dogs.

He glanced at her. She was dreadfully flushed again - was the fire too warm? He was certainly squirming in his constricting attire, himself. "Your prospect is so fine, madam," he said, quickly diverting his attention to the elder Kingston woman. "I would be disappointed to be denied the opportunity to bask in the company of yourself and your fine daughter and son while observing the pleasantness of your grounds."

Hoping this little speech would satisfy both the expectant-looking Mrs. Kingston and her pained-looking daughter, Edmund put his arms behind his back and put on his lawyer face - calm, polite, and interested in a non-confrontational way.

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It was all Charlotte could do not to sigh with relief. Mother, on the other hand, looked disappointed for a moment. But only a moment- and then the prospect of Charlotte being the center of attention at tea struck her and she sent her daughter a smile that seemed to suggest that Charlotte's scheme had something of a romantic nature. "I'm afraid the outdoors don't favor my health at this time of year. Please, you must excuse me. But you young people run along and enjoy yourselves!" She bowed to her guest. "Perhaps we shall become better aquainted this evening? You must join us for dinner!"

William was already handing Charlotte her shawl and gloves. The siblings shared a weary glance before joining Mr. Edmund by the door, prepared to leave once he'd replied to Mrs. Kingston's invitation

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Edmund wasn't sure whether or not he'd done the right thing in refusing her invitation to sit, but he bowed in response to Mrs. Kingston's invitation. "I thank you, ma'am, for your generous offer, but I'm afraid I have business that calls me to London tonight. Perhaps another night would suit us all better."

He bowed again and extended his arm to Charlotte.

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Charlotte accepted Edmund's arm and bowed her head to her mother before following William out of the room. As they walked, Charlotte kept silent at first, continuing to blush as she wondered what Mr. Edmund was thinking. It seemed impossible that he could have missed Mrs. Kingston's hints and implications.

"Shall we have tea on the East patio, or the West patio?" William asked. "A view of the city or the country?"

10/16/2008 #16

"The country, if it pleases Miss Kingston," Edmund said, glancing at her. "I rather dislike the city."

Miss Kingston still looked pained, and he lightly patted her hand.

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Charlotte smiled. "You seem to have read my thoughts," she replied, trying to push aside her worries. He didn't seem offended.... Perhaps he hadn't noticed anything at all! This thought cheered her enough that she let herself slowly start to relax. "If I had my way, I don't think I would live in London at all. The country is so much more comfortable."

William, begining to feel like a fifth wheel already, cleared his throat. "The West patio is is, then." He led the way through a set of light, wrought iron doors onto a round patio surrounded by flowers and Jasmine vines. The view from this point was of a spacious shrubbery garden with pleasant paths and small fountains and ponds. Beyond this stood a small forrest and an impressive, misty moutain. A table sat near the edge of the patio with a white table cloth already billowing in the breeze upon it. "Tea, if you please, Mrs. Foster," William said to a nearby servant.

"The place you lived before," Charlotte said to Mr. Edmund, "was it in the country?"

10/16/2008 #18

Edmund enjoyed the view immensely, and had to drag his eyes away from it to look at Miss Kingston. "Ah, yes, it was," he replied. "It was beautiful. Miles away from any civilization."

He sighed with the recollection.

10/16/2008 #19

Charlotte's eyes lit up like twinkling candles at the thought of living 'miles away from any civilization'. "What brought you to London?" she wondered out loud. If she was fortunate enough to live in a nice country home, she doubted there was anything that could make her leave.... Except for, perheps, an offer to visit the East Indies or some such thing.

William pulled out a chair for Charlotte and waited for Edmund to sit before seating himself.

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Edmund couldn't resist a small smile at Miss Kingston's eager face. But when she asked why he had come to London, his smile froze in place. "I'm a lawyer, Miss Kingston," he said, congenially, but inside he was wrestling with those old, raw emotions that had gone undisturbed for so long: guilt, grief, lonesomeness, anger, hostility, and a host of others...

He sat silently.

10/16/2008 #21

Sensing that she'd touched on a tender subject, Charlotte tried to fix whatever mistake she had made, though she didn't know how. "It is fortunate for William and me that you have come to London, of course," she said with a cheerful smile. "Is it not, Will? We might not have met you otherwise!"

William nodded and murmured in agreement, though didn't see that Mr. Edmund contributed such a great deal as an aquaintance so far. He hardly seemed worth all the fuss mother was causing over him.

10/16/2008 #22

Edmund forced a smile and sat forward, trying to shake the oncoming bad mood. "It's lovely, here," he said quietly. "I'm quite fortunate to have found a home here. The people here are very friendly." Except for your brother, he thought privately.

10/16/2008 #23

((Emo boys :P lol))

Charlotte laughed. "If you consider crowded streets lovely and gossip friendly...." After it was out she realized that it probably wasn't the most polite thing to say- especially since Mr. Edmund already seemed to be missing his former residence enough. She sought a way to smooth over her blunders in the view of the distant mountains. "Still," she said dreamily, "I don't think I've ever seen a sight more beautiful than our mountains." She became lost in the sight and smiled when a breeze blew the scent of wet oak and heather over her face and through the loose curls that framed it.

William eventually stood, bored by the conversation and slightly jealous that his sister, his little pocket of springtime, seemed to be getting along so well with the statuesque man across from her. It was like watching a daisy trying to grow around a large, cold rock.

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Edmund nodded in agreement, though he suddenly found himself looking at Miss Kingston rather than the scenery she was describing. She was a very handsome girl, though not the handsomest he'd ever seen. Still, she was very pretty...

He looked away quickly and crossed his legs. "Lovely, indeed."

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William caught Mr. Edmund staring at his sister and frowned. "Ah look!" he cried suddenly, "the tea has arrived!"

Charlotte broke away from her daydreams and turned her back on the mountains. "Oh, Cookie has made her famous lemmon cake!" she said with delight before looking very seriously at Mr. Edmund. "You simply must taste Cookie's lemmon cake."

"Charlotte," William chided, "Mr. Edmund needn't take cake if he doesn't want to."

In the back of her mind Charlotte felt a strange, unhappy vibe coming from her brother that she couldn't recall having felt from him before, but she was suddenly distracted by a monarch butterfly fluttering over the table and her eyes followed it with childlike amusement as it flew away. "Oh look how lovely! Mrs. Foster, would you please fetch my net?"

"Not now, sister," William complained. "We have a guest!"

Curiosity about William's behavior prodded its way more firmly into Charlotte's distracted mind. He was usually every but as childish and carefree as she was.

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((Sorry this took so long - my computer freaked out on me. :P))

Edmund was shaken out of his own thoughts and couldn't keep his lips from twitching at Miss Kingston's enthusiasm for her cook's dainties. He was about to open his mouth and assure her that he would try some when her brother cut across him in an irritated tone.

A rather ill-tempered fellow, he thought casually. Just then, a butterfly flitted between him and Miss Kingston. Her whole face lit up like a candle at the sight, and though her brother discouraged her, she looked to have her heart set on catching the creature.

More to please her than anything else, Edmund stood from his seat and carefully captured the butterfly in his cupped hands as it rested on a nearby blossom. He carried it gently back to the table and opened his hands slowly; the insect rested on his palm, slowly opening and closing its wings.

He looked at Miss Kingston, judging her reaction, still not saying a word.

10/16/2008 #27

Thoughts of William instantly fled from her mind again as Charlotte watched Edmund follow the butterfly and, with the gentility and care of a glassblower, he took the little creature into his hands. It was possibly the sweetest thing she could remember seeing in her life- this seemingly serious and quiet man holding a butterfly in his palm. Charlotte failed to conceal the enchantment on her face as she stood and leaned closer to him to have a look. Her trademark smile broke onto her face and her eyes sparkled. "You caught it, Mr. Edmund," she cooed with delight. The word 'caught' seemed too harsh for what she'd seen him do, though. He hadn't caught it... he'd... charmed it! That must be it. The little butterfly didn't appear to be in any hurry to leave its new perch. "Isn't it beautiful?" Charlotte sighed. Her hands practically twitched with the desire to hold the pretty insect.

That was all William could take. The servants were chaperone enough for Charlotte, he decided. "I think I'll go check on General," he said, referring to his horse, though he doubted whether his sister or Mr. Edmund was paying any attention to him. "If you'll just excuse me." He bowed, turned to leave, turned back for a piece of lemmon cake, and then made his way to the stables with his treat. Certainly Charlotte had no romantic thoughts in her head- she never did- but William suddenly found himself worrying about Mr. Edmund's intentions. He cringed at the memory of a brief moment of admiration he'd seen in the gentleman's eyes. Even with all of his talk and counsel, William found that he wasn't ready for Charlotte's affections to transfer from him to another man. He found that he wasn't ready to share his sister just yet. Charlotte was his little pocket of springtime! He took a grumpy bite of his lemmon cake, hardly tasting its sweetness.

10/16/2008 #28

Edmund saw Miss Kingston's hands twitch longingly, and he wondered how to give the creature to her without frightening it away or hurting it. So he gently tilted his hand over hers until the butterfly naturally fluttered down to perch on hers. "I think this is the first of the season," he said out loud, looking at her.

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Charlotte giggled when the butterfly's tiny legs tickled her skin. "I think you're right," she said. As the butterfly crawled unto the tip of her finger, she held it like a bird and whispered, "Are you lonely, little Pretty?" She watched the creature stick out its long tongue and touch a spot on her finger where a bit of sugar from the lemon cake had taken refuge. "Look, look!" she whispered to Mr Edmund, taking his hand and pulling him closer to make him see. Then she glanced over at the Jasmine vines that wound their way up the railing of the patio, and at their flowers that were just opening up. Still holding Edmund's hand like a little girl trying to keep her daddy close, she pulled him along behind her as she walked over to the fragrant flowers. "Shall I release it now?" she asked, still looking at the butterfly.

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