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Edmund forgot to excuse himself from the ladies, but pushed through the crowd, Charlotte's blue eyes drawing him in irresistibly.

1/16/2009 #301

"Well!" Cecelia was insulted by the obvious lack of attention and respect he was displaying so blatantly. "Whatever do you do, then, Mr. Kingston, if you neither read nor write nor ride nor visit London? Your days must be frightfully dull." She peered surreptitiously over her shoulder. Ah ha. Mr. Kingston was staring at his sister and the handsome man.

1/16/2009 #302

It took all of Charlotte's control not to run into Edmund's arms, but to merely stop in front of him and smile up into his face with dreamy eyes. "You're here!" she practically sang.

It occured to William that he'd just offended a lady, and the gentleman (and the ladies' man) in him recoiled with guilt. His eyes flickered down to the lady as if seeing her for the first time. "I...." She was pretty in a unique kind of way, with a long oval face, full lips, dark hair adorned with tiny white flowers, and striking blue eyes. But handsome or not, now was not a convenient time to socialize and the monster of his jealousy growled as it flashed images of the longing look in Edmund's eyes through his head. That blackguard wanted to touch his sister! Wanted to hold her and kiss her! It made his stomach burn and his throat sting with bile to think about. Even as he looked at Miss... what was her name again? He saw only that scoundrel Mr. Edmund in his mind. "I.... I don't...." He swallowed, resigning himself to the fact that he simply could not pay enough attention right now to smooth over hus blunders without making them worse, and bowed stiffly. "Please excuse me." He turned on his heal and walked away to collect himself.

1/16/2009 #303

Edmund's hands brushed hers, and he said, "Yes. Wild horses couldn't keep me away!"

1/16/2009 #304

Cecelia had to refrain from reverting to age five and sticking her tongue out. She reminded herself that she was a lady, and that she must remain in control. "Odious man," she murmured, so softly that only she could hear.

A young man approached her. "Miss...?"

"Graham. Cecelia Graham." Cecelia turned to smile at him. She'd show that pompous, offensive (and rather handsome, unfortunately) man that she didn't give a fig what he thought of her!

"Miss Graham, may I have the honor of a dance tonight?"

Cecelia glanced at her aunt for permission.

1/16/2009 #305

Charlotte's hands tingled familiarly from Edmund's touch. "I think I must be going mad," she laughed breathlessly, "I could hardly bare being away from you for just that one day! And seeing you again- it feels like finally being able to breathe after staying underwater for too long!"

1/16/2009 #306

Mrs. Tilney, smiled, pleased that men were taking an interest in her niece. "Go ahead, dearest, have fun!"

1/16/2009 #307

Edmund grinned. "I didn't know what to do with myself after you left. It was quite torture!"

1/17/2009 #308

"I would be honored, sir," Cecelia said sweetly. "Thank you so much for asking me." She narrowed her eyes in Mr. Kingston's direction and followed the young man out onto the dance floor.

1/17/2009 #309

He missed me! What a thrilling thought! Charlotte wanted so much to hold his hand, but hardly dared to in public. Unless... her eyes drifted briefly to the dance floor and she smiled innocently up at Edmund.

1/17/2009 #310

Edmund followed her quick glance and looked back at Charlotte, unsure of her meaning.

1/17/2009 #311

William made his way into the parlor, where someone was playing the piano rather poorly and a few games of whist were being played at the tables. He wanted to smash something! But he needed to control himself. He started to go for a drink of wine, but realized that he'd be able to keep his head better if he avoided the drink tonight and turned around to stand by the piano. It was Miss Fairfax- a lady he'd always thought to be very handsome and accomplished- playing. She seemed pleased to see him listening to her and so he stayed, pretending to enjoy the butchered tune as he tried to force the little green monster inside of him to submissiveness.

1/17/2009 #312

"I don't suppose you'd like to try anything new tonight?" Charlotte asked.

1/17/2009 #313

Edmund was instantly wary. "Like what...?"

1/17/2009 #314

"Well... you said yourself that you've never danced with me." She bit her lip hopefully.

1/17/2009 #315

Edmund's eyes crinkled in a poorly-hidden grin, and he bowed. "Miss Kingston, might I have the pleasure of this next dance?"

1/17/2009 #316

"You most certainly may, Mr. Edmund." Charlotte tried to sound propper, but her laughter slipped through her voice a little and she held out her hand to him.

1/17/2009 #317

Edmund tried to keep his face calm and unflustered, but it was oh so hard when her hand was warm in his! Nevertheless, he led her past the disappointed old biddies towards the floor to wait for the little group of musicians to finish their minuet.

1/17/2009 #318

Charlotte had never been one to care about who she was seen with or what others thought of her, but as she walked with Edmund to the dance floor, she found herself hoping that everyone would see them together and know that she was his!

1/17/2009 #319

Edmund usually was the type to be painfully conscious of everyone's eyes upon him, but tonight, the hustle and bustle of the partygoers was just a dull hum in the background. It occurred to him later that Charlotte was opening the dance in her honor with him as her chosen partner, and the thought thrilled him beyond understanding, but at the moment, all he could think about was that he was finally going to dance with her.

1/17/2009 #320

Cecelia had a lovely dance with the young man...if by lovely one meant utterly devoid of any interesting conversation. She looked over his shoulder, bored, and noticed Charlotte and the handsome man-whatever was his name?-dancing together. She chuckled quietly. Ha. It appeared that Mr. Kingston would be disappointed. Served him right, the pompous, arrogant cad.

1/17/2009 #321

Charlotte took her position on the floor across from Edmund and raised her eyebrows at him with a knowing smile, as it to imply that he was about to do something very daring. The band started up a light, happy tune.

1/17/2009 #322

Edmund bowed to her, a witty twist to his lips. He hoped she wouldn't notice his lack of practice in the art of dancing...

1/17/2009 #323

Cecelia sighed. At least someone was having a good time. She had been attempting to strike up a conversation with her partner, a man named Jacob Stone, but he couldn't seem to think of much to say. It was extremely disappointing.

1/17/2009 . Edited 1/18/2009 #324

"Have you seen the parlor?" Charlotte asked when the dance allowed her to be close to him.

1/17/2009 #325

"No, I have not," Edmund replied, trying to hold her gaze without tripping over his own feet. "Is there some chandelier or large fireplace I should observe?"

1/17/2009 #326

William finally could stand Miss Fairfax's musical attempts to longer when she started to sing and thought himself controlled enough to return to the dancefloor. He walked around the perimeter for a few moments, clenching his fists as he tried to ignore Charlotte and Mr. Edmund standing together, and looked around him for something new to occupy his thoughts. He caught sight of the young woman Mrs. Tilney had been trying to introduce to him before, Miss... what was her name? Miss Gra... Grandmen... Gardener... Grace... Graham.... That was it! Graham! He knew that he had offended her, and that he ought to appologise, so he cleared his throat, pulled at the cuffs of his sleeves, and made his way over to her from behind. She was speaking to some gentleman with a crooked nose....

1/17/2009 #327

Charlotte laughed and lowered her voice as if she was about to share a scandalous secret. "Mother went wild with the flowers! They're absolutely everywhere and it practically looks like a garden. I pricked my finger trying to put together a boquet of roses." Her bottom lip protruded in a sad pout as she held up the offended finger.

1/17/2009 #328

Cecelia had tried weather, music, books, and travel, and still had not hit upon a topic that Mr. Stone would talk about. In desperation she asked "Where do you live, sir? Is it nearby?" She doubted this would elicit more of a response, but it was worth a try. Some men were quite eloquent on the subject of houses.

1/17/2009 #329

Edmund caught her hand in his and kissed the injured appendage lightly and briefly, hoping she would understand that he meant the caress for another place.

1/17/2009 #330
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