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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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The home of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Esada.

Windermere House is a late 16th-century construction, on a modest plot of 15 acres. A small lake with swans and geese ripples in front of the house, which seems small from the front but extends to the back.

The housekeeper, Mrs. Simpson, oversees 10 maids, 11 manservants, 7 groundskeepers, 2 parlor maids, 2 grooms, and 2 cooks. The butler is a Mr. March.

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"Why shouldn't I apologize...This is my fault. The all of it, and-" He hesitated, "I love you enough to accept that the passion my feelings...are not returned in the same way." A searing pain from his past experiences returned, fresh in his mind.

Helen was relieved to see her new home emerging from the thick, brightly hued woods. "Driver, pull up to the door," she said, patting their driver's shoulder.

"Yes, ma'am," said he, and gravel crunched under the wheels as he pulled the horses to a stop by the front steps.

Without another word, Helen leapt down from the carriage and went right to the door. The new housekeeper, a wide-eyed old woman named Mrs Simpson, curtsied gigglingly as she saw her new mistress for the first time. Helen gave her cloak and muff to the butler.

"Shall I put your flowers in a vase, ma'am?" Mrs Simpson asked.

Helen looked down at her wedding posy. "No. You may throw them out."

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Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds carriage arrived in front of Windemere House. Knocking at the door she waited for the maid to answer.

8/10/2009 #3

Helen looked over her shoulder at the door. "I wonder who that can be."

"I'll get it, ma'am," Mrs. Simpson said breathily, and ran to open it.

8/10/2009 #4
Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds smiled at the overly excited housekeeper and handed her card. "Is Mrs. Esada seeing visitors this afternoon?" she asked as she stepped in and really didn't care for an answer.

8/10/2009 #5

"It's her wedding night, ma'am," Mrs. Simpson protested feebly.

Helen turned around quickly, delighted to see a familiar face. "How do you do, Mrs. Reynolds? Oh, Mrs. Simpson, it's quite all right. I don't mind."

Mrs. Simpson looked vexed, but closed the door as her mistress wished.

((Say hello to Mrs. Simpson!

8/10/2009 #6
Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds smiled at Helen. "My dear! You make such a lovely bride. You must be so happy with your new circumstances."

8/10/2009 #7

Helen blushed at Mrs. Reynolds' compliment, but had to force a smile. "Oh...yes. Very happy. Would you like me to show you around? I'm afraid I've only been inside once before."

8/10/2009 #8
Little Miss Priss

"That would be lovely." Mrs. Reynolds replied with a smile "Have you known Mr.Esada long?"

8/10/2009 #9

Helen was in the middle of removing her bridal veil when Mrs. Reynolds asked her seemingly ingenuous question. "Oh," said Helen, thinking frantically, "why...of course. He' old family friend. Yes! An old family friend!"

8/10/2009 #10
Little Miss Priss

"Then you must have met him in London?" she prompted.

8/10/2009 #11

Helen hastily gave her veil to Mrs. Simpson and showed Mrs. Reynolds into the roomy but sweetly-decorated parlor. She hoped he wouldn't, but the fear that Juan might spill the whole story of their marriage to the woman prompted her to take evasive action. "This is the parlor. And yes...we met in a tea-room while I was in the care of Mr. Suft."

8/10/2009 #12
Little Miss Priss

"Such a shame that you were not able to secure Mr. Suft. But you seemed to have made a very great match, anyway." Mrs. Reynolds said "But without your dear mother you must have so many questions. If you should at anytime need some womanly advise, I shall be quite happy to advise you."

8/10/2009 #13

Helen blinked and quickly showed Mrs. Reynolds to the adjoining library. She had a great many questions, indeed, but she wasn't sure how many of them she could ask her friend without giving away her secret. Would she be required to...offer herself to her husband that night? He knew she hadn't wanted to marry him, but it was his privilege as a husband to take what he wished. Was there some way she could prevent the conception of children, if such was the case? What could she do and what couldn't she do, as a married woman? Was she allowed to dance with other men at parties? Was she allowed to dance at all?

Helen suddenly realized there was much she hadn't done as a girl, and now it was too late.

"Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds," she said quietly. "I shall certainly consult you in the case of questions."

8/10/2009 #14
Little Miss Priss

"Well, I am glad to hear that." Mrs. Reynolds told her "The first days of marriage can be very difficult for a young woman. So many changes." she replied " And do not fret I shal not tell others what we discuss."

8/10/2009 #15

Helen pinched her lips together. How nice it would be to get such a weighty secret off of her chest. But it would not serve, of course, to tell others her family's private business.

"And this is the ball room. It's rather smaller than my old one, but I think it will do nicely."

8/10/2009 #16
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, it is a serviceable room." she replied catching that Helen did not wish to speak of it at this time.

8/10/2009 #17

Helen sighed almost unnoticeably. "I hope to hold a dance soon. Before my brother sets sail again. Did you hear? He's coming to visit my father. We expect him tomorrow."

8/10/2009 #18
Little Miss Priss

"I did hear a rumor that the Admiral would be visiting Ducansby Manor." Mrs. Reynolds replied "I hope to see him on his visit. He courted a niece of mine several years ago before joining the Royal Navy. Nothing came of it of course, and she was quite heart broken about it."

((Really they talked twice and she was more interested in his friend, who was a penniless gambler.))

8/10/2009 #19

Having heard nothing of the sort, Helen blinked and nodded courteously. "Well, I should be glad to see him. His presence will be quite the welcome distraction." Just as the words slipped her mouth, she wished she hadn't said them.

8/10/2009 #20
Little Miss Priss

"A distraction during such a time can be very helpful." Mrs. Reynolds replied eyeing her hostess.

8/10/2009 #21

Helen returned the slightly suspicious look. "What do you mean, 'such times', Mrs. Reynolds?"

8/10/2009 #22
Little Miss Priss

"Only that it takes some time for newlyweds to become truly comfortable with one another." Mrs. Reynolds said with a smile "I remember when Mr. Reynolds and I where married. It was arranged by our parents upon our birth, and we only met each other once when we were children. I did not see him again until the wedding day. Imagine my fears as I walked into my new home with a man I barely knew! What would I have given for some company during those lonely and uncomfortable days." she said and then realizing she had said to much turned from Helen as if inspecting the view of the grounds from the window.

8/10/2009 #23

Helen was struck by the sudden desire to hug Mrs. Reynolds. "And...the unpleasantness passed, of course?" she asked hopefully.

8/10/2009 #24
Little Miss Priss

"Over time." she replied "I would even dare to say that I loved him at one time. We were quite happy after we got used to one another."

8/10/2009 #25

Helen was sighing in a strange sort of relief when she heard a knock at the door. "Who could that be?" she wondered aloud as they heard Mrs. Simpson answer.

"Ma'am," came Mrs. Simpson, wringing her hands, "there's a gentleman at the door. Says he's your brother...?"

8/10/2009 #26
Little Miss Priss

Mrs. Reynolds smiled "I shall go and let you enjoy your time with your brother. Come and visit if you have any questions, and I'll come and see you tomorrow." Hugging Helen she whispered "If you are not prepared simply ask that he wait." Pulling away she added "He might just surprise you." Turning she left the house and bowed to the Admiral on her way out.

8/10/2009 #27

((Blahblahblah Helen/brother bonding, why didn't I meet the dude before you married him, etc.))

8/10/2009 #28
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan, at the moment writing a letter of somesort, looked up and nodded to the Admiral. "Hello, my good senor."

8/10/2009 #29

Erasmus stopped mid-sentence and looked at Juan with his eyebrow raised. "Your servants certainly are cheery, Helen," he said.

Helen blushed scarlet for her tactless brother. "Erasmus, this is Juan. My ihusband/i. Juan, meet my brother, Vice Admiral Ducansby."

"How do you do, then?" Erasmus said, sweeping a bow with his decorated hat quite shamelessly.

8/10/2009 #30
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