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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan, slightly irritated but marking it completely, got up and returned the bow, gold bangles on his wrists weighing them down ever so slightly. "Very good, thank you. Here, would you care for some tea?"

(That nearly made me laugh out loud...xD)

8/10/2009 #31

"Quite," said Erasmus. "Bloody hell, Hel, but I never thought you'd move into Windermere."

"Language, Erasmus!" Helen replied, shocked at her brother.

He shrugged.

((Eh, every family's got the crazy, right? XD))

8/10/2009 #32
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan was immediately liking him a lot more than he had previously, he seemed much more relaxed than Helen's father. HE poured some tea and handed it to the other man. "You travel much, Admiral?"

8/10/2009 #33

Erasmus laughed heartily as Helen urged him to sit on the chaise lounge. "Did you hear him, Hel? He asked if I travel!"

"I heard him," Helen replied quietly. "Why don't you tell him about your job. Not everyone has heard of you, you know," she added pointedly.

"Very well, very well," Erasmus sighed. "My good man, I am a vice admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy. I have served in three wars: against the Americans, against the Spaniards, and against Napoleon. I have been to Gibraltar, the Americas, Quebec, Cape Horn, Portugal, and the Nile, to name a few. I was shot through the arm in Madrid. See?" He held up his hat and pointed to one of the many medals.

Helen looked apologetically at Juan.

8/10/2009 #34
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan chuckled, smiling. "Wonderful people, we spaniards are, are we not?"

8/10/2009 #35

Helen glared daggers at Erasmus, who returned the look. "You didn't tell me he was a Spaniard, Helen," he said through his teeth.

"I didn't think it necessary," Helen retorted. "Now be polite!"

8/10/2009 #36
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan smiled vaguely, chuckled. "I hold nothing against you, senor." He smiled at Helen for a moment, grateful, before turning back to Erasmus, "I hope you will do the same?"

8/11/2009 #37

Erasmus muttered absently, burying his nose in his fine china teacup. "Answer me this, then," he said after a moment's thought. "How did you come to marry my sister? I must say, I have never heard of your familial name."

8/11/2009 #38
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan was silent for a moment. "I believe what matters now is not the past but the present, admiral."

8/11/2009 #39

Eramus raised his eyebrows and looked at Helen. "Hel?"

"I think you ought to be getting home, Erasmus," she said quickly. "There is a ball tomorrow night at the earl's estate, and you are expected to attend. You must be very tired," she added pointedly.

"Very well, very well. I am intruding on your wedding night, I understand." Erasmus put down his cup and stood up, putting his hat on. "I'll see you there, Hel, of course?"

"Of course. March will see you out." Helen nodded to the butler, and Erasmus bowed once before exiting.

As soon as she heard the front door shut behind him, Helen sighed. "I must apologize for my brother. The Navy taught him no delicacy."

8/11/2009 #40
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan smiled softly, nodding. "It is alright, Helen...Just focus on getting settled in, relax a bit. Quite frankly, I'm still trying to figure out where everything is." He chuckled softly.

8/11/2009 #41

Suddenly, Helen wished for her brother, or even Mrs. Reynolds, to come back. "I...I'm tired," she lied.

8/11/2009 #42
SnowClaw of Windclan

He nodded, "Very well then. I do think I'll do a bit more exploring of the property."

8/11/2009 #43

Helen nodded and escaped upstairs. Several maids were standing by the door to the bedroom, and she dismissed them. They gave her bewildered looks but went away, and Helen slipped inside and undressed herself, having no need for maids to make her presentable for her husband.

((...Now what?))

8/11/2009 #44
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan sighed gently, wishing that she would at least try to return his affections. He got out his guitar and began to sing as he played.

Oh, Helen, my dear seniorita...

Why don't you se....

I love you, why don't you love me...?

(I'm not a songwriter, so the lyrics are crap. Pretend that they are all romantic and beautiful please? XD)

8/11/2009 #45

((Hahahahahahahaha! *wipes tear* Okay. XD))

Helen heard the distant sounds of Juan's guitar, but she put her pillow over her head and tried to sleep.


8/11/2009 #46
SnowClaw of Windclan

The next morning, Juan awoke rather earl to speak with the various staff. He turned to a few of the maids. "Please...Give lady Esada her space. She needs to relax a little bit."

8/11/2009 #47

The maids curtsied and agreed respectfully, but as soon as they thought their master was out of earshot, they giggled madly. They had a good idea of why their mistress needed to rest, all right!

8/11/2009 #48
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan raised a brow. "...I was sleeping across the hall, ladies..."

8/11/2009 #49

They gasped - he had heard! - and curtsied deeply before fleeing.

((Okay...NOW let's FF. XD))

8/11/2009 #50
SnowClaw of Windclan

(To the ball, correct?)

8/11/2009 #51

((Indeed. Would you like to start?))

8/11/2009 #52
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan, whom had recently arrived back home, hung his coat on the rack near the door and strode in. He hadn't even slept in the same room as his wife since they had married--but he would give her time, because that was what she needed to realie that she loved him back, of which he was certain.

He sat down gently in the parlor and began to read.

9/26/2009 #53

Helen had hurried upstairs immediately after returning home, and had been planning to go straight to bed, but all the sherried punch she'd had to drink over the course of the evening and the stress of the last few weeks coupled to give her a fiery headache and a cottony mouth. Dressed in a nightgown and swathed in a shawl, she tiptoed downstairs towards the kitchen, passing the open parlor door with (nearly) soundless steps.

10/5/2009 #54
SnowClaw of Windclan

Juan looked up from what he was reading and began to get up. "Helen, would you like me to help you upstairs, dear?"

10/6/2009 #55

"No," Helen replied, jumping a bit and wrapping her shawl tightly around her shoulders. "I just want a drink of water. That's all."

10/6/2009 #56
SnowClaw of Windclan

He was silent for a moment, quietly twirling a strand of ebony hair between two fingers. "Might I accompany you then, Helen?"

10/6/2009 #57

She ran her hand over her sloppy plait in an unconscious mimicking of Juan's movements. "It's just a glass of water."

10/8/2009 #58
SnowClaw of Windclan

He chuckled as he watched her, smiled. "I would simply lie t enjoy your company, my dear."

10/9/2009 #59

"I'm afraid I'll be poor entertainment," she replied flatly, blinking against the pain behind her eyes.

10/9/2009 #60
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