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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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Home of Christoper Brighton & his family.

A spacious 3-level home settled amidst 30 acres of land, with rolling hills and forests and a mighty fine flock of sheep.

10/1/2008 . Edited by DaCivilWarBear, 10/1/2008 #1

Inside the Brighton girls' bedroom, Emily sat in front of the looking glass and watched her sister Johanna string the pearls from their mother's broken necklace into her sister's hair. The older sister couldn't help but think of how beautiful her sisters were in contrast to her. May and Johanna were both blessed with fair complexions, golden hair, blue eyes and the sweetest of smiles. Johanna, at fifteen, was by far the most prized of the Brighton girls. Her red-gold hair sparkled with her amber jewels on her ears and neck, tumbling down from it's high Grecian updo with curls aplenty. Her blue satin gown was simple, but the way it brought out her eyes made it the most beautiful dress at any ball.

May, at ten years, wouldn't be going to the ball at the Carnwath Hall, but still glowed with excitement.

"You're so pretty Emmy!" she sighed. "I wish I could go."

Emily chuckled.

"Your time will come, dearest." she said, blowing a kiss through the mirror. "When you're thirteen, perhaps Papa will take you."

"I hope so!" the dreamy girl said. "I want to wear a dress just like yours."

Emily glanced down. She didn't see what was so beautiful about the dress. Made of thin white muslin, it seemed to accentuate her chest in a way that made her blush clean to her ears. She had managed to make her old green silk dress into an overgown that could cover it up, but she still felt uncomfortable.

Johanna sighed.

"Done!" she declared. "Now hurry up. I want to meet some soldiers!"

((Yes, long post. But I just had the image so clear in my mind... XD))

10/4/2008 #2

A fine coach-and-four rolled into the courtyard of Haversham Manor, wheels rumbling over the loose stone. The sole occupant of the coach, a well-dressed young man, gazed up at the quant red brick house with its many chimneys and gables, sighed disparagingly and slumped back against his seat. There was no hope then, not that he’d had any before, not after the miles of rolling green countryside, of picturesque forests, fields and little stone walls that had probably been there since the time of Christ--he would die here, whether from boredom or the natives first he didn’t know, but a man such as himself, urban, modern, civilized simply could not survive in such a place, it was impossible.

The coach came to a stop before the main entrance and the footman hopped down from his perch, smoothing his coat before he opened the door. Mr. Keaton stepped down into the yard.

10/19/2008 #3

"Mother, there's an interesting looking man who just got out of a carriage!" gasped little May. "I don't recognize him."

Elegant, graceful Tatiana stood up and pulled May away from the window.

"That is my cousin, James Keaton. He will be staying with us for awhile."

May sat down on a bench and played with the skirt of her yellow cotton dress while her mother went into her parlour to greet her guest, a long black overdress of fine beading trailing behind her green silk dress.

Her butler, Mr. Emory, came down to greet Mr. Keaton.

"Mrs. Brighton is waiting upstairs, Sir."

10/19/2008 #4

Mr. Keaton nodded to the butler and followed him into the house, surveying it with muted distaste, it was cheerful, homey…He held back another sigh and headed up the stairs. He’d met his cousin, Mrs. Tatiana Brighton, only once or twice that he recalled, and had never been anything near close. As he approached the opened door Mr. Keaton removed his hat, smoothing back his dark brown hair. The butler stepped in first, “Mr. Keaton, Ma’m.”

(did you ever notice that when the Brits say Ma'm, it sounds more like "mum"?)

10/19/2008 #5

Tatiana stood up and smiled.

"Mr. Keaton." she greeted kindly. "How wonderful it is to see you again. My, I do believe it's been ten years since I saw you last!"

May peered around the corner curiously.

(I know! XD)

10/19/2008 #6

“Mrs. Brighton,“ Mr. Keaton bowed lightly, returning her smile, “Indeed, I believe I was yet on leading strings.” He spotted May peeping at him and he grinned, eyes glinting, “this charming lady must be your youngest daughter, yes?” He bowed to her as though she were a woman of some importance instead of the mere slip of a girl she was. Mr. Keaton was charming, yet it did not leave one with the impression of falseness as most flattery does, for he seemed to mean everything he said.

10/19/2008 #7

May giggled and blushed, curtseying back.

"Lovely to meet you, Mr. Keaton." she whispered shyly, parroting her mother when she would attend a fancy dinner.

Tatiana smiled.

"This is my youngest daughter, Mary." she said. "Or as her father likes to call her, May."

11/11/2008 #8

"Oh, Emmy, look at this dress!"

Emily chuckled as Johanna spun in her very first all-white dress, embroidered with tiny gold flowers on the puff sleeves. The neckline descended so far down her sister's small chest Emily wondered if Mama had sized it wrong in the shop. Then she recalled her own disaster of a coming-out dress and realized there was a purpose in the plunging cuts.

"I wonder if the soldier boy will be there." Johanna sighed wistfully. "I would so love a dance with him."

"Even if the opportunity arises, Jo, you musn't be too long with him." Tatiana advised. "He is fine as a mere flirtation, but I would not allow him as a suitor. You deserve finer things, little one."

"Oh, I realize that Mother." Jo said. "I will marry a good man with a big house in London. Will that please you?"

"If that is the best you can find." Tatiana laughed.

11/18/2008 #9

"I've never seen you get so excited about a party," William commented, watching his sister smile out the window as their carriage rolled along.

"I hear there will be food," Charlotte replied smoothly. "I'm getting rather hungry."

William chuckled disbelievingly. Deep in his gut he worried again that Charlotte was growing too fond of Edmund. She'd never cared so much for the company of any one man before, other than himself or father. It was unsettling, even with the careless manner Charlotte seemed to be maintaining.

Haversham Manor loomed up ahead like a candle in the night and William furrowed his brow in discomfort when Charlotte sat up straighter and her smile grew.

11/20/2008 #10

Edmund had already arrived and was at the door, his hand on the knocker while the footmen drove his newly-returned carriage away.

((*falls to knees* SIIIISSSSSSIIIII!))

11/20/2008 #11

A maid came to the door and opened it to the guests, smiling brightly.

"Good evening." she greeted in a warm accented that hinted from the south, perhaps the Indies. "Master Brighton will be with you shortly."

She offered to take their coats while footmen opened the doors to the parlour, grand and invitiing with its warm red-and-gold accents.

11/20/2008 #12

Edmund adjusted his cravat and entered the parlor, his stomach churning with nerves. Somehow, intimate social gatherings were infinitely more frightening than a courtroom!

11/20/2008 #13

Charlotte recognized Edmund's carriage being driven away and hopped out of her own without assistance almost before it had come to a complete stop- which, of course, made William very anxious. "Char," the poor brother cried as he followed after her, "what's your hurry?"

"We don't want everyone to eat all the food before we get to it," Charlotte said through her smile as she hurried up the porch steps and slowed only whens he saw the servants waiting to taker her coat. William caught up to her in time to watch her pass her coat off to the nearest servant. She was wearing a dress of midnight blue- his favorite color on her- and he suddenly wanted to hide her. She was a woman now, and he just wasn't ready to face that.

With her eyes scanning the crowd of guests in search of Mr. Edmund, Charlotte took William's arm and started to pull him along with her. "I think the food might be this way...."

11/20/2008 #14

Tatiana, in her sea-green dinner gown with a black lace overdress, saw the guests enter and smiled politely.

"Welcome." she greeted. "Mr. Edmund, how pleasant to see you again."

She saw Charlotte and William and watched them with a small chuckle.

11/20/2008 #15

William caught sight of Mrs. Brighton and patted Charlotte's arm to get her attention. "Char, before you help yourself to the refreshments don't you think you ought to at least greet your hostess?"

11/20/2008 #16

Edmund, in a new burgundy jacket one of his clients' wives had bought him, bowed low and kissed his hostess' hand. "You have a lovely home, madam. I am honored to make your renewed acquaintance."

11/20/2008 #17

Still looking in the direction of the parlor, Charlotte allowed William to lead her over to Mrs. Brighton without a word.

11/20/2008 #18

Mrs. Brighton smiled.

"Thank you, Mr. Edmund." she said. "It is indeed a pleasure to see you at Haversham."

Christopher came down and had the guest-of-honor, Johanna, on his arm. She blushed immodestly and smiled at the guests that had accumulated so far.

Where is the soldier boy?

11/20/2008 #19

"Not as much as it is a pleasure to be here, Mrs. Brighton," Edmund replied.

The room erupted in polite applause as the eldest Brighton girl came down the stairs. Edmund clapped briefly and glanced around.

11/20/2008 #20

Charlotte's brow furrowed in confusion and she bit her lip as she clapped along with everyone else, her eyes still searching for Edmund. Perhaps it hadn't been his carriage that she'd seen outside after all. Surely there were plenty of fine barouches in the area....

As the guests shifted to view the young Miss Johanna Brighton, William saw that Edmund was beside Mrs. Brighton and halted in his advance. Did he really want the lawyer to steal away Charlotte's attention for the rest of the night just yet? Of course, Charlotte wouldn't stop looking for Edmund until she'd found him anyway.... William strummed his fingers against his leg as he contemplated.

11/20/2008 #21

(Johanna's not the eldest... she's the middle girl.)

Jo left her father's arm and curtsied to her mother, who beamed with pride.

Emmy followed behind her father shyly.

(And I'm sorry for the lousy posts... :P)

11/20/2008 . Edited 11/20/2008 #22

((Eh, close enough...right? XD))

Edmund bowed slightly to the Misses Brightons as they passed.

11/20/2008 #23

Jo smiled.

"Mr. Edmund!" she greeted enthusiastically. "How wonderful to see you again!"

Emmy blushed and scurried off towards the piano, fixing the skirt of her own dress. This one was blue with a scarlet ribbon trim, and much better than her other dress.

11/20/2008 #24

"It is a pleasure, Miss Brighton," Edmund replied, bowing to her again. "Please accept my congratulations on your coming out."

11/20/2008 #25

"Thank you very much." Jo said brightly. "Dinner will be served very shortly. I hope you shall enjoy it."

11/20/2008 #26

"I'm sure I shall," Edmund replied.

11/20/2008 #27
Edalene Athene

As the Worhtington's arrived at Haversham Manor they saw two carriage loads of people had already arrived.

'Wonderful,' thought Elizabeth to herself, 'At least we're maintaining our reputation, of being late that is.'

The carriage pulled up and the butler opened the carriage door, helping Elizabeth, her sisters and mother out of the carriage. Sir. Peter stepped out himself, refusing assisstance; and together they walked through the big oak doors kindly opened for them by a maid.

As they stepped in the door thay could see tghe rest of the guests heading towards the dining room.

Very, very late indeed!

11/20/2008 . Edited 11/20/2008 #28

In William's hesitation, Charlotte heard Edmund's voice amid the babble and laughter and chatter of the other guests and, like dog hearing a high-pitched whistle, her head snapped in his direction. Her face was suddenly glowing- to William's dismay- and she stepped forward eagerly, but paused. Somewhere through the cloud of happiness in her brain, she was able to recall the conversation that she'd had with Will earlier that morning. Was she being a pest? He had said that he looked forward to seeing her tonight... but then, Charlotte had learned that, being the gentleman he was, Edmund often claimed to feel whatever was most polite to feel- whether it was true or not.

Charlotte stepped back. "Oh look, there's Mr. Edmund," she said carelessly, as if she'd only just noticed him. "Do you think we ought to go say hello?"

William shrugged. "You wouldn't rather wait for him to approach you?" he asked hopefully.

Her brow furrowed in impatience. "But that's so silly! He doesn't see me here and I see him- I should approach him!"

"Ah, but you're a lady, my dear sister. You don't have to be so logical- that's the gentleman's job."

Charlotte hated it when her brother pulled the lady card on her, but she bit her lip and bounced slightly on her heals, wondering if he was right. "I usually am the one who approaches him first," she realized out loud. "I've never actually given him the chance to approach me.... Do you think he wouldn't talk to me if I didn't talk to him first?"

"There's only one way to find out," William pointed out.

Charlotte nodded, making up her mind to wait, but then she panicked a little. "But- but Will! Suppose he never sees me and leaves the party without ever speaking a word to me?!"

William smirked unhappily. "You're too radiant to be overlooked tonight, my dear sister."

Rolling her eyes, Charlotte laughed.

11/21/2008 #29

Very faintly, Edmund heard Miss Kingston's laugh, but it was so muffled by the sounds of other people around him that he soon decided he'd imagined it.

((Sorry...there's not much else for him to do! :P))

11/21/2008 #30
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