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Home of Sir Cuthbert Ducansby and his family.

Ducansby Manor is a gorgeous 17th-century manor house, built by Richard Ducansby, knight, in 1636. The house and its 29-acre, hilly property has remained in the Ducansby family for almost 200 years.

Mrs. Clark, the housekeeper, oversees 6 groundskeepers, 15 maids, 13 manservants, 3 grooms, 4 parlor maids, 2 cooks, and 2 shepherds for the small flock of sheep kept on the property. A Mr. Hathorne is the butler.

10/1/2008 #1
Little Miss Priss

Matthew had spent an incredible amount of time dressing this morning and had to run to the carriage in order to arrive on time for tea. As he stepped out of the carriage and approached the front of the Manor he was impressed by it's size and grandeur. By far it was the superior to Cuthbert Castle and he was surprised that such a simple woman as Miss Ducansby would reside in such elegance. He knocked on the door and handed his elegant calling card to the maid.

5/13/2009 #2

Helen had made no special preparations for tea that morning. She dressed in a neat, lacy white dress and had her maid pin up her blonde curls in the exact same manner as every other day, and had only asked Mrs. Clark to tell the kitchen to prepare some neat petit fors with the usual Rooibos, for they were having a guest.

When the maid brought Mr. Suft's calling card to the parlor, Helen and Sir Cuthbert had been sitting silently on the neat, richly decorated couches, Helen with a small copy of Fordyce's Sermons and Sir Cuthbert nodding off onto his ample paunch. Taking the card from the maid in one hand, Helen said, "Father, sir, be a dear and sit up. Mr. Suft is here. Do bring him in, Jane."

The maid curtsied and went to fetch the guest from the foyer.

"Who is this man again?" Sir Cuthbert grunted, straightening and sniffling loudly.

"Mr. Matthew Suft. He is an acquaintance of mine."

"Good family?"

"I'm afraid I know little about him, Father," Helen replied lightly. "I hope to learn more today."


5/13/2009 #3
Little Miss Priss

Matthew was surprised to see Helen dressed so simply among the well decorated rooms. Most woman he knew had tried to dress better than they decorated. Seeing that the style was a few years behind the times he guessed that the work had been completed by Mrs. Ducansby.

"Sir Cuthbert, it is an honor to meet you, and Miss Ducansby it is an honor to see you again."

5/13/2009 #4

((I just realized I used 'neat' three times in that post. :|))

Helen set Sermons aside and stood respectfully, Sir Cuthbert taking a significantly longer time to get up than she.

"Good morrow, Mr. Suft," Sir Cuthbert said with a groan as he stretched his legs.

"How do you do?" Helen asked with genuine interest.

5/13/2009 #5
Little Miss Priss

"I am well, thank you" He said to Helen "And you? Are you fully recovered from the ball?"

5/13/2009 #6

((Ahhh, I totally thought I replied to this! D:))

"Quite," Helen said with a demure nod of the head. "Please, sit down. Tea will be ready shortly."

5/15/2009 #7
Little Miss Priss

"Thank you." He took a seat next to hers and wondered what they might have in common to discuss.

5/15/2009 #8

Sir Cuthbert plopped down in a nearby armchair, worrying the lace slipcover. "So, Mr. Suft - I hear you are visiting from..."

5/15/2009 #9
Little Miss Priss

"From the north near the coast, I am visiting my Aunt Mrs. Roland. I had the great pleasure of meeting your daughter at the Roland's assembly."

5/15/2009 #10

"Ah, yes, mm, mm," replied Sir Cuthbert.

Helen adjusted her lacy shawl. "Do you enjoy yourself here in the south, Mr. Suft?"

5/15/2009 #11
Little Miss Priss

"I must confess that I have never been a fan of country life. But it is starting to grow on me. Have you always lived in this area?"

5/15/2009 #12

"Yes - for all my life," Helen responded, hoping Sir Ducansby hadn't heard.

But he had. "The Ducansbys have lived in this house for almost two hundred years, my good man!" he exploded, face reddening as he warmed to his subject. "My ancestor, Sir Richard Ducansby, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, built this grand estate in 1636. Generations upon generations of Ducansbys and their wives have resided here!"

Helen sighed quietly.

5/15/2009 #13
Little Miss Priss

"That is a wonderful heritage sir." Matthew said "Our family home has been handed down for generations as well. It is a wonderful thing to have a place to call your own."

5/15/2009 #14

"Indeed it is, sir," Sir Cuthbert sniffed.

Helen looked down at her lap and said gently, "Do you have an old family home in the north, Mr. Suft?"

5/17/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, my family has resided in Hylton Castle near Sunderland, Northumbria for several generations. It is a beautiful yet haunted home."

5/17/2009 #16

"It sounds lovely," Helen said. "Is it really haunted?"

5/17/2009 #17
Little Miss Priss

"Yes, there is a ghost known as Cauld's Lad. The kitchen staff swears that if they leave the kitchen to tidy he comes in and makes a mess. But if they leave it untidy he will come and tidy it for them. My mother says that this is just an excuse among the help not to do their work. But it is also said that he has operated the ferry when a traveler is in need but the ferry staff has gone for the night. I can tell you that I have personally heard him but have never had the misfortune to meet him."

((I actually researched this, it is a true ghost story.)

5/17/2009 #18

Helen tried not to look too interested. "Really? That sounds fascinating!"

((Neat! :D))

5/17/2009 #19
Little Miss Priss

His family home was a favorite topic for Matthew, and a matter of great pride. "It was a wonderful place to grow up. As a child we would hide out and try to trap the ghost." he laughed at the memory. "We invited quite the traps. Unfortunately none of them worked."

5/17/2009 #20

Helen smiled. "It sounds lovely. But, tell me - do you have siblings?"

5/17/2009 #21
Little Miss Priss

"No, I am an only child. But there were several young boys in the near by town. Though I have not spoken to them since leaving for boarding school." Speaking of his childhood made him wonder why he had never thought to visit his former friends when he returned. With a pang of guilt he knew that he had not spoken to them as they were so far below his own station.

5/17/2009 #22

"How sad," said Helen, who had never had many friends her age.

5/17/2009 #23
Little Miss Priss

"Do not despair Miss Ducansby. I have found many new friends since. Including yourself I hope."

5/17/2009 #24

Helen blushed lightly and said, "Are you thirsty? I believe tea is ready."

5/17/2009 #25
Little Miss Priss

"Tea would be very nice." Matthew was beginning to wonder if Sir Cuthbert was going to speak again or if he had fallen asleep.

5/17/2009 #26

Helen picked up a little silver bell and rang it, and a maid brought in the tray of hot tea and sweet treats. Sir Cuthbert snorted awake at the pretty tinkling sound, and smacked his lips at the sight of the little goodies.


5/17/2009 #27
Little Miss Priss

Matthew smiled and tried to hide his humor at Sir Cuthbert behind his napkin. The tea was well served and the promised Italian goodies looked delicious.But what surprised him most was the elegant and certain movements of Miss Ducansby. At there first meeting he had thought her a simple country girl, but seeing her in her home he realized that there was much more to her.

"This is a beautiful tea you have arranged." he said collecting himself

5/17/2009 #28

"Why, thank you," Helen responded, rather surprised. No one had ever complimented her teas before, never! "Would you like sugar in your tea?"

Sir Cuthbert happily helped himself.

5/18/2009 #29
Little Miss Priss

"Just one lump please." Matthew answered "Noticing the music on the piano he asked "Do you play or sing?"

5/18/2009 #30
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