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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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A bustling city, London is a center of commerce, trade, and fashion. All stylish young people visit here, as well as purchase their clothing, where it is imported directly from Paris. Many wealthy people have second homes here, as well.

A two-hour carriage ride away from the neighborhood.

10/1/2008 #1

Edmund stepped off of the last step, his cane in one hand and a handkerchief in another.  Only by the grace of God had he been able to survive the last three hours' consultation with a client.  A cattarrh had settled in his chest, and he even had a touch of aphonia.  With a cough that was barely stifled, he began to walk listlessly through the upperclass neighborhood, intent on returning to his office for a cup of hot tea and a fire.

10/27/2008 #2

Charlotte walked down the street from her Father's London house with a sigh as she thought about the argument she'd had last night with William. She couldn't remember having fought with him since they were children. Of course they'd both been careful not to let mother know about their disagreement- William because he knew that mother would be on Charlotte's side and Charlotte because... she knew that mother would be on her side for reasons that would make her uncomfortable. So poor Mrs. Kingston had been quite surprised to hear about Charlotte's sudden desire to spend the weekend in London. Not that she was disappointed by the idea. "A weekend in London!" she declared with delight, "Praise be! You're finally becoming a lady!" Mother wanted to spend the entire weekend shopping for the latest fashions, but Charlotte had managed to escape with Margaret trailing along as her chaperone.

So lost in her thoughts was she, that Charlotte did not see a man walking toward her and only heard him cough when she walked into him. "Oh, I beg your pardon!" she apologized, stepping back.

10/27/2008 #3

"Oh, do not mind it at all," Edmund replied automatically, his head still spinning with figures and legal terms.  "It was my fault."  Then, on the basic lawyer's instinct to look everyone in the face, he glanced at the girl, and was so surprised he coughed again.  "Why, Miss Kingston!" he exclaimed, trying to hide his handkerchief and look cheerful.  "I see you did not die of the influenza as your brother was so convinced."

10/27/2008 #4

"Mr. Edmund!" Charlotte was no less surprised to see him. At first she smiled, pushing William's disapproval to the back of her mind rebelliously, but then her eyebrows drew together in concern. "Yes, I'm quite alright. I do hope you aren't ill," she said, hearing the illness in his voice and looking at the corner of white handkerchief she could see him trying to hide.

10/27/2008 #5

"No, no, of course not.  I'm not ill."  Edmund cleared his throat uncomfortably.  "I do not succumb to maleficent miasmas..."

10/27/2008 #6

Charlotte took his hand and turned it up so that the kerchief was clearly visible. "Oh, Mr. Edmund, I am so sorry! It was very wrong of William to speak to you the way he did. I wish you would have waited for the carriage." She realized it was a silly thing to say since it couldn't be fixed now. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

10/27/2008 #7

Edmund waved her apologies away.  "It is no problem, Miss Kingston, I assure you.  And as for if there is anything you can do for may hesitate to ask me to tea again if it looks like rain."  He began to grin, but then realized that he would still want to see Miss Kingston rain or shine.

10/27/2008 #8

Charlotte blushed and smiled in embarrassment before looking up at the clear sky. It was rare to see a clear sky in London. "It doesn't look like it shall rain for a while yet. Won't you come to tea now?  We have the recipe for a rather nasty brew that is just the thing for a cough." She bit her lip as she awaited his reply.

10/27/2008 #9

Edmund gave a hoarse chuckle.  "Then it sounds just the remedy for me, madam.  I happily accept."

10/27/2008 #10

Charlotte squeezed her hands together behind her back to contain a squeal of delight and smiled brightly instead before turning and indicating with her hand that they should walk back the way she'd come. "Our town house is just this way." As they began walking, Margaret following wordlessly behind them like a shadow, Charlotte looked up at Mr. Edmund. "Did you just come from the court?"

10/27/2008 #11

"No, nothing like that," Edmund replied.  "I was simply consulting with a client.  I spend most of my time doing that."

10/28/2008 #12

"When do you have to get back?" No time soon, she hoped.

10/28/2008 #13

Edmund pulled out his pocket watch.  "I should start for Carnwath before dark.  Do you intend to hold me prisoner, madam?"

10/28/2008 #14

"I was considering it," Charlotte replied, feigning seriousness. "But I just remembered that you have some hounds who might grow rather lonely without you." She sighed. "I suppose I shall have to learn how to share."

10/28/2008 #15

Gratified, Edmund gave a ghost of a smile. "I think my hounds would understand," he said, clearing his throat again. "I trust my grooms with them absolutely."

His sentence completed, he cleared his throat again, feeling the ominous tingling of an oncoming cough. How could he avoid such an unseemly thing? Desperate, he kept clearing his throat.

10/28/2008 #16

"Then I have your permission to imprison you?" Charlotte asked playfully, her eyes sparkling at the idea of keeping Mr. Edmund all to herself, however unrealistic the notion was. Her smile wavered when she saw the poor man's desperate struggle to contain a cough, his eyes watering. "As your official captor," she said lightly, "I command you to cough all you want, Mr. Edmund. ...Until we get some unpleasant tea into you, of course. After that you must stop."

10/28/2008 #17

Unable to contain it any longer, Edmund stopped walking and coughed miserably into his handkerchief, his head pounding and vision swimming until he regained his breath. "I sincerely apologize, Miss Kingston," he said weakly. "Your brother was concerned about you falling ill...and I went and did it for you. This must be nothing like what you imagined me..."

10/28/2008 #18

Charlotte took Edmund's arm and patted it consolingly as he spoke, feeling that she was responsible for his illness. "You're right," she said when he trailed off. "It's better. And please don't apologize to me, I feel awful enough without you pretending I'm not the villain. If it wasn't for my silly whims you'd be perfectly well right now." She continued walking at a leisurely pace, pulling him along with her.

10/28/2008 #19

Edmund would have been content to walk quietly along beside Miss Kingston, her warm hands gently on his arm, but he felt obligated to reply. "No, Miss Kingston, you misunderstand. If I hadn't wanted to take a turn about the grounds, I would have declined and suggested we continue with our game." A bit sardonically, he added, "Though I can't say that would have ended in my favor, either. Besides. Had I not been so stubborn as to leave with a wet coat, no one would be any worse off than they were before the rains."

10/28/2008 #20

The warm, tickling excitement of a potential debate started to arise in Charlotte, but she tried to push it down. Not with Edmund, you fool, she told herself. Still, she couldn't help pointing out, "It was my idea to go for a walk...."

10/28/2008 #21

Edmund felt Miss Kingston's fingers flex ever-so-slightly, and he glanced at her, an eyebrow raised. "Yes, it was your suggestion, but if you remember, we were already out-of-doors when the question was posed."

10/28/2008 #22

"Indeed, but we were close to the house then. We could have gone inside after feeling the first drop and stayed completely dry." Not with Edmund. Not with Edmund, her mind chanted against the rising beat of her heart. She could feel her face forming into the calm, slightly amused expression that it usually took on when she was debating.

10/28/2008 #23

"Not so, madam," Edmund countered. "The rain began extremely quickly, if you recall. Anyone beyond a step or two of shelter would have gotten soaked."

10/28/2008 #24

Charlotte pursed her lips, knowing she should back down now and accept defeat... but response was at the tip of her tongue after only a few moments of thought and she itched to speak it. "I believe you may be right about that, Mr. Edmund," she allowed. "But a more hasty retreat to the fireplace would have dried your coat more thoroughly before your time of departure, would it not?" It was thrilling, in a naughty sort of way, to give in a little.

10/28/2008 #25

"Pardon me, madam, if I found your conversation more than a bit engaging," Edmund said dryly. "And you may not recall, but I do believe we ran with all haste back to the house when the skies opened up."

10/28/2008 #26

"I recall perfectly, Sir. What I meant- forgive me for not being more clear- was that if we had stayed near the house and not walked the gardens, as I'd suggested, we would have saved a good five minutes in our hurry back to shelter, thus giving your coat more time to dry and saving you from the ailments you now suffer." Alright, now it's time to drop it, that little voice in the back of Charlotte's head warned her, growing smaller every second.

10/28/2008 #27

"Well, madam," Edmund replied, "it is a fact proven by science that wool, such as the type used to make my coat, is extremely receptive to water, becoming thoroughly soaked within seconds of exposure to moisture. You see, therefore, that our relative proximity to the house is negligible to this court."

Suddenly, he realized his misstep, and blushed. "I'm - I'm sorry, Miss Kingston, I quite forgot my place," he said earnestly, feeling acutely guilty for having treated her like a witness in a trial.

10/29/2008 #28

Charlotte's eyes widened in amusement at Mr. Edmund's slip and she covered her mouth with her fist, clearing her throat to hide a grin. "No apology is necessary on your part, Mr. Edmund," she said. "I'm afraid I let myself get carried away. It was very unladylike of me and I beg your pardon."

Margaret, who had so far remianed silent, cleared her throat now and said meekly, "Miss Kingston, I'm sorry, but I think it must be my fault that Mr. Edmund is ill. If I'd only opened the door sooner-"

"No, Margaret, it wasn't your fault," Charlotte assured quickly. "If his illness was all a matter of exposure to the cold air, the fault would be mine again for stopping in the gazebo to fix my bonnet." Margaret fell into silence again, her eyes wide from watching the interchange between Charlotte and Edmund.

10/29/2008 #29

Edmund heaved a sigh, ragged with illness. "I never thought I'd say this, madams, but I wish we could stop debating about something that is long past. I am sick, though it appeared so suddenly I rather doubt it was caused alone by my frolic in the rain. Let's not argue about whose fault it was - I believe we are all to blame, in this case."

10/29/2008 #30
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