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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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We, the mods, would like this forum to remain as close to the spirit of the Regency era as it can. Therefore, we ask all posters to strive for historical accuracy as best they can. This list is intended to help you achieve some measure of that, and is basically a supplement to the forum rules, so please treat it as such. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in Off-topic or PM a mod. :D

All rules below existed in 1814. (In other words, I didn't make any of this stuff up. :D)

1. Girls under the age of 17 are to be seen, not heard. At the age of 17, all young girls of adequate means are to have a coming-out ball in London. (Yes, this is the way it was done.) Then they are allowed to host and attend social events. There are exceptions, of course, though they are rare and often frowned-upon. (Think Lydia and Kitty in Pride and Prejudice.)

2. Ladies under 30 are NEVER to be ANYWHERE without a proper chaperone. Walking is included under this rule.

3. Ladies are never to dance more than THREE dances with the same partner. (Sorry, all you romantics...)

4. Ladies are never to ignore or spite those who introduce themselves or are introduced to her.

5. Gentlemen must wait for the lady to acknowledge them before they tip their hats in greeting.

6. Gentlemen must walk with a lady if they wish to converse with her, NEVER stopping her from her path of travel.

7. Gentlemen are always introduced to ladies, NOT the other way around.

8. Gloves, bonnets, and parasols are a MUST for ladies going out-of-doors.

9. Ladies may play cards, but only for small stakes and only if they may keep their tempers and decorum is preserved.

10. "Respectable" ladies do not wear rouge (blush).

11. Gentlemen must seat the ladies before seating themselves.

12. Ladies must not show their ankles! It is the height of indecency! (XD)

13. And, of course, excess is always bad.

That's all for now. New additions will be added and numbered, so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading!

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*swoops in*

14. I read somewhere that the head of the house is always referred to as "Mr. Such-and-such" or by whatever title he has (ie. doctor, captain, sir, lord etc.), and his wife is called "Mrs. Such and such" (or accompanying title (ie. Baroness, lady etc.).

15. The eldest daughter is called "Ms." or "Miss." Sons are always referred to as Mr.

Calling someone by their first name is usually in more intimate settings, such as siblings referring to each other or when a couple are alone. :D

10/5/2008 . Edited by DaCivilWarBear, 10/6/2008 #2

16. Oh, and ladies NEVER WORE THEIR HAIR LOOSE IN PUBLIC! More sexual connotations. :P

10/5/2008 . Edited 10/6/2008 #3

17. Ladies and gentlemen should never ask to for a dish to be passed to them at the dinner table! A servant is to be sent to fetch it for them, unless they are at an intimate family dinner.

18. Gentlemen will serve themselves at a meal, then assist their neighbors.

19. Ladies and gentlemen should never, ever refuse the 1st course.

20. Soup is the first course at a meal, followed by a light dessert of salads or cheeses. The 2nd course is usually meats and other savory items. After all main courses are finished, the tablecloth is to be removed and a dessert of sweets and fruits served.

10/6/2008 #4

21. Ladies are permitted to drink light alcohols, such as champagne or wine, provided they do not become drunk or tipsy, and the smell of alcohol does not affect their breath. They are recommended to stick with punch.

10/6/2008 #5

Okay, hold on, this may take awhile...

Rules for Dueling

22. After the offended party challenges the second party to a duel, each individual selects a 'second,' someone to act as a witness and a sympathetic third party.

23. The seconds must decide on a suitable dueling field, one away from interruptions.

24. The duel must take place at dawn.

25. After arriving at the dueling field, the seconds must check pistols - the weapons should be identical, specially-made dueling pistols.

26. The two individuals are placed back to back and must walk a decided number of paces away from each other before turning. (Usually, the more grievous the offense, the fewer the paces.)

27. At a decided signal, such as the drop of a handkerchief, the individuals fire one shot.

28. If neither man is hit and the challenger declares his honor satisfied, the duel is over.

29. A pistol duel may continue until one man is wounded or killed, but to have more than three exchanges of fire is considered barbaric and rather silly.

30. The offended party can declare his honor satisfied at any point.

31. To "delope" is to raise one's pistol in the air and shoot instead of aiming at the opponent. This signifies that the opponent is not worth killing.

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32. At formal meals, the palate-cleanser between courses - usually some form of sorbet with sweets and fruits - is known as a subtlety, and is often paired with whimsical creations to delight and amuse - spun-sugar unicorns and models of great buildings carved from butter are common examples.

33. It is the height of rudeness to refuse a toast or drink at a formal meal, even on the grounds that one consumes no alcohol. It is best not to draw attention to this fact, or to discreetly alert one's host prior to the event.

34. Tipping the servants for good and prompt service was the done thing - this was often [in the case of junior staff] delegated to one of the guest's staff retinue (typically the valet) or in the case of the senior servants (Butler, Housekeeper and so on) was often presented personally with the vails by the guest himself.

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