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The home of Miss Cecelia Graham.

Aberdeen House sits on 15 acres of pleasant meadowland, prettily situated near a natural pond where ducks and geese like to congregate. The house itself is from the early 1700s, and is covered in decades-old ivy.

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"Mama!" Cecy flew forwards into her mother's arms, and Mrs. Graham returned the embrace warmly, holding her oldest child tightly.

"Oh, Mama, I have missed you," Cecy told her, burying her head in her mother's shoulder.

"And we have missed you, darling," her mother said lovingly, brushing a wayward strand of Cecy's dark hair back from her face and smiling down at her. "We're glad to be back home again."

"Cecy!" Isabella Graham barreled into her older sister, grabbing her hands and spinning her around in an enthusiastic circle. "You're here! We can get ready for the ball together!"

"Ball?" Cecy looked up, confused. "What ball?"

Mr. Graham, who had until this point been standing quietly in the corner, watching the reunion, came forward. "Did not your mother tell you, Cecelia?" he asked languidly. "She has sent out invitations for a Masquerade Ball at our humble abode this night."

"A ball? Here? Tonight?" Cecy was astonished.

Her mother beamed. "Yes, dearest. A masquerade ball! I sent out all the invitations while we were stopping in London, so everyone had plenty of time to order costumes, and so many people have promised to attend! It's going to be a great success, I just know it!"

"I don't have a costume..." Cecy protested, but Isabella cut her off.

"Yes you do. Mama and I picked it out. Mama and Papa are going to be Oberon and Titania, I'm going to be a gypsy-I have the most lovely costume-, and yours is upstairs!"

"Yes, but what is mine?" Cecy asked, allowing her enthusiastic little sister to drag her upstairs to their parents' bedroom. "Am I to be a gypsy as well?"

"No, although I daresay you'd make a lovely one," Isabella said. "Come and see." She shoved Cecy into the room and waited expectantly. "There! On the bed!"

Cecy leaned forwards, and caught her breath. Laid out on the bed was a beautiful red, white, and gold dress modeled in the Rennaisance Juliet style, with a matching brocaded casing for a long braid. "It's beautiful," she whispered.

"Isn't it?" Isabella beamed. "You're going to be Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. I thought it would look simply stunning with your dark hair."

"It's perfect," Cecy told her sister. "Will you braid my hair?"


An hour and a half later, the girls and their parents stood at the top of the stairs to Aberdeen's modest ballroom/dining hall, awaiting the arrival of their first guests.

6/25/2009 #2
SnowClaw of Windclan

Colin, who did not normally participate in such fancy, took his mare from the grroms and mounted smoothly, heading off to where Cecy currently resided.

When he arrived, a few grooms took Whimsical, the mare, and he knocked on the door, smiling pleasantly.

6/25/2009 #3

Mrs. Sutton, the Housekeeper, answered the door to find a handsome young man smiling there. "Are you here for the masquerade ball, sir?" she asked. "The Grahams are in the ballroom. This way, if you please."

6/25/2009 #4
Little Miss Priss

The Rolands arrived at the home with Mr. Suft and Mr. Durst. Cassie had been so thrilled to receive the invitation and had immediately sent to London for their costumes. Her richly decorated gown and Egyptian jewelry made their Cleopatra and Julius Cesar all the more realistic. With Matthew dressed as the Greek God of War Mars, and Daniel as the Sun God Apollo they made a charming sight. Stepping lightly from the carriage they knocked at the door.

6/25/2009 #5

Mr. Brighton always appreciated a good costume party. He was content to sit about in an office in his shirt and vest, and could be easily persuaded into a tailcoat for a court event. Yet there was nothing he enjoyed more than attending a lavish party where one could dress as however one wanted. He and his wife attended Aberdeen House in their lavish costumes as King Arthur and Guinevere. Tatiana looked very much the part, with her long white dress and large headdress.

As for Emmy? She followed behind in her own disguise as Isolde, from Tristan and Isolde. Her gown was one of her mothers' pale blue court gowns she had altered to fit more of the medeival style. Her hair she had let down her back, something she hadn't done in so long she had forgotten how long her hair truly was. She teased it into limp curls and set a gold ribbon around her head. As she passed a mirror in the hall at Haversham she had blushed. She didn't look at all like herself.

The carriage ride was short, and the family arrived soon after the Rolands. They pulled on their masques and joined the family at the door.

6/25/2009 #6
Little Miss Priss

Daniel turned as he heard the carriage and smiled broadly when he saw it was the Brightons. As Emmy stepped from the carriage in her costume, her long hair flowing around her he was stunned into a silence. His silence was so long Mr. Roland had to elbow him to bring him back to himself. "You look lovely Miss Brighton." he finall stammered unable to take his eyes from her.

6/26/2009 #7
SnowClaw of Windclan

Adrian entered the room dressed as an exotic queen, followed by a few matrons. She saw Colin, whom had finally joined in as a fox of all things, faux ears and all, and couldn't help but laugh. 'Uncle Colin' just shrugged.

6/26/2009 #8

The moment that the Rolands and their party entered the room, Isabella spotted them. "Ooh, Cecy, is that your friend?" she asked, looking over at Mr. Suft.

Cecy rolled her eyes at her sister. "Well, I certainly hope he shall continue to be so after meeting my little sister," she teased, prompting Isabella to poke her surreptitiously.

"Come meet my friend Emmy," she suggested, as a means of distracting Isabella. "She's just coming in."

6/26/2009 #9
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Izzy!" Adrian let out a squeak of excitement when she saw her friend and darted over. "It's been so long!"

6/26/2009 #10

Momentarily distracted from thoughts of meeting all of her sister's friends, Isabella turned around and instantly threw her arms around her friend. "Adrian!" she squealed. "Goodness, I haven't seen you in ages, have I? That's what I get for going away to school. What have you been doing with yourself?"

Cecy, watching the exchange, giggled, and called over her shoulder "I'll be over with Emmy when you two have finished catching up, Isabella." Turning, she walked over to the Brightons. "Emmy, good evening," she said, smiling at her friend. "You look stunning, by the way."

6/26/2009 #11
Little Miss Priss

Matthew spotted Cecy immediatly and was most appreciative of her Juliet dress and braid. Knowing that she would speak with Emmy first he positioned himself near the couple.

6/26/2009 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Nothing much. Mostly helping my dad. I tried to get him to come, but you know how he is." She was smiling broadly, "What has it been like at the school? I want to hear everything!"

6/26/2009 #13

(haha clever Matthew)

Isabella laughed. "I do indeed." She and Adrian walked over to the side of the room, near the windows, and she continued. "School was wonderful! I had some truly great teachers, especially my German teacher, from whom I have finally learned to passably command the language, and the other students were very welcoming. Sometime you will have to meet my friend Marianne, whom I met there. I think you two would get along quite smashingly, truthfully. And," she lowered her voice, "apparently at least three of the boys at school fell head over heels for me, or at least that's what I as told. And indeed, their behavior did not disprove the notion. Isn't that amusing?"

6/26/2009 #14
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Very." Adrian giggled and glanced mildly in the direction of Thomas. "He asked me to dance with him, if you can believe it!" she realized that more than likely she was making a big deal out of nothing, but oh well.

6/26/2009 #15

"Oh, Adrian, really?" Isabella turned and looked Thomas over. "He's rather handsome, dearest! I think that's wonderful!"

6/26/2009 #16
SnowClaw of Windclan

"I know.." She shrugged, "So, anything else going on at aberdeen?"

6/26/2009 #17

"Well, I only just got back," Izzy laughed. "Ask me again in a few days!"

6/26/2009 #18
Little Miss Priss

"Miss Graham." Matthew said bowing "May I ask for the first dance this evening?"

6/26/2009 #19

"But of course," she said, smiling at him. "And I shall even grant your request! Oh, and you and Emmy must meet my sister at some point. She's busy talking to her friend Adrian at present, but when she finishes I told her she must meet you both."

6/26/2009 #20
Little Miss Priss

Matthew offered his arm and escorted her to the dance floor. "Your costume is lovely."

6/26/2009 #21

She blushed prettily and took his arm, following him out onto the dance floor. "Thank you," she said. "Yours is very realistic, too. You are Mars, am I right? Ares? The costume looks just like I had always imagined him to dress, in truth."

6/26/2009 #22
Little Miss Priss

Matthew chuckled "You are quite correct. As it pleases you so I wish that I could take credit for it. But it is in fact the creation of Mrs. Roland."

6/26/2009 #23

She laughed. "I can easily see her choosing costumes for all and sundry if allowed."

6/26/2009 #24
Little Miss Priss

"Then we must proclaim her a great shopper." Matthew replied in a teasing tone.

6/26/2009 #25

"Indeed we must," she said, shooting a smile at him.

6/26/2009 #26

(go Mr. Roland... XD)

Emmy blushed quite furiously, the tips of her ears bright red, but she still gave a shy smile. He did look quite handsome as well. Her heart fluttered a little at the sight and she swallowed to try and keep composure.

"Thank you Mr. Durst." she said "You look quite well."

As she stepped in she was immediately met by Cecy in her Juliet costume, looking as beautiful as the character herself.

"Thank you dearest, as do you!" she laughed in response to her friend's compliment. As suddenly as she had come, Cecelia was soon swept away by Matthew and she knew the conversation would have to wait until another time. She curtsied to her mother before returning to Daniel's side.

"It is quite the lavish party."

6/26/2009 #27

Izzy, meanwhile, had decided to go and introduce herself to Cecy's friend without Cecy's assistance. Waving a cheerful goodbye to Adrian (and extending an invitation for her to come to tea sometime in the near future), she scurried over to the Brightons and Rolands and, approaching Emmy, chirped "Hello, you must be Emily Brighton! I'm Isabella, Cecy's sister!"

6/26/2009 #28
Little Miss Priss

Daniel, who had not taken his eyes from Emmy smiled "It is quite lavish. I had not been to Aberdeen before and am quite astounded at it's size.

Eliza entered the home dressed as a fairy in a beautiful gown of pale blue with silver streaks and small matching wings. She surveyed the room and gave a chuckle at the site of Colin as a Fox. Just behind him she saw a man she knew to be Mr. Joshua Roland "He will do." she said to herself and started in the direction of the window nearest him. Hopefully this Mr. Roland would take the hint and speak with her.

6/26/2009 #29

Emmy turned to her and smiled.

"It is lovely to meet you, Isabella." she said happily. This girl was certainly a live wire, just like her Johanna. Good heavens, Jo would have loved it here...

Thomas eyed Adrian from across the room in his Robin Hood getup, smiling impishly while Alice (as Maid Marian) sipped from her glass of cider.

"Thomas, please." she sighed. "Keep your eyes inside your head. What would Papa say?"

"He would've pushed me over there by now." Thomas laughed.

She peered back at her fiance and smiled.

"I as well." she said to him. "Oh, Isabella, I would like to introduce Mr. Daniel Durst."

6/26/2009 #30
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