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The home of Mr. Matthew Suft.

Keswick Manor is a relatively new construction, but it sits on a lovely plot of 24 acres, all lushly wooded.

A Mrs. Clarke is the housekeeper, and she oversees 13 maids, 12 manservants, 7 groundskeepers, 3 parlor maids, 4 grooms, and 2 cooks. The butler is a Mr. Matthews.

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Little Miss Priss

The day following thier engagement Mr. Matthew Suft toured the property and deciding that it was a fine home determined to return with Miss Graham the following day. He hoped the home which sat within an easy distance of her family would please her as it did him.

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Cecy leaned out of the carriage as they turned onto the property. She caught her breath in amazement. It was a beautiful place. She turned to Matthew. "It's perfect," she breathed.

8/23/2009 #3
Little Miss Priss

"I was hoping you would like it. It is very well situated is it not?"

8/23/2009 #4

"Matthew, it's beautiful." She said. "Can we go inside?"

8/23/2009 #5
Little Miss Priss

"Of course." Matthew replied "The home has some furnishings but if you are not happy with them they can be replaced."

8/23/2009 #6

As they descended the carriage, Cecy said "What do you think of the current furnishings?"

8/23/2009 #7
Little Miss Priss

"They seem to be serviceable. But I am not of a designing nature, for that I shall defer to you. All I ask is a comfortable study to entertain friends and conduct business." Matthew replied with a smile.

8/23/2009 #8

Cecy chuckled. "Well, we shall look it over together and talk about whether they suit us," she said merrily.

8/23/2009 #9
Little Miss Priss

He chuckled certain that she would eventually stop asking for his input. Nodding he lead them into the house and began the tour.

8/23/2009 #10

Cecy and Izzy followed him into the house, looking around at the pleasant entrance hall.

8/23/2009 #11
Little Miss Priss

Through here is the parlor, dining hall and ballroom." He noted showing them each of the rooms. "What do you think of the rooms so far?"

8/23/2009 #12

Cecy was amazed. The house was beautiful. The parlor was decorated in soft rose, with a honey colored wood floor and a beautiful piano. The dining hall looked capable of seating a bit more than the one at Aberdeen, and the ballroom...! It took her breath away. The room was decorated in white and gold, and there were mirrors on the walls. Cecy stared. "Matthew...this house is...perfect!" she exclaimed.

8/23/2009 #13
Little Miss Priss

Matthew beamed with the pleasure of pleasing the one he loved "I was so hoping you would like it. I agree it is a perfect home, and if you are pleased I shall settle with the attorney directly."

8/23/2009 #14

"Like it? I love it!" She flung her arms around him.

8/23/2009 #15
Little Miss Priss

He wrapped his arms around her and spun her through the ballroom. "Anything for you." he whispered sitting her feet on the ground once again.

8/23/2009 #16

Cecy's breath caught, and she looked up into his eyes. "I love you," she whispered. "So much."

(Awwww Matthew's so sweet!)

8/23/2009 #17
Little Miss Priss

"And I you." he replied kissing her softly.

((It's odd the way your characters develop outside of what you intend.))

8/23/2009 #18

She kissed him back softly, then, when they broke apart, leaned her head on his shoulder.

((Yeah...wasn't he originally going to be proud and spoiled, or something?))

8/23/2009 #19
Little Miss Priss

"Come let us look at the rest of the house." he said pulling away slightly and taking her hand.

((Yeah, but then he and Cecy clicked and he kind of changed. I think deep down he is still proud and spoiled. :))

8/23/2009 #20

She took his hand gladly, smiling at him as they walked out of the ballroom.

(Aw, well I like the sweet Matthew, too :D)

8/23/2009 #21
Little Miss Priss

He showed the grounds and introduced her to several of the staff.

((What now?))

8/23/2009 #22

(Want to arrive at the ball?)

8/23/2009 #23
Little Miss Priss


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