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The home of Mrs. Walter Tilney and her daughter Anne.

A pleasant little townhouse in the fashionable district of London. It is decorated in the Georgian style, and has a staff of thirteen: a butler, Mr. Potter, a housekeeper, Mrs. Libby, two parlor maids, four house maids, one cook and three cook's assistants, and a footman.

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Cecelia Graham stepped out of the carriage at No. 36, Hanover Square, and looked about her with interest. This was not her first time in London, but she had not really been there since she was eleven, and everything looked different to her after a year abroad in Europe. She stepped up to the door of No. 36 and rapped the knocker smartly three times. Then she stepped back and waited.

Here lived her Aunt, Mrs. Tilney, whom she hadn't seen in years. Mrs. Tilney had graciously offered to chaperone her and sponsor her first season. She remembered her vaguely as a kind but rather proper woman, and was anxious to become reacquainted with her aunt.


"Pull it this way, Anne, dear, and your stitch will look more even." Mrs. Tilney stood over her daughter with her hands laced together behind her back.

At the sound of a knock on the door, Anne's freckled face turned up. "Did you hear that?" she asked. "Could it be cousin Cecilia?"

Mrs. Tilney straightened, her eyes brightening. "Well, what are you waiting for, James?" She shooed her butler with a wave of her hand. "Go answer the door!"

James hurried out of the parlor to the front door, straightened his jacket, and put on his best disinterested face before opening the door. "Tilney's residence," he said,

Mrs. Tilney and her daughter listened intently for the voice of Cecelia Graham.

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Cecelia smiled at the businesslike man standing before her. "Good day," she said pleasantly. "I am Cecelia Graham. I have come to live here with my aunt. Would you be so kind as to let her know that I have arrived?"

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Mrs. Tilney was out of the parlor and to the front door within moments of hearing her niece's voice. "Cecelia, my dear!" she cried, stepping in front of James and beconning the lovely young woman inside. "My goodness, how you've grown! What a beautiful young lady you've turned out to be! Let me look at you! James, don't just stand there like a horse- get her things!" She held Cecelia away at arm's length and ran her eyes over her. "How was your journey, dear? I see your dress is a little rumpled. Nothing we can't fix, of course."

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"I had a lovely journey," Cecelia said, surreptitiously examining her aunt. "Although the road was quite riddled with ditches, which may account for the rumpled state of my dress." She looked down at it. It was, indeed, rather rumpled. A pity, for it meant she would have to go change. And this was one of her favorite dresses, too. It was white muslin with pale blue stripes, and was most becoming.

The butler hurried out to the carriage to fetch Cecelia's trunks, and Cecelia turned her gaze back to her aunt. "May I see my room?" she asked politely.

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"Indeed, you may see your room," Mrs. Tilney chuckled. "I expect you'll want to freshen up before dinner?" Her eyes ran over the wrinkled dress once more before she smiled at her niece's face. "How did you ever get so pretty? I dare-say we'll have to hire a guard for you just to keep all the gentlemen at bay!" She turned to her daughter then, called, "Anne, won't you come and see your cousin?" and then turned back. "You remember my daughter Anne, don't you, Cecelia? She was very young the last time you were in London."

Anne, a skinny little thing with sharp elbows poking at the sleeves of her muslin dress and knobby knees that gave an awkwardness to her step, walked into the room. Her red hair hung in impeccable ringlets around her shoulders and she sucked her finger where she'd accidentally poked it with her needle a moment ago as she looked at Cecelia with her puppy-like, watery blue eyes. "Don;t suck on your finger, dear, you are not a savage." Mrs. Tilney pulled Anne's hand away from her mouth. "Curtsy now. That's right. Won't you show your cousin Cecelia to her new room?"

The 14-year-old made her way timidly over to Cecelia. "Good afternoon, cousin," she said.

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"Yes, thank you," Cecelia smiled. "And I should hope that I have sufficient abilities to keep gentlemen at bay should I feel the need," she added, laughing. "I can be quite definite in my opinions sometimes, you will find."

When Anne entered the room, she turned, smiling. She instantly sensed a kindred spirit. Under Anne's watery eyes and puppy like demeanor lurked a heart of gold. "And a good afternoon to you, too, cousin Anne," she responded. "I am delighted to meet you. Would you do me the great honor of helping me unpack? I brought a few presents for you." A lie, but she had a lovely lace fan and an seed pearl bracelet that would look lovely with her cousin's luscious red curls. As of now, they would become presents for Anne.

Perhaps I can take her in hand, Cecelia mused. She seems a dear, sweet thing, and I do so want to be her friend. And I am sure that if she widened out a little and gained some confidence she could be rather pretty. That hair certainly is stunning.

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Anne's eyes widened at the mention of presents. "Goodness, cousin, you didn't need to bring me anything!" Her cheeks colored in a shy blush. "I would be happy to help you unpack, though. ...If you'll just follow me," she smiled sheepishly before leading Cecelia up the stairs.

Mrs. Tilney smiled approvingly at the two of them. Anne was her only daughter, and she had taken in Cecelia with secret hopes of her teaching the girl a thing or two about feminine graces. If Anne would just get over that silly shyness! It was most unbecoming without the balence of demureness and grace.

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"Thank you," Cecelia said. "If-what is your name?" she asked the butler.

"James, Miss Graham," he said stiffly.

"If Mr. James would be so good as to bring my trunks along...?"

James gave a stiff nod. "Of course, Miss."

Cecelia smiled at him. "Thank you," she said. "Now, cousin Anne, if you would lead the way, we can be off."

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((*coff* Potter. The butler's name is Potter...))

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((*Giggles* Now, now, Rach, we can only steal so many names!))

Anne had to fight back a smile when she heard James huffing with the effort of lifting Cecelia's trunk. "It's just up this way," she said, walking up the stairs. "Your room is just accross the hall from mine." She sucked on her pricked finger again once out of sigh of Mrs. Tilney.

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((But...*points to house description*))

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((Oh, I didn't even notice that! Ha ha! I was just thinking of Harry Potter's daddy :P))

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((I guess we'll just call him Mr. James Potter, then, since RM called him James and the description says Or we can just pick one))

Cecelia was unprepared for the neat, pretty little room that awaited her. It was papered in white and pink and blue, and there was a window that looked out over the square. Her bed was a comfortable four poster, and the other furnishings were much as she had been accustomed to in other houses.

"Oh, Anne," she said, "it's simply lovely! Thank you so much! Now, let's see..." she turned to her trunk and searched through it. She pulled out the fan and the pearls and handed them to Anne. "These are for you, and..." she rummaged again. "I shall change into this," she announced, pulling out a pink and white muslin dress with lacy trim. "Is there a maid here that I can use?" she asked, "Or should I send to Aberdeen house for Marie?"

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((I think James Potter is fine :D))

Anne accepted her gifts awkwardly, murmering a barely audible 'thank you' as she looked at them. She hardly knew what to do with the fan, but the pearls found their way easilly onto her wrist. They reminded her of a poem she'd once read about a mermaid.... As her fingers rolled over the bracelet, her mind became lost in the imagined sounds of the sea and visions of mythological creatures. At Cecelia's question she looked up with a start. "Oh, er.... I suppose you ought to send for your servant. Do you want me to help you?" Her eyes caught sight of the pink dress and widened. "Oh!" she said with awed delight, "That's very pretty."

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((Ok :D))

"You can use the fan when you have your first season," Cecelia said, smiling. "Alright, I shall send a note to Aberdeen House at once. Oh, yes, help would be delightful. Thank you, Anne." She smoothed the dress proudly. "My mother had it made for me-she loves to spoil me with dresses. Sometime you will have to go shopping with her-she's wonderful with style."

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Anne walked over to the open trunk to help unpack, but ended up lost in thought again as she touched the silky fabric of another beautiful dress. "I hope I die before my first season," she said in a dreary monotone. "I shall have to go out in front of so many people and have to think of things to say." She lifted the silky green gown out of its trunk and began to fold it in a trance-like state.

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"Oh, Anne, you mustn't think that way!" Cecelia chided her. "You're going to be a very beautiful girl and you're so sweet and good that I'm sure you'll make a splash in society. I'll help you prepare. And it's not so hard, thinking of things to say. If someone asks you something, you answer. If they are being rude, brush them aside, and if you are arguing, just state your opinion coolly and calmly. I really think that you'll do fine. After all, you have three years in which to prepare, do you not?"

She turned to the trunk and began to help Anne, pulling out a few muslin day dresses in white and pastels. "I'll tell you what," she said, struck by an idea, "I shall tell you all about my season, and that way you will be prepared for the sorts of things people say during one."

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Anne listened doubtfully as her cousin spoke. She'd never seen anything even remotely petty about herself and told herself that she should be grateful for her plainness, for if she were pretty she would recieve more unwanted attention. Still, she thought it might be enjoyable to watch Cecelia go through her first season. "I think I'd like that," she admitted unsurely. She pulled out another dress, this one a pale blue, and proceeded to put it away as well. "Are you going to attend the Kingstons' ball with mother?"

1/11/2009 #19

"I think so," Cecelia said. "I will ask Mrs. Tilney. I would enjoy it." She paused, lost in thought. "The Kingstons..." she mused, "that name doesn't sound familiar to me...I suppose I never met any of them. Who is in the family?"

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"Mother grew up with Mrs. Kingston and they met again a few months ago in London. The family lives out in the country somewhere- I don't know them very well myself." Anne thought of the two adult children she'd met only once a few weeks ago. "They have a son and a daughter- both very handsome and... interesting. I think they must be about your age, or older. The boy must be older, I think."

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"They're interesting, are they?" Cecelia giggled. "Well, this will be an exciting ball then." She looked up to see that all the clothing was put away. "Shall we go back to your mother?" she asked. "Maybe she can tell me more about her plans for my season."

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Anne nodded wordlessly. She might have described the Kingston siblings further, but she wasn't sure how to go about it. They were very open people- displaying their personalities more nakedly than she'd ever seen adults do before. The girl- Charyl, or whatever her name was- was very gay and childish in a way that was somehow elegant.... The man was just grumpy. Anne opened the door for her cousin so that they could return downstairs.

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In the parlor, Cecelia came over to her aunt. "Mrs. Tilney," she asked, "Anne had mentioned a ball soon. Am I to go with you?"

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Mrs. Tilney turned to her niece with a bright smile. "Ah, yes! How could I have forgotten? The Kingstons of Rothbury Lodge are having a ball the night after tomorrow! Certainly you must come! Lovely people, the Kingstons." She gasped as an idea came to her. "Oh, and they have a son, you know. Mr. William Kingston, who's to inherit Rothbury Lodge on the death of his father! Mr. Kingston travels so much that William practically owns the house already, you know. You really must meet him! A charming young man- and very handsome, too!"

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((Haha, a charming man. And then they don't get along. Hehe. Darcy/Elizabeth is fun!!!))

"What shall I wear?" Cecelia asked. "Will you look through my gowns for me and tell me if there is anything suitable? And please, aunt, do not match-make for me. I should prefer to choose my own husband. "

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((*Giggles* I love it!))

Mrs. Tilney's eyes positively glowed at the invitation to dress up her niece- Anne was not so willing, or so fun to doll up because of her age-! But then her face fell at being deprived of her favorite game of all- matchmaking! "Oh, but Cecelia, darling," she said, pouting slightly, "a young lady like yourself needs all the help she can get! After all, I know more of the young men out here than you do."

1/12/2009 #27

"Thank you, aunt," Cecelia said graciously, "but I much prefer to make my own judgement of gentlemen. You see, I have determined never to marry for anything besides true love. If the man is rich and handsome in the bargain, so much the better, and the sooner he comes the happier my family will be. But I want true love in my life."

1/12/2009 #28

Mrs. Tilney laughed understandingly and patted her niece's hand. Such ideas these young generations were developing! "Dearest, in my day it was well understood that silly infatuations do not make good matches. You must choose the right man and then love comes along after. You'll understand someday, I'm sure. But enough about that! Tell me how your family is faring."

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Cecelia sighed inwardly. This was going to be an obstacle to overcome: her aunt's matchmaking tendencies. Smiling outwardly, she said "Mother and Father have been traveling extensively and enjoying every bit of it. Isabella is at school, where she is top of her class and has no less than three boys in love with her already." She sighed wistfully. "I miss Bella," she murmured.

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