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Does Jane Austen mean more to you than just an author? Does the mention of "Pride and Predjudice", "Persuasion" or "Sense and Sensibility" make you think of beautiful dresses and handsome men? Here, you can RP your own regency characters. Have fun!
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"The Monk," Cecelia said. "I know it's considered scandalous, but it's so very thrilling! Oh, is it time for tea?" She put her book down on the bed. "Ought I to change, do you think?"

1/28/2009 #91

Anne's eyes widened. She had started to read The Monk in a bookstore once, but mother had given her a great tongue-lashing for it for days aftwerwards. She still wanted to read it.... But she pulled her eyes away from the book at Cecelia's question and laughed softly. "I think mother would insist upon you wearing pink so that you'll match the tea set."

1/28/2009 #92

Cecelia burst out in helpless giggles. "Well then," she said, going over to her wardrobe, "I shan't disappoint." Swiftly she changed from her yellow muslin gown to a white one with little pink flowers and a few tasteful ruffles. "Will this match well enough, do you think?" Noticing Anne's wide eyes, she added "I've already read The Monk...if you would like to, you may sneak up here and read it when your mother isn't paying attention or is out."

1/28/2009 #93

Anne giggled and was just about to remark that the dress matched the tea set perfectly- for it, too, was white with little pink flowers- when Cecelia offered to let her read the book! "May I really?" she asked in awe. "Oh mother would go into a tizzy if she ever found out!"

1/29/2009 #94

"Oh, yes, of course you may," Cecelia said. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't mean it. And I see no reason Mrs. Tilney should have to know, so I think your reading habits are safe." Hearing sounds from downstairs, she said "We'd better go down-I think that our guests will be here soon. Are you having tea with us? I think you'd like Miss Emily Brighton."

1/29/2009 #95

Anne scooped the book up into her hands with eager eyes, wishing to reat it as soon as possible! She shook her head. "Goodness, no, I'd rather not. I mean... I'm sure that Miss Brighton is lovely.... But I would feel so awkward. If it's alright, I think I'd like to start this book!"

1/29/2009 #96

Cecelia laughed. "I see why your mother worries about your season, cousin! You must learn to take more interest in social affairs! But no matter. I shall tell aunt that you are feeling ill and went to lie down. Enjoy your book!" And with that, she smiled, waved, and made her way downstairs. There she found Mrs. Tilney overseeing the tea preparations. "Has anyone come yet?" she asked, peering into the parlor.

1/29/2009 #97

Charlotte had stayed in her London house the night before, so as to avoid a long drive before the tea party, and now she walked herself up the porch steps of Mrs. Tilney's residence before knocking on the door. The front parlor window was open, so she could hear Mrs. Tilney's exclamation of "Get the door, James! Get the door!"

She had to stifle her giggles before the door opened, revealing a tall man with a serious expression on his face. "Madam," he said, stepping aside to let her in.

"Thank you, sir." Charlotte nodded her head to the butler.

1/29/2009 #98

Hearing voices, Cecelia came out into the front hall. Miss Kingston was there.

"Oh! Hello Miss Kingston!" she said cheerfully. "I'm glad you could come. Do take off your wraps and come into the parlor."

1/29/2009 #99

"Good afternoon, Miss Graham," Charlotte replied, removing her wrap and handing it to the butler before following her hostess into the parlor. "It's a lovely day, isn't it?"

1/29/2009 #100

"Indeed it is, Miss Kingston," Cecelia said. Then, unable to help herself, she broke out into giggles. "I'm sorry!" she said, "It's just that we sound so formal!"

1/29/2009 #101

Charlotte laughed. She just might like Cecelia! "Oh my goodness, you have no idea how relieved I am to hear you laugh about that! I was begining to think I was the only lady in the world who enjoys a comfortable conversation!" She felt herself relaxing just a little. Feminine gatherings never had been her favorite.

1/30/2009 #102

"I confess, I've often felt the same way myself," Cecelia said, smiling at Charlotte. She liked her already. "It seems that women are always being judged for their formality and elegance nowadays, and I find it extremely vexing. Can't anyone see that there's so much more to us than pretty faces and elegant speech?"

1/30/2009 #103

Emmy bounced in the horse's saddle as she rode across London to find Miss Cecelia's house. She felt more like a sack of flour than a human being, being jostled around this way and that. When she finally got to the house, she tied up her horse and knocked on the door.

1/30/2009 #104

Charlotte could hardly believe what she was hearing. Could it be? Anthother woman who thought the way that she did?! "Careful, friend," she cautioned with a giggle, "you mustn't say such things in this house."

Just at that moment, Mrs. Tilney appeared with a new headpiece and a welcoming smile. "Ah, how wonderful that you have arrived, Miss Kingston!" It was clear that formality would be enforced as long as this woman was presant.

1/30/2009 #105

Cecelia bit her lip so as not to burst out into helpless giggles before her aunt. "I believe I hear a knock, aunt," she said.

1/30/2009 #106

Mrs. Tilney peered out the window. "It must be Miss Brighton. How wonderful! James! The door, James!"

James hurried over to the door, set his face, and opened it to Miss Brighton. "Madam," he said in his best drone, stepping aside to let her in.

1/30/2009 #107

Emmy smiled and came inside.

"Thank you." she said quietly, looking around for Miss Cecelia.

1/30/2009 #108

Cecelia broke out into a grin, dragging Charlotte over to Emily. "I'm so glad you've arrived," she said, acting formal for Mrs. Tilney's sake. "Do come into the parlor."

1/30/2009 #109

Emily smiled.

"Thank you, miss." she said, taking off her pelisse and hat. "It was kind of you to invite me."

1/30/2009 #110

((I think Mrs. Tilney should have errands to run or something so that the girls can talk freely))

1/30/2009 #111

"Oh, it is my pleasure," Cecelia said. "I am so glad you were both able to come."

1/30/2009 #112

((Good idea!))

Charlotte smiled at the way Cecelia pulled her along to the door. Yes, she could certainly get along with this girl!

Mrs. Tilney sighed, clasping her hands together. "I'm so sorry that I won't be able to join you ladies, but I have an appointment to keep with Lady Sutton. Her boy is ill and she's quite beside herself to know what to do with him! You will be able to manage without me, Cecelia, I'm sure?"

1/30/2009 #113

"We shall get by, I daresay," Cecelia said, the sarcasm in her voice so light that Mrs. Tilney would not have been able to catch it even if she had been paying more attention.

1/30/2009 #114

Charlotte pursed her lips to contain a smile. This scene looked very similar to how it was interacting with her mother!

Mrs. Tilney, on the other hand, nodded and tossed a shawl over her shoulders as she walked to the door. "Have a lovely time, ladies!" She stepped out into the crisp, warm Summer air with a sigh. Hopefully Cecelia had been propperly taught how to host a tea party....

1/31/2009 #115

As soon as Mrs. Tilney was out of the house, Cecelia visibly relaxed. Smiling at her guests, she said "Well, now we can talk freely!"

1/31/2009 #116

"I feel right at home," Charlotte laughed, taking her seat at the table. "My mother grew up with Mrs. Tilney and I think they behave very much the same."

1/31/2009 #117

"Oh dear," Cecelia said, looking horrified. "I can't imagine living with Mrs. Tilney from childhood. I feel so sorry for Anne!"

1/31/2009 #118

"Oh, well my mother isn't quite as extreme as Mrs. Tilney, I don't think. She very likely would have been if she wasn't such a hypochondriac. And I've never been as sweet a creature as Anne seems to be, so it hardly would have mattered anyway." Charlotte gave a genuine smile. "But what is your mother like? Do you have many siblings?"

1/31/2009 #119

"My mother, Eleanor Graham, is wonderful," Cecelia said, smiling. "She believed in girls having freedom as they grew up. She let me learn as much as I wanted to from governesses, instead of merely learning the basic a young lady needs. And she persuaded my father to bring me and my sister, Isabella with them when they traveled. Isabella is probably my best friend. She's very smart. She loves learning even more than I do. She's very beautiful, and the boys at her school are constantly falling in love with her. But my parents despair of her finding a match, because she's not interested in any of them. What about you? Do you have any siblings besides William? What's the rest of your family like?"

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