Medieval Fantasy
A story about a Kingdom that has been overthrwn and a group of warriors must save the kingdom from utter destruction. Are you with theese Warriors......Or are you against them?
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The main base for the Kingdom.

10/26/2008 #1

Ferdinand stood in a corner of a great hall, a fireball in his hands moving freely.

10/26/2008 #2

Dallasa as sitting in the chair at the end on the table closets to Ferdinand "I can't believe that we failed! This is outragous!"

10/26/2008 #3

"Plans are fragile things at best, my King." He replied simply, still engrossed in his fireball. "Perhaps next time it'd be best to attack with a larger force?"

10/26/2008 #4

"Mm....excellent suggestion my champion...."

10/26/2008 #5

"Perhaps yes, but the question right now is where to get new recruits for my lord's army..." He replied simply once again.

10/26/2008 #6
Imagination 5

Maia strode up to Dallas, her black wings folded behind her back.. "I'll do it. I'll kill that girl!"

10/26/2008 #7

"Oh, the dark angel has revealed herself." Ferdinand was still paying attention to his fireball, after just a quick glance up. "I suppose that's another one to our ranks..."

10/27/2008 #8

"Maia, I believe that we should also attend, I believe that there are three membes, three of us would even things out no?"

10/27/2008 #9

"3 versus 3, true, even numbers." He snapped his fingers, and his fireball dissapeared. "But personally I'd prefer more than that."

(Doesn't he have a personal army or somewhat? XD)

10/27/2008 #10
Imagination 5

"As you wish," sighed Maia.

10/27/2008 #11

Dallas nodded "We jut recently attacked so we should wait until they least expect it."

10/27/2008 #12

"Maia, was it?" Ferdinand stood upright, but remained where he was. "Might I ask, what is your motivation for decimating the Rebels, and their leader?"

10/27/2008 #13
Imagination 5

"The rebels; they killed my father. And now they intend to kill his successor; me! I want them dead, especially Yoko; she is mine!" shouted Maia.

10/27/2008 #14

"A good a reason as any, I suppose." Ferdinand stated simply, looking around the room.

Though vengeance is, more often than not, a bitter-sweet feeling, and a double edged sword...

10/27/2008 #15
Imagination 5

Maia looked at Dallas. "What now?" she asked sharply.

10/27/2008 #16

Ferdinand resumed his play with the fireball, causing it to start doing very strange acrobatics in the air. But he kept his silence.

10/27/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #17
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