Chao Island
The wonderful Chao Island is where the tiny creatures know as Chao live; Play, eat, race, battle, the choice is yours!
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Q: What are Chao?

A: Chao are described as creatures not possessing the ability to decide its own course of evolution. They are fragile, fleeting, and consequently a pure and lovable life-form. Typically they live by clear water. They adapt to survive in various environments by being able to capture features of other life-forms that they touch. Watching their exceedingly cute behavior is relaxing.

Q: What do chao Look like?

A: Chao have many different appearences, but they all differ on they're Allignment.

Q: What's a Alignment?

A: Allignment is the side you are on; Hero, neutral, Dark; different allignment, different appearence, personalty, way of life, etc, etc.

Q: What Is the life cycle Of A Chao?

A: Chao start life in an egg state. There are many different eggs, reflecting the type of Chao that will hatch from them. Speckled eggs, found in the Gardens when no other Chao are present, hatch neutral chao; these Chao are blue with yellow highlights, but may change color as they grow {Allignment effects this, also what skill they are best in}

After awhile, a Chao creates a cocoon and evolves into a more mature form. When evolving, they go into a cocoon state,. When the Chao comes out of this cocoon, it is an adult and can mate. The Chao ages, depending on a number of environmental influences. if the Chao was happy, it will be surrounded by a pink cocoon, and it will come back to life again as an egg,. However, if it was angry, or sad most of it's life, it will be surrounded by a gray cocoon, and it will die

Q: May I Have A link to A Good Chao Website:

A: Of course you can! Remember you are playing the chao, your not paying a guardian!


If you have anymore questions, post them here and I will do my best to awnser them ^^

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