Chao Island
The wonderful Chao Island is where the tiny creatures know as Chao live; Play, eat, race, battle, the choice is yours!
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This is where all chao come to play, hang out, etc, etc.

It has cliffs, a pond, a good flat ground, and trees plentiful with fruit, it's perfect for all skilled chao,

10/4/2008 #1
Imagination 5

The clear tinkling of a bell was audible as Crystal bounced into a clearing beside the pond.

10/7/2008 #2

Suki was swimming and smiled as she saw Crystal 'Hello there! I'm Suki! what's your name?" the chao chimed, paddling over.

10/16/2008 #3
Imagination 5

"Crystal," she murmured softly, smiling tentatively back at Suki.

10/18/2008 #4

"Nice to meet you Crystal!" Suki saidd, her yellow ball above her head turning into a heart shape as she giggled.

10/18/2008 #5
Imagination 5

Crystal smiled softly. "You too."

10/25/2008 #6
Yuki Kuran

Another chao came swimming up and splashed the both of them in the face. "Hahahaha! I'm Chincha, pleased to meat ya!"

4/10/2010 #7

Sheena was sitting apart from the rest, twiddling her golden ribbon and dreaming up a purple and green ribbon she could wear instead of her real one.

11/19/2011 #8
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