Colonial Nations RP
In the year 1580, many fleets are setting sail to explore the New World. Play as European, Native, or anyone else who takes your fancy, in the latest Nations RP from that highly successful series of RPs.
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awilla the hun

Just to talk about anything.

10/6/2008 #1
Sarah Crowning

Looks very nice. I think the small scale will help with many traditional nation-rp problems. Unfortunately I can't use my long-developed fantasy empire, so I'll have to think of something else to use. There'll be plenty of British coming along I think. Maybe I'll do French or Dutch, or Russian or Portuguese... I'll have to think about this some more.

My only suggestion would be Outlaw or Pirate colonies. They'd lose help from the home country, not be able to replace members as easily, and probably lack some industry, but they'd allow for a colony type with more freedom and flexibility for the leader.

10/6/2008 #2

Also, yes this forum seems like quite fun and I will most likely be joining it soon as I love history, the free masons were not renowned stone builders at that time period, nor were they really about being a mason at all. Free Masonry is a form of freedom of religion and philosophical values that were held under dictators noses. Free Masons were often killed because of this and that is why many fled to the colonies, unless you meant just a mason in which case I sincerely apologize. And how fast and how far can your colony grow? And I think your idea for a timeline is an excellent idea, the other forums were very messy in the timeline procedures, one battle took place while a year went by in other places. Perhaps a day in the real world could represent a certain amount of days or weeks in the forum world? And is the Ottoman Empire a possibility for a mother country?

10/6/2008 . Edited 10/6/2008 #3
Sarah Crowning

Kross is correct, Freemasons don't have much to do with masonry.

I would also suggest a gunsmith as a tradesman. Perhaps having one would mean a certain number of militia-men could be armed with muskets? I don't think Armourer needs to be on the list, as the smith somewhat covers that aspect.

Oh, and I notice that both Women and Priest are in the specials catagory. This could cause a conflict in refugee colonies, which I'd expect to have both. Perhaps women should be an automatic acquisition for refugee colonies?

10/7/2008 . Edited 10/7/2008 #4
awilla the hun

I thought that they were once a real guild of masons, but I appear to be wrong. I'll change that, as soon as I can.

And, whilst refugee colonies may have priests to pray for them and so on, they may not have missionaries- men of the cloth who actively go out into the countryside and convert natives. However, I think you're right. I'll get changing things, as well as adding more stuff on.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I await those of Apsen and Marinus, who don't seem as interested.

10/7/2008 #5
awilla the hun

Yes, the Ottoman Empire can be used as a mother country, as can China and various non European powers (although you'll have to come up with progressively more outlandish explanations as to why they didn't go to the West Coast.)

However, I am not allowing you to use their "wonder weapons." This means no colossal Ottoman guns, no Chinese rocket launchers, no greek fire! It is unlikely that these will be sent out to a mere colony, owing to their fragility and difficulty of transport (especially the Ottoman Cannon- it moved just two miles per day, even with massive amounts of slaves and good roads. In a colony without substantial manpower or roads, moving it will prove difficult, to say the least.)

I would also advise that you research it quite thoroughly before setting out. We all need to for our mother countries.

10/7/2008 #6
awilla the hun

Pirate or Outlaw colonies can be represented reasonably well by merchants, or by refugees. I may add them at a later stage, if I have a successful forum.

10/7/2008 #7
Sarah Crowning

Hrm... I realize that I know more about the native tribes that would be in the area then I do about most of the mother countries colonies could come from. I'm thinking I'll go with a native group.

Is the Iriquois confederacy going to fit into this? It might make things a bit hard on the settlers, what with the tribes all allied together.

10/7/2008 #8
awilla the hun

Potentially, they could be. This would be pretty nasty for the unfortunate colonists. However, I know very little about them, and the Indians: my limited resources of information include a couple of books (largely from the European POV), and a few websites.

Please add any information you choose to. As long as its accurate, it'll help me a lot with the Indians.

Could you help me with some form of specialist system with them? I don't really know enough about them to make one.

10/7/2008 #9

With the natives perhaps you could have a befriended chieftain who would help supply you with food and native soldiers?

And also something people should keep in mind, people back then were able to build wooden things such as houses, fences, small walls, etc., without a carpenter, but a carpenter is the only way to build anything large scale, and most common folk can somewhat easily build their own house, as many people back then did, but not much else after that. But stone was different, no ordinary man would really know how to build anything out of stone except maybe a well, but even wells were mostly wooden back then I believe.

10/7/2008 . Edited 10/7/2008 #10

Awilla, how would you like these nations posted, like nations or sci-fi nations?

10/7/2008 #11
Sarah Crowning

Ok, info on native peoples that might be useful.

Many of the native tribes were part of larger confederacies. The most famous is the Iriquois confederacy, which originally composed of five tribes. Each tribe was essentially autonomous, but would pick delegates for the grand council. Any tribe could convene the grand counsel. The counsel voted by tribe on laws. There was no executive figure; when war made leaders necessary, the council would appoint two war chiefs of equal power. Only women had the right to nominate a counsel member or strip him of his job. The leading women in a tribe also had the right of veto.

There were other confederacies, such as the Wabanaki confederacy that stretched from Vermont to Maine- interestingly enough, Britain became a member of the confederacy at one point.

Tribal language and customs varied by a surprising amount. Most of the tribes were essentially animists, believing in a world animated and occupied by spirits, but also believed in some sort of creator spirit.

Each tribe was generally composed of several clans named after animals- such a bear, hawk, etc. Members of one clan could stay with other members when they travelled within their tribe. So if a man from say... the bear clan, traveled to another village in his tribe, he could stay with someone from the bear clan. The Iriquois confederacy spread this even wider, so that members could travel anywhere within the confederacy without worrying about where to stay.

Many tribes, such as the Mohawk, were matrilineal, meaning that descent passed through the female line. Natives generally had much greater respect for women, even enemy women, than Europeans. Women usually ran the households and farmed, while men would hunt and defend the tribe.

10/8/2008 . Edited 10/8/2008 #12

This might start to get a little confusing when more nations are being posted, perhaps we could avoid the initial confusion and start pinning topics?

10/8/2008 #13
awilla the hun

Nations get put up in the style of the Sci Fi Nations RP.

I would have expected that some of the history buffs in this section would contribute, but evidently not.

10/8/2008 #14

Can we please start pinning topics?

10/10/2008 #15
Sarah Crowning

In the rules for time you say that one day equals one week. Now there's 52 weeks in a year, and four seasons, so every season would be 13 weeks. That's 13 days per season in real time, and 52 days for an in-game year.

What season do we start in though? I'd assume spring, which means that we'd all have 26 days until winter...

10/11/2008 #16
awilla the hun

Spring. I'll try and keep track.

10/11/2008 #17
Sarah Crowning

Nice. That means we'll actually be able to have starvation and difficulty all winter. Plus mud season in early spring, and harvests in fall, and droughts in summer...

10/11/2008 #18
Sarah Crowning

My native village is up! I know I'm sort of setting myself up for a Pocahauntus episode, but maybe I can spin it my way and do something fun... And if not, well, it's impossible to stop all contact between lonely male settlers and native women.

The settlers will pay for it. That's how Syphillus got to europe. *evil laughter*

10/11/2008 #19
awilla the hun

Syphilis was around for a long time before Pocahuntas. Hippocrates describes it (according to the great resrouce that is wikipedia.) Pinch of salt required.

10/12/2008 #20
awilla the hun

It's amazing, really, what that Nations RP has spawned. From vast armies and city sized steam tanks, to colonies setting out to America. We would give MW a pat on the back, but he/she is across the Atlantic for me, and probably a few states away for everyone else.

10/12/2008 #21
Sarah Crowning

The point is debated among scholars. One theory is that it was around for a long time- the other is that explorers and seamen from various expeditions brought it back. Genetic research and the fact that the first major outbreak on reccord happened shortly after discovering the Americas suggests a columbian exchange.

Considering the two theories, I'd go for the columbian exchange one, just because it would add a very fun dynamic to the entire forum. The Indians get smallpox and the colonists get syphilis

I can hardly take all the credit for the Nation RP. It's true I cam up with the original idea, but you have all helped refine it into something functionable and enjoyable.

10/12/2008 #22

Yes indeed, syphilis was most likely brought back by seamen.

10/12/2008 #23
awilla the hun


10/12/2008 #24

There shouldn't be as much difficulty communicating in this forum, for it was very uncommon for someone to just know there own language at this time in Europe. At that time most people knew at least French, Italian, Dutch, English, Spanish, and Portugese. And for the sake of the forum lets assume that every colony has a few translators that can speak the language of any motherland that has a colony.

10/12/2008 #25

Actually, Kross, you are wrong. It is in MODERN times that Europeans have begun to really study each others' languages. Back in 1580, only very educated people knew other languages, and usually not very many. That is why they hired translators.

Also, I don't think we should all get translators; that is the advantage of having a merchant. He IS a translator.

10/12/2008 . Edited 10/12/2008 #26
awilla the hun

Very true. It can be expected, for example with the New Amsterdam Colony, that the educated ones speak Dutch and Spanish (they were ruled by Spain, which should be remembered in the colony, but are now revolting against them), but little else. Whereas, with a merchant, all languages are spoken by one man. And he dramatically increases the ability of a colony to trade. When I have a numerical system for trade going, this will be included.

A priest could speak his mother tongue and Latin (unless the country is Protestant.) If nothing else, they can be used as translators.

Countries with a substantial Protestant presence include the Netherlands, parts of Germany, and England.

10/13/2008 #27

I believe that Spain did not control the Netherlands in 1580. Wasn't Holland at the time a nation split into two states: one Catholic and one Protestant (kind of like the Holy Roman Empire, but that the latter had far more states)?

10/13/2008 #28

At this time there was a Dutch Revolt which had just recently developed that was also known as the eighty years war. At this time they were opposing rule so it would be reasonable to assume they would form a colony to spite, if nothing else, the former governing body. This was also a time when a sense of Dutch Nationality was born.

10/13/2008 #29
awilla the hun

I had corrected every reference to the Dutch being ruled by the Spanish bar that one, so I apologise. However, I'll try and keep track of developments in the Netherlands at that time: a blockade, for example, would mean less shipments. And prepare to recieve naval vessels in a month or two. Your colony would be a good base to attack Spanish treasure fleets from.

And if a Spanish Colony is set up, things will get interesting...

10/14/2008 #30
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