Colonial Nations RP
In the year 1580, many fleets are setting sail to explore the New World. Play as European, Native, or anyone else who takes your fancy, in the latest Nations RP from that highly successful series of RPs.
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awilla the hun

These are general rules of conduct for the forum.

) I am the admin, so do not argue with me ((this is somewhat flexible until I put my foot down, then you had better back the heck off))

2) I reserve the right to edit and delete any and all posts on this forum

3) moderators have all the powers that I do, so do not argue with them either.

4) Don't take anything personal, its all just a game, essentially

5) Be friendly to other forum goers, since I will reprimand those who do not, and if it is continually done then I will delete all, yes i mean all, of your posts. though that is specifically reserved for those that are mean to everyone almost constantly.

6) Magic is not allowed.

7) Do not make your nation overtly powerful, look at those that are already on the forum and tailor it's strength accordingly.

9) out of character swearing should be kept to a minimum, though in character it is perfectly fine. (And no racist remarks, please. Ditto overly chauvinist ones.)

10) Please post about once a day. I do know that this isn't always possible, but at least try to.

11) I will monitor battles and will be a decisive factor, if need be, in any arguements.

12) Unless I give you special permission to, you cannot have more than one nation.

13) No one can control more than two nations at a time.

14) If your not sure about something, ask me or another moderator.

15) for those people who don't already know this from other RPs, METAGAME THINKING IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED AND WILL GET YOUR POSTS DELETED.

16) seeing as this is a consistent problem, make sure you go quote the post you are posting in response to. That also means you have to read it throughly too

17) I am very ... accepting most of the time, but if anyone does not follow the rules consistently I will think of an appropriate consequence

18) No God-moding

god-moding is when someone controls another person's character or doesn't give said character a chance to respond. For example: a musket and killing a native.

The correct etiquette is to make the attempt, and allow the other person to decide what the results are. If would want a certain result and you're worried they won't do it, explain what will happen if the attempt is successful, and why that's so. For example: Firing a musket at very close range, when the native is not looking.

That gives the other person the opportunity to respond and decide what happens, and points out to them that the bullet would do a lot more damage and be a lot more accurate than normal.

Just remember: One person does the attempt, then the person affected writes the effect.

18) If a player goes inactive [ie not heard from in ~4 weeks] their topics will be locked. If no activity beyond 2 months, their nation will fall to ruin (unless someone else steps in to take over.)


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