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In the year 1580, many fleets are setting sail to explore the New World. Play as European, Native, or anyone else who takes your fancy, in the latest Nations RP from that highly successful series of RPs.
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Colony Name: New Amsterdam

Mother Country: The Netherlands

Type of Colony: Government Expedition

Terrain: New Amsterdam is located on a fairly large Island; it is about two and a half miles long and about half a mile wide ((goes along the coast for 2.5 miles, goes out towards the sea for .5 miles)) with only about a two-mile stretch of water between it and the mainland. It has sparse trees but is covered in wild bush, including many berry bushes, and is quite fertile soil. On the side of the island overlooking the open ocean there is a large cliff, while the side facing the coast is mainly just beach. The coast located near them is very flat and covered in a huge forest, fertile soil but not very much room to grow anything unless these huge trees are cleared first. The island is void of natives, but they are not sure about the mainland.


1. Native Scout

2. Carpenter/Soldier

3. Bombardier

4. Women

Resources: 550 people: 100 professional soldiers, 350 militia, 100 women; muskets, swords, commanders have brace of pistols and swords; cuirass; militia crossbows; they have 4 cannons and 2 mortars from bombardier, the mortars and 1 cannon are in the logging camp, and the other cannons are in the fort on the island, but these cannons will have longer range than any ship cannons


Name: Kurt Van Donge

Physical Description: Is not the most muscular person, but is physically fit, and very sharp minded. He is not a person to react quickly and foolishly, but he can act quickly if duty calls. He is a tall man, and has slightly tanned skin from his months at sea.

Age: 37

Background Info: Was a military colonel, but was disgraced by the call to retreat from a position, which did save hundreds if not thousands of soldiers lives, and the government assigned him to head this colony. He is actually quite relieved he was assigned this, for he did not like the idea of being killed in battle and leaving his wife a widow to raise three children by herself.

Position in Colony: Leader

Name: Sandra Van Donge

Physical Description: Is a beautiful woman with an excellent figure and a beautiful face. She is average height and is a perfect lady, although being at sea is not one of her favorite things to do.

Age: 35

Background Info: She was born into a wealthy family and met Kurt 16 years ago. They fell madly in love and were married when she was twenty. They now have three children, two daughters, Petra and Nicole, and a son who is accompanying them, Ben. She is a very charismatic and smart woman, and her husband will often consider her advice before making a decision.

Position in Colony: Leader’s wife

Name: Ben Van Donge

Physical Description: Is a fast and strong young lad who is tall and handsome with tanned skin from staying outside much of his time. He is quite strong, and with an intelligence that is higher than the average man, but nowhere near his father’s or mother’s, nor is he as charismatic.

Age: 19

Background Info: Is the son of the leader of the colony, and always strives for his father’s approval. He is constantly trying to impress his father and gain his approval. He has a sweetheart who is joining him in the colony, Zoey Finch.

Position in Colony: Leader’s son

Name: Zoey Finch

Physical Description: Is a beautiful women, but does not have much character and is not the smartest person in the world, although she can read and write.

Age: 18

Background Info: She was born into a very wealthy family in the Netherlands, but she was what today we would consider to be a brat. Once she heard that her sweetheart Ben was going on this expedition, she convinced her father to let her come along

Position in Colony: Leader’s son’s sweetheart

Name: Paul Trey

Physical Description: A fairly large man with a large scar on the left side of his face. He obtained this scar in battle and it also caused him to lose his left eye and he now where an eye patch.

Age: 34

Background Info: He was born in Holland into a fairly wealthy family, and joined the army to have some fun and to come back with a few medals. He has fought many times for his country and is a seasoned veteran. He often brags about the scar, mostly in the taverns where he loves to get drunk and gamble away his money.

Position in Colony: Dutch commander

Name: Thomas Henry

Physical Description: Is a somewhat strong man, being a carpenter he has to be. He is not what we would consider smart, but he does take advice from other people. He has callused hands and very strong legs from having to not only climb on buildings but also from pushing loads of lumber

Age: 32

Background Info: Was born in England, but when he was two years old his dutch father stole him away from his mother to live in the Netherlands. He was raised there, never knowing his birth mother, and still to this day does not even know her name. When his father died he knew that he wanted to make something of himself and so he volunteered for the expedition

Position in Colony: Carpenter

Name: Hubert Gens

Physical Description: Is a small man, slightly muscular but not known for his strength, he is known for his cunning and genius, especially on cannons. He is short and stocky and is very funny as well, he has been known to be found telling a joke during a battle while men are dying around him.

Age: 33

Background Info: He was born into a strict military family, but found that the technology of war was much more interesting. He was promoted to a bombardier when he was found putting a broken cannon back together during battle and fixing it. He was put into this expedition but has a positive outlook and hopes to have fun on it.

Position in Colony: Bombardier

Name: Inteus ((This is a real native American name meaning ‘has no shame’, felt it was a good fit))

Physical Description: Is strong and swift, very agile with a lean body. He has quite dark skin and is excellent at moving around without being heard.

Age: 21

Background Info: He was born in a village not far from the landing site. When the white man landed he was sent to negotiate with them, and he was absolutely enthralled by them. He was allowed to live with the white man and act as their translator between these two people. He now lives with them, with a fair amount of racial intolerance though, but he perseveres and is helping these people build up their colony.

Position in Colony: Native Scout

10/7/2008 . Edited 10/10/2008 #1

((Remember, only 1 for every 10 people can be a soldier. And 500 is the max population unless you have mercenaries, so that makes 50 soldiers, not counting militia, which would only be raised in wartime.))

10/7/2008 #2

((Aspen you obviously did not read the description very well, a professional soldier adds 50 soldiers!))

10/7/2008 #3
Sarah Crowning

*bursts into random laughter* Why don't you just say that they bought the place from the natives for a bunch of beads? It fits in every other catagory. I mean, I could probably even give you the names of the original founders if you really wanted. :P

And in case you don't know what I'm talking about- New York was originally founded as New Amsterdam. The Dutch sold it to Britain.

10/8/2008 #4

... Wow, it is a lot like New York isn't it. I just wanted to use the Netherlands because my family is dutch, though I am fourth generation, and the Island thing sounded pretty cool, although it is much much smaller than New York. I will think of some things to change about it so that it is less like the real New Amsterdam.

10/8/2008 #5
awilla the hun

The idea was to make your own colony, rather than have a historical one. But, otherwise, it seems to fit quite well. Please don't do too much until I have a good rule system up.

10/8/2008 #6

Okay, and honestly, I didn't even realize the similarities until Mindwarp pointed them out and I will have some things changed so it is more unique by the end of today.

10/8/2008 #7
awilla the hun

Why is the Ottoman called Paul? Please check that your names are actually Dutch...

10/8/2008 #8

Paul is a dutch name, I actually went to a website that had al lot of dutch first names, though all the last names with the exception of Van Donge I don't know how dutch they really are, and sry, didn't mean to make him from ottoman.

10/8/2008 . Edited 10/8/2008 #9

The ship docked in the calm canal between the island and the mainland as the people came aboard the island and planted a Dutch flag in it. "We shall build a fort on this hill overlooking the open ocean, with our cannons facing the ocean, and we shall also build a logging camp with a large palisade around it on the mainland to supply us with lumber. The men shall build houses for themselves and their wives, it should not take them more than a week with a good supply of lumber, so perhaps two to get all the lumber required. We can also plant some small crops within the palisade on the mainland, and our livestock could most likely grave on the island! This is perfect!" He turned to Thomas Henry,"How long do you think it will take to build the palisade and the small fort to house one hundred men?" "I would have to estimate five weeks, I would build the palisade first of course, that should only take about two weeks to build at seven feet tall." While Kurtis and Thomas were speaking, Sandra came ashore and surveyed the island with a few other woman, including Zoey Finch, "Yes this is a good spot, with all these berry bushes around we could definitely help the men with food production. Yes, this shall be a good place to live."

10/8/2008 #10

After the first week almost half the settlers houses were set up on the island, and a small lodge had even been built on the mainland for the lumber men to sleep . Many women had started preparing soil on their land for berry patches they were going to plant and Sandra had even convinced Kurtis to designate a certain part of the island as a wild berry patch that no one was allowed to build on. Most of the settler's meals right now though were berries because they had cut down many bushes for pace to build homes. That afternoon though, the loggers were approached by a group of curious natives. One native in particular was especially enthralled by these strange people, and Kurtis took a special interest in Inteus and hopefully would teach him to speak the Dutch language well enough to communicate within one week of intense training and living with them.

10/9/2008 #11

Inteus now knew enough Dutch to translate for them, and was even very slowly learning German, French, and Spanish from Kurtis, who knew all of them, but it would take at least six weeks for all of them, four weeks for Spanish, and two weeks for French; but this was just enough to understand and respond simply, nothing very advanced. Berry bushes were starting to be planted ((With most fruit plants, especially trees and bushes you cut off part of the fruit bearing plant and just plant that part in the ground, its probably more complicated but I know you plant part of the actually plant, not a seed)) along with other small vegetables in small gardens outside people's homes. The palisade around the logging camp was done and the fort had been started. Inteus was even showing people the correct type of animals to hunt and how to prepare them, and what types of plants can be eaten and how. The fort would be done in about three weeks.

10/10/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #12
awilla the hun

((In my experience, it takes far longer than four weeks to learn a foreign language, in a far less physically taxing environment than a colonial fort. But, on the other hand, they could pick up the rudiments of it.))

The Grimbaldi pinnace was making its slow way up the coast, Antonio adding notes for his surveying, using glass and compasses (the pair, that is) to slowly draw the map. In the meantime, Umberto was staying on the lookout in the prow. They had seen sails near here, and they could mean resupplying. Or, at least, a friendly European face.

10/12/2008 #13

((It is ironic that your men advance towards the colony that will be completely unable to communicate with you, rather than the other which at least has a some Italians with them who can translate.))

10/12/2008 #14

((How many ships will the colony have stationed there permanently? and Inteus will learn Dutch must faster now that he is living with them, and Aspen Kurtis can speak not only Dutch, but also French, English, and Italian.)) Thomas was working on the fort, it would be done in about a week or so at this pace, when he saw a ship on the horizon. When it got closer he could make out colors on its flag and could tell it wasn't Dutch. He immediately called over Kurtis who returned with a telescope, "They are Italians, and by the looks of their ship they do not have hostile intent. Ready the ship, we shall meet them on the sea. And ready the cannons just in case." By the time men had been assembled and the ship was readied the Italian ship was easily close enough to notice the colony. The ship sailed closer and when they were close enough they signaled the Italian ship that they wanted to come aboard.

10/12/2008 #15

((I don't think most military officers knew that many foreign languages, if any at all. That was more scholars, diplomats, translators, and merchants.))

10/12/2008 . Edited 10/12/2008 #16
awilla the hun

((Having just looked at the history of Holland, the Dutch were, at this time, at war with Spain (having previously been a colony of that nation. Don't ask me why. They will probably know Dutch and Spanish, possibly French, and the educated ones may know Latin. And, as has been said, an advantage of having a merchant is that you know the languages of all the colonists straight away. Apart from the Native Americans, that is.))

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #17
awilla the hun

((And I have one pinnace coming. The colony has no actual large ships stationed there permanently, but it has multiple small boats. This is partly for supply reasons- a small colony cannot feed a ship and sailors- and partly so as the colonies with bombardiers can't simply mount up, sail around all the other colonies, and bomb them into the stone age with a handful of broadsides. You do have two small boats, however. You also don't have telescopes: they have to come with a natural philosopher who has invented it. Only four or five years after this was set, the ultra modern invention of the portable telescope was apparently a useful invention in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. And even if you have a telescope, you can't easily tell where they come from by just looking at them.))

Umberto Grimbaldi turned to the frantically gesticulating colonists, and hailed them in a number of languages (including Dutch) to the effect of "Greetings, good gentlemen! May we come ashore? We are a mere band of cartographers and entourage." The pinnace was barely large enough for the crew, soldiers and cartographers as it was.

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #18

((Okay, but I don't think it would be very far a stretch to assume he knew German, ad Holland and Germany were close to each other and there languages were similar.))

The colonists hailed back and led the Italians to the shore where Kurtis was the first to greet them. "Good day to you, Italian as I see from your flag. It is good you speak Dutch as I speak no Italian, though I do speak Spanish. May I ask you not bring your weapons ashore, we do not want to risk a mishap so early in our meeting. We did not know anyone else was exploring this territory, may I ask what business you have with us today?"

10/13/2008 #19
awilla the hun

((Or "High Dutch" as it was known. And saying that a man was an Italian back then was like saying that a man is a European now. It was not unified, and Venice, Florence, Milan etc were all different city states.))

"Good day to you, signor!" Umberto said, doffing his hat with a flourish. "I would bow, but this boat is less than stable. Alas. We are the family Grimbaldi- you have heard of us? No? Ah, that is unfortunate. We are mapmakers, and are trying to map the New World. A bold plan, is it not? We had considered doing your own fair country at one stage, but someone else had got there first. My own name is Umberto Grimbaldi, and that is my dear father, Signor Antonio."

That gentleman gave a smile and a wave.

"We carry our arms," Umberto went on, "for fear of an encounter with Indians or beasts. And you have my word of honour as a gentleman that they will not be used against your kind colonists." He smiled ingratiatingly, before translating his words to the other people on the boat. They nodded, and tried to look friendly (which proved to be difficult for the more battered mercenaries.)

((One's word of honour was counted as far more then than it is now.))

10/14/2008 #20

This man looked friendly, and seemed like a man who could be trusted, "Do not fret about the subject, we understand. Though the natives here have seemed to be very kind to us, One of them has even abandoned his barbaric ways and joined us in civil life, I guess some of them are sensible after all. We would be happy to allow you in our colony for I am doubtful that you would be working for the Spanish, although I have not yet heard of the Grimbaldi family. Please take your time, we will be happy to provide you with food and drink, although I am afraid if you wished to stat the night we have no lodgings to offer your, our carpenter though has taken it upon himself to build a new inn, such a kind fellow, after the completion of our fort. It will be done in another week or so, as he has been working on it for the past two weeks after the fort as complete, and so if you wish to come back then we will be more than welcome to provide you with lodgings. If you wish to map out the area please go ahead, you may even use our logging camp as a base and sleep within those safe palisades if you wish."

By this time almost all of the essential buildings had been built, and people were even fortifying the fort with a dried mud mixture, though they desperately wished they had brought along a mason. Home gardens had been planted in front of houses by the women and chickens, pigs, and other small animals were being raised by them at home as well, including four dairy cows that grazed in the pastures on the island with two bulls, along with some goats and even two pairs of sheep as well. Inside the palisade the men had planted some wheat, barley, and the new crops tobacco and cottonin small amounts. But already the men were readying to expand the palisade to allow more space for farming. Many had already gone and followed Inteus to wild tobacco and cotton fields but there was never enough and it was still extremely valuable. Right now there were many rabbits running around as well, and Inteus told of how in the summer there would be three times as many, and Kurtis was hoping to catch as many as they could and store some meat for the winter, which Inteus kept reminding them was cold and brutal here.

10/14/2008 . Edited 10/14/2008 #21
awilla the hun

((You have to trade tobacco from the Indians. Having it just because you're in the New World is not an option.))

"My thanks, signor," Umberto said, with a little bow. "Hopefully, the pagan will be most useful."

The next week was spent mapping the area, with great detail. The mercenaries were never called upon to fight Indians, but they were attacked by a bear on two occasions. One of the soldiers was killed before the rest could load and shoot their crossbows, dispatching the beast.

10/15/2008 #22

The inn was now complete, and any more visitors could happily stay there. Inteus was growing fast and had even led them to his old tribe on one occasion, and this tribe even traded much tobacco and seeds for just a couple of seeds, Kurtis did not look down upon the Indians as much as some of the others, but he did feel superior to them. Inteus had now really become one of them, he still didn't dress in there clothes but he did cover himself up more and was even beginning to go to the Protestant church that some volunteers had built and that the carpenter was now making more structurally sound, although he still didn't believe in the religion; he mainly went to church because the white people did and he wanted to fit in.

10/15/2008 #23

((Isn't it a little unrealistic, as awilla said in off-topic, to suddenly create a tribe that gives you everything you need for practically nothing in return?))

10/16/2008 #24
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