A roleplay for the first World War.
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Abby laughed then sighed.

4/19/2009 #31
Star the Foxhound

"Why don't we sit down?" Philip gestured towards the couch.

4/19/2009 #32

Abby walked to the couch and sat down.

4/19/2009 #33
Star the Foxhound

Philip sat down beside her, across from his mother. "So tell me Abby," she said, "What do you do for a living?"

4/19/2009 #34

"I'm a nurse over at the base." She replied.

4/19/2009 #35
Star the Foxhound

"So that's how you met Phil?" she asked.

Philip nodded. "It is how we met, yes."

"Wonderful!" She leaned forward. "And before the war were you a nurse too dear?"

4/19/2009 #36

"Yes, I always wanted to become a nurse. I love helping people." She smiled and leaned against Philip.

4/19/2009 #37
Star the Foxhound

Philip put an arm around her, and kissed the top of her head.

"Helping people is a wonderful thing to do," she said, "Phil cares about saving lives too!"

Annie came over and sat down beside Abby, swinging her legs as they didn't touch the floor yet.

4/19/2009 #38

Abby smiled, "I know he does."

4/19/2009 #39
Star the Foxhound

"Of course." Philip's mother waved her hand is dismissal. "I should have realized that you two must know each other very well if you are planning to get married."

4/19/2009 #40

"Well he did save my life so I reckon we would." Abby smiled at Philip.

4/19/2009 #41
Star the Foxhound

"Phil saved your life?" she asked, "I sense a story. Would you care to share it?"

4/19/2009 #42

"Well, I'm not the smartest girl around. Some medic ran into the base saying that most of the medics and doctors were shot. I grabbed my bag and ran out to the battlefield to help. I was shot and Philip grabbed me and took out the bullet." Abby shuddered lightly at the memory. She smiled up at Philip.

4/19/2009 #43
Star the Foxhound

"You were on the battlefield?" she turned to look at Philip, "Oh, Phil, you could've been killed."

Philip shrugged. "It's my job mother."

"Well," she said, "I'm glad that you are both alright. You poor girl, Abby, shot..."

4/19/2009 #44

"I'm fine." Abby assured her.

4/19/2009 #45
Star the Foxhound

She nodded. "You seem it, must be my son's fine medical skills."

She smiled at Philip.

4/19/2009 #46

Abby nodded. She intwined her fingers with Philip's.

4/19/2009 #47
Star the Foxhound

Philip squeezed her hand and kissed her again.

4/19/2009 #48

Abby smiled at him.

4/19/2009 #49
Star the Foxhound

Annie looked from one to another. "I'm bored," she whined.

4/19/2009 #50

Abby grabbed Annie and put her on her lap, "bored?" She tickled Annie's sides.

4/19/2009 #51
Star the Foxhound

"Yes," Annie giggled, "It's no fun watching grownups kiss!"

4/19/2009 #52

Abby laughed, "No fun? Well what do you want to play then?" She asked.

4/19/2009 #53
Star the Foxhound

Annie tilted her head to one side as if she was trying to decided, then she smiled. "Will you play dolls with me?"

4/19/2009 #54

Abby smiled , "of course." She looked at Philip, "I'll be back soon, gotta go play dolls."

4/19/2009 #55
Star the Foxhound

Philip smiled. "Better you then me."

"Come on!" Annie grabbed Abby's hand and pulled her towards the stairs.

4/19/2009 #56

Abby rolled her eyes at Philip and followed Annie.

4/19/2009 #57
Star the Foxhound

Annie pulled her up the stairs and into a small room that was painted pink. "This is my room," she explained, going over to bed and picking up two dolls. "You can play Sally." She handed a blonde haired doll to Abby, and kept the dark haired one for herself.

4/19/2009 #58

"What a pretty room you have." Abby complimented, grabbing the sally doll.

4/19/2009 #59
Star the Foxhound

"Thank you," Annie said, "I picked out all the colors and Daddy painted it for me!"

He stroked the hair of her doll. "This is Anna," she said, "Because she looks like me. Sally's her best friend."

4/19/2009 #60
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