A roleplay for the first World War.
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Abby kissed him back.

4/25/2009 #121
Star the Foxhound

For a few minutes they were locked together but then there were footsteps on the stairs and Annie came into the room, rubbing her eyes. "Eww," she muttered, causing Philip to pull away and notice his little sister.

4/25/2009 #122

Abby smiled at Annie.

4/26/2009 #123
Star the Foxhound

((Finally someone's on!! :D))

Annie walked over to them. "Hi Abby."

4/26/2009 #124


"Hello Annie," She grinned.

4/26/2009 #125
Star the Foxhound

"Did you come to visit me again?" Annie asked sweetly, running over and throwing her arms around Abby's neck before grinning in Philip's direction.

((That's alright. Although I'm going out to eat dinner now.))

4/26/2009 #126


"Of course." Abby grinned.

4/26/2009 #127
Star the Foxhound

Annie rested her head against Abby's chest. "Are you going to get me my little sister soon?" she asked in a sweet little voice.

4/26/2009 #128

"I don't know but we'll try." She smiled.

4/26/2009 #129
Star the Foxhound

"Really hard?" Annie stared unblinkly into Abby's face.

4/26/2009 #130

Abby laughed, "Yes." She smiled.

4/26/2009 #131
Star the Foxhound

"Good." Annie grinned. "Because I need a litte sister."

4/26/2009 #132

She smiled at Philip and Annie.

4/26/2009 #133
Star the Foxhound

Philip smiled back and Annie looked between the two of them. "I can't wait for a little sister," she said again.

4/26/2009 #134

"What if it's a little brother?" Abby asked.

4/26/2009 #135
Star the Foxhound

"It won't be." Annie shook her head and made a face at the idea. "It'll be a little sister!"

((I'm not sure what you want to do in terms of number of children/ gender/ names. I have some ideas...))

4/26/2009 #136

((what are some ideas?? oh, one of my chars is about to birth twins!)

"Alright." She smiled.

4/26/2009 #137
Star the Foxhound

((I was thinking that the first child could be a boy named Walter and the second a girl named Angelia. Haven't planned past that.))

"You'll see." Annie grinned.

4/26/2009 #138

((Then a girl named Samantha^_^))

Abby grinned back at her.

4/26/2009 #139
Star the Foxhound

((Alright, that works.))

Annie placed her head on her shoulder. "When she's born I'll play dolls with her."

4/26/2009 #140

"I'm sure she'll love to." Abby grinned.

4/26/2009 #141
Star the Foxhound

"We'll be this close." Annie wrapped two fingers around each other.

4/26/2009 #142

Abby laughed again.

4/26/2009 #143
Star the Foxhound

"We'll be a prefect family," Annie said, "Won't we?"

4/26/2009 #144

Abby hugged Annie, "Perfect," She whispered.

4/26/2009 #145
Star the Foxhound

"I love you," Annie said, looking from Abby to Philip, "Both of you."

"I love you too Annie," Philip whispered, wrapping his arm around Abby's shoulders.

4/27/2009 #146

Abby smiled warmly at the young girl, this is only the second time meeting her, Abby felt a connection.

4/27/2009 #147
Star the Foxhound

Annie reached up and played with Abby's hair. "You're hair's soft," she said.

4/27/2009 #148

"Thank you." Abby smiled.

4/27/2009 #149
Star the Foxhound

"Your welcome," Annie continued to play with it.

4/27/2009 #150
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