A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

Just on the outskirts of the battlefield there are a few rows of trenchs that were abandoned years earlier. No one ever goes there anymore and so they serve as a good hiding spot for someone looking to avoid trouble. In some spots the trenches are filled with muddy water but there are some trenches that can still serve as a poor shelter if need be.

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Star the Foxhound

Private Lewis Filler was curled up in the trench, not minding the mud that was now on his face and uniform, making it hard to recognize him. Any sense of happiness that he had felt during the day had vanished when Claire had tried to kill him. The only thing that had kept him alive was his quick wits and his sense to try and aviod anybody for the time being. He wanted to speak with Albert or Marianne but didn't want to risk returning to the large crowds of people in case Claire or Tim were trying to get him arrested. All that Lewis knew was that the trench appeared to be the only safe place for him at the moment and so that was were he was going to stay.

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Albert wandered through, remembering the place from back when he'd first enlisted. Ah, those were the days. It was the Canadians they'd called in for that battle early in the war. The French were holding a town, the British were having trouble keeping their ground, and the only group that seemed at all capable was them. He'd been in his late thirties then, leaving his country, his family & his sweetheart alone for the first time. There were memories here in the abandoned battleground, some that he could never forget.

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Star the Foxhound

Lewis was slumped in a ball next to the side of the trench, covered in mud and fast asleep. He'd been hiding there for a few days and the whole thing seemed like a dream half of the time.

((For some reason your post made me think of Passchendaele....))

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((Yup, took my favorite quote from it and played a little. :D))

As Albert wandered up and down the rows, he paused to see what looked like a soldier slumped in the mud, dead. He paused. Anyone who had died in these trenches would have surely decomposed by now. He wandered closer and grabbed a stick to poke it.

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Star the Foxhound

((XD It was that line that made me think of it.))

Much to his surprise, Lewis woke up to something poking him and he let out a small yelp of surprise and blinked open his light blue eyes before rolling over to face the other way. "Leave me alone," he muttered, not even noticing the man was Albert.

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((Lotsa good stuff in that movie. Can't say enough about it.))

Albert saw the familiar blew eyes and felt a grin come. He had a feeling Lewis wasn't really dead, and now he had found him.

"Yeesh lad, ye're covered in crap."

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Star the Foxhound

((I agree completely, the entire movie's awesome.))

"Albert?" Lewis turned around and sat up, staring at his friend in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

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"Eh, I got bored." he laughed. "Good god, get outta there, ye look like a bog monster."

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Star the Foxhound

Lewis scambled to his feet and glanced down at his uniform with a shrug. "At least it makes it hard for anyone to recognize me."

5/10/2009 #10

He nodded.


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Star the Foxhound

"How's Marianne?" Lewis asked, running a hand through his muddy hair.

5/10/2009 #12

"Lad, I don't know." he said. "She was in the hospital for awhile, it was the baby, they said. Someone came and took her back, and no one's seen her since."

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Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed. "I should go see her... I've wanted to go find her but I also have to be careful. There's someone after me, I'm not sure if you've heard..."

5/10/2009 #14

"Lad, most've the town's been after ya." he said. "One more isn't a surprise to me."

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Star the Foxhound

A grin spread across Lewis' face. "I guess it's not news," he chuckled, "Half the time it seems the world's against me. I've been stupid, hiding out here. Guess I should get cleaned up and find my wife."

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He nodded.

"Come on, I know just the place."

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Star the Foxhound

"What place?" Lewis asked, preparing to follow him.

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He led Lewis down towards a battered shelter.

"They kept the big wigs in here." he said, kicking in the door. "When I was first here. Prob'ly got some clothes in here, maybe some water. Watch out for the rats though."

5/17/2009 #19
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked around. "I just have to clean the uniform a little," he said, "There's no need to change clothes and anyway, I need to keep my uniform. I'd bet that people are wondering where I am."

He still had no idea that he was thought to be dead.

5/17/2009 #20

Albert laughed.

"Agh, lad." he said. "Accordin' to the papers, a wee lass killed ya."

5/17/2009 #21
Star the Foxhound

"Really?" Lewis stared at him in surprise. "She tried to kill me but I got away. I wonder where the story got mixed up."

5/17/2009 #22

He shrugged.

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Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked around for some water so that he could get himself cleaned up some. "Tell me about this battle."

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He smiled and leaned against a wall, looking in the distance as he recalled his first time in the field.

"It was back in '14, December." he said. "Christmas, I think, back when everyone thought it would've ended by New Years. We were all out here, freezin' our arses off, waitin' for somethin' to happen. They were passin' out gifts, mostly just whatever chocolate we had left from our rations. Fellas up at the top sent around some new clothes for us, and we were relishin' that."

He sighed and pointed off in the distance.

"We could see the germans, sittin' right over there, singin' carols n' passin out their own gifts. All of the sudden one o' the guys behind me says 'hey, that's Silent Night'. Sure was, but in German. Our guys followed in with the English lyrics, and the german guys look at us. They start comin' at us and we're reachin' for our guns, but I saw they didn't have any with 'em. We climbed out of these trenches and met them."

He sighed, deep in memory.

"We shared our food and sang, found ourselves makin' friends and exchangin' addresses. After all, back then, everyone thought it'd be over soon. One o' the best christmases I ever had."

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Star the Foxhound

The whole time Lewis listened as he got himself cleaned up. "It sounds really nice, most of the time we always just think of the Germans as our enemies, but sharing times like that....interesting."

Lewis turned and looked out of the shelter, towards the trenches. "Right now this place seems so lonesome and deary, hard to think that so many men died on it."

He finished getting cleaned up and looked up at Albert. "So... you said you wanted to take me somewhere?"

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Albert sighed and pulled off his cap for a moment before turning back to Lewis.

"Yup, I think I might know where Marianne is."

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Star the Foxhound

Lewis' face lit up at the thought of seeing Marianne again. "Then let's go there."

5/17/2009 #28

"We've jus' gotta get ye on a train." he laughed.

5/17/2009 #29
Star the Foxhound

"No problem," Lewis said, "The people on the train won't recognize me, it's not like I'm famous or anything.'

He shrugged and turned to leave the shelter. "Let's go."

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