A roleplay for the first World War.
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5/22/2010 #1
Star the Foxhound

Name: Lewis Filler (In the past known as Tyler Johnston)

Age: 30

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America

Rank: Private

Appearance: With jet black hair and light blue eyes, Lewis is generally good looking and looks younger then his actual age. He's small set and skinnier then average.

Personality: Lewis personality is mixed. At the beginning of the war he often got angry and short tempered although he started trying to control it to win the heart of the woman he loved. While he doesn't have many friends because he used to threaten many of the soldiers, he is trying to appear friendly and caring. This is becoming more natural to him over time.

Background: When his parents were killed when he was 16 years old in a car crash no one wanted to take him in so he was sent off to a boarding school. While there he met a girl who he fell in love with and together they ran away where they started living a life of crime. One night the man they stole from lost it and killed his girlfriend making Lewis believed that everyone was against him. He then returned to the school he was forced to go to with a bomb and ran into an old friend, Justin Wood. Justin framed Lewis when he didn't set the bomb off, and then went on to kill most of Lewis' family. It was Lewis who took the blame, and Justin convinced him that he really was the one who did it. When the war started Lewis signed up for it, thinking he would continue a life of murder, changing his name so that no one could look into his violent past.

However since he joined the army Lewis has taken an interest in one of the nurses who works at the hospital in the Allies Base. He is trying to change his old ways in order to win her trust and her heart. He was able to do this and together they had a little girl, who they named Susan. While his past still lurks behind him, and if he is caught he can be punished for crimes that were not his, Lewis is determined that he is going to completely turn his life around and be the best person he can be.

Other: His brother, Robert Johnston, was killed in battle.

5/22/2010 #2
Star the Foxhound

Name: John Jeffery

Age: 23

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America

Rank: Captain

Appearance: Light brown hair and hazel eyes. He tries to keep himself as neat as possible.

Personality: Friendly and talkative, he enjoys others company and making friends. He'll talk to almost everyone.

Background: Ever since he was a little boy John tended to wish for greatness and to be someone that people could look up to and admire. He couldn't find that in this home state where he was nothing but the average everyday factory worker. When the war broke out John remembered the days he had spent sailing with his father and left his home to find a place in the army. Even though he was American he managed to slip into a France marine crew. When America entered the war John left his old post and enlisted in the American army where he was assigned to work on the USS St. Lucien. From a lot of hard work, he has managed to earn himself many promotions and has achieved his dream of being the captain of the ship. He believes that at last he can make something of his life.

Other: His younger brother, Thomas Jeffery, was killed in battle after turning against his family. While Tom never got along well with John, John was heartbroken at his death.

5/22/2010 #3
Star the Foxhound

Name: Abigail Jeffery

Age: 18

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America

Rank: Nurse

Appearance: With hazel eyes like her brother's and wavy light brown hair that does just past her shoulders, Abby is very beautiful. She looks a lot like what John looks like, except for that fact that she's female.

Personality: She is a friendly young lady and hates to see people fighting with each other. When she was growing up Abby would always settle problems between her two brother John and Tom. Abby is always determined to protect her family and her friends to the last. She is also more talkative then John is.

Background: Grew up trying to solve problems between her two siblings. She is the youngest child in the family.

Other: Works as a nurse aboard the USS St. Lucien.

5/22/2010 #4
Star the Foxhound

Name: Justin Wood

Age: 31

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America (New York)

Rank: Private

Appearance: Justin has broad shoulders and a deep voice. He is of average, height and weight with brown hair that is long for a male, brown eyes, and a mustache.

Personaity: He is rough and strong and not at all considerate of other people's feelings.

Background: Over ten years ago Justin went to the same boarding school that Lewis did and was one of the trouble makers. He hunted Lewis up there because the two shared a hard past where both of them were treated roughly. He actually knows more about the explosion then Lewis even does. When Lewis placed the bomb in the school it never really went off and Justin found it and and decided that it would be a good excuse to do what he had been planning to do all along. Justin set fire to the school and like he planned Lewis was blamed for the crime because it was Lewis that had set the bomb. From there Justin hunted Lewis down and the two became friends because Justin told Lewis that he would protect him from the police. When the war broke out the two drifted apart because Lewis changed his name and joined the army. A few weeks later Justin also enlists and decides to find his friend again, which he does.

5/22/2010 #5
Star the Foxhound

Name: Anne Marley

Age: 21

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America (Maine)

Appearance: Anne Marley is a very pretty woman with curly blond hair that reaches just past her shoulders, blue eyes and a slender frame. She is of average height and weight and takes good care of herself since she believes that a lady should always look prim and proper.

Personaity: She is always open to new ideas and is welcoming to everyone even if they are mean to her. Anne likes to talk alot especially when she is working because it helps her pass the time. Also she is a bookworm and when she is not taking care of others she will escape on deck and read.

Background: Never really having gotten to know men since her father died when she was one and she went to an all girls school, Anne takes this as an anventure. Mostly she signed up to have the chance to get to know men and hopefully find the man of her dreams. She works as a nurse on the USS. St. Lucien.

Other: Has a crush on John Jeffery.

5/22/2010 #6

Name: Marianne "Marie" Louise Labelle

Age: 20

Side: Allies

Country: France

Appearance: Marianne is the epitome of the word small - short, thin, bony and not particularily healthy-looking. Her dark hair is always up or in long, wavy curls that frame her face. She has green eyes and a pleasant little smile that makes her attractive. She loves her white cotton gowns and wool coats (and large, feather-laden hats).

Personality: Marianne is very, very shy. She speaks very softly and is terribly polite out of the fear she will offend someone. She doesn't like being in big groups for this reason. She has a very big heart and loves very deeply when given the chance. She has a sense of humor that makes her cheeks glow and a bright smile come to her face, and elicits the sweetest laughter ever heard. She makes a lot of accommodations for her husband.

Background: Born September 25th 1897, Marie was the only child of her factory-working parents. She grew up in the wool mill, diving under machines that the adults couldn't get under. Her family was very close to the Mirauds and spent many summers in their summer home in Bordeaux. Marianne became very close with Alexis Miraud, who was her intended for a period of time. At seventeen the war broke out and Marie became a nurse, putting any and all wedding plans on hold. She met Lewis Filler one day at the hospital and, in spite of the rumors of him being insane and a murderer, fell deeply in love with him.

The pair went through many, many trials and obstacles, but since love conquers all things they were married shortly after Lewis' 30th birthday. Their daughter Susan was born shortly afterwards. Now she spends her time in her little white house taking care of her husband and baby girl.

Other: Works in a munitions factory when not nursing, or caring for her family.

5/22/2010 #7
SnowClaw of Windclan

Este De Giovanni: Deceased.

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #8
Irish toaster

Name:Seamus (Pronounced 'Shay mus') O Higgins




Hair color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue

Description: 5'8 in height. He looks more like a poet,with his mossy brown hair and bright blue eyes, than a soldier but he has proved himself capable.

Personality:Kind,funny,patient but sometimes brazen. Naive at times but has considerable intelligence. Quite contemplative also.

Other:He is a Rifleman.

Brought up in an anti-British family he had to run away and lie about his age to enlist in the British army.He hopes the participation of Irish volunteers will secure Ireland's Home rule and also wanted adventure.

5/23/2010 #9
disused account

Name: Donnie Brighelm

Age: 25

Side: Allied

Country: USA

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Blazing green

Description: Rather tall guy who is always fidgeting.

Personality: nice but is a born killer when he goes over the top

Other: Serves in the 5th Marines

(look ok?)

5/23/2010 #10
disused account

Name:Aldo Ferrari


Side: Allies

Country: U.S.

Rank N/A but he is a Red Cross ambulance driver

Hair color: glossy black

Eye Color deep brown:

Description: Rather tall with thick black hair and pricing brown eyes and olive skin.

Personality: Wants to help people and is always in high-sprits.

Other: Carries a picture of his sister and father in his b***-pocket.

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #11

Name: Jos├ęphine Levesque

Age: 21

Side: Allies

Country: Canada

Rank: Civillian, Nurse.

Physical Description: Average-to-tall height, decently pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She keeps her shoulder-length hair tied up in a ribbon under her nurse's hat, and in a bun wherever else. She is a very conservative dresser with dark suits and cotton dresses that aren't frivolous or costly. Her lips are thin, always pursed, a smile rare and precious from her.

Personality: Driven and hardworking, Josie came to the Front with the Red Cross shortly after her training. She couldn't stand sitting around and knitting socks while she watched her friends from her school days return with grevious wounds, or worse. She has no tolerance for those who don't do their work (she would make an excellent headmistress) and can't stand being useless. Anytime she is called upon to do something, she will do it. She is a very serious person, with little sense of humor. But she tries.

Background: Josie was born in Montreal, Quebec, the eldest daughter and second child of her middle-class family. She watched her older brothers Dominique and Christophe enlist at the start of the war and realized she couldn├Ęt stand the laissez faire attitude of her hometown. She took the courses for nursing and signed up immediately afterwards to go to the front in spite of her family's protest.

Other: She speaks both English and French. Her mother is Quebecoise and her father is English.

- - - - - - -

Name: Albert Willis

Age: 41

Side: Allies

Country: Canada

Rank: Sergeant

Physical Description: Tall and bulky (with some muscle, of course) with short brown hair and a beard. His brown eyes light up when he laughs. He is used to wearing the army clothes and not much else - he's not one for dressing up too fancy.

Personality: Albert just sees the good in everybody. He doesn't like to see fights between his men and but is quick to the punch if someone's trying to get him. Most of the time however he likes to laugh and have a good time. He considers himself to be a teacher above all else, taking the younger men under his wing and showing them what life is really like. He has a bit of a drinking habit he's trying to quit.

Background: Born to a fishing family in Newfoundland, and being the youngest of his family, Albert always did things a little differently. When he was seven he built his first fishing boat with the help of his father and spent his summers ferrying things across to the island for the post. When he was seventeen his family sent him off to King's College and he took a few courses there with no real intent to become anything. He was content with his fishing life. But he graduated with a teaching degree and began teaching English at a school back home.

When the war began, Albert quickly joined up, encouraging his graduates that year to do the same. He deeply, deeply regrets this decision when he learned that the 1st Newfoundland Regiment had been slaughtered in July of 1916. Many of his students, he learned, had listened to their teacher and followed his advice. This is likely the reason he turned to the drink, as well as learning that the woman he was to marry upon his return had fallen in love with another.

Other: ... It's Albert. He's Lewis' buddy.

5/23/2010 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

Name: Alice Cross.

Age: 23 years old.

Side: Allied Powers.

Country: The United States of America.

Rank: Red Cross Nurse.

Appearance: Although she fits today's ideals of a 'good' figure, Alice Cross is considered too tall and too thin for the era that wants more voluptuous women. Alice has vivid red hair that comes down to her shoulders, but strangely enough, she doesn't have any freckles to match the wavy mane. For the most part, her pale skin is blemishless because her hair seems to have stolen all of its color. Her hair stands out and draws the eye to her heart shaped but rather plain face. Alice has blue eyes.

Personality: Alice is most well known for being a martyr. In life, this Red Cross nurse is self-sacrificial by basic nature and ignores her own troubles so that she can better help others. When she's upset, Alice rarely shows her feelings because of a subconscious fear that they will hinder others and hold back the rest of the group that she is with. But, as most people have found out at one time or another, nothing can be held back forever. When she is certain that she is alone, there are times when Alice finally allows herself to cry, but none of the other nurses know her secret. Even when she hurts, Alice forces herself to keep moving despite the fact that it will come back to harm her later on. She seems to always be there to hear other peoples' problems, and one could be true in saying that at times, this nurse carries the weight of the camp on her shoulders.

Because she herself is true and honest to those around her, Alice blesses everyone that she knows with her blind faith in their actions and the eternal benefit of the doubt. She doesn't believe anything that she doesn't know for herself, and holds the opinion that all people are good and true at heart, even the enemy. It truly takes a long time for her to lose all trust in them. Although you can't say that she is naive, she has been through more than one crushing betrayal to rise again, supported by her almost unhuman resilience.

Background: Nobody really knows a lot about Alice. She doesn't disclose a lot of information about who she is, and doesn't have any close friends. However, most if not all of the nurses are fond of her.

Other: Alice keeps a diary between her pillow and her cot in the nurses' quarters, but nobody knows about it. It's tied with a piece of twine.

5/24/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #13
Star the Foxhound

Name: Virginia "Ginny" Payne

Age: 19

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America

Rank: Nurse

Appearance: She has brown hair that goes down just past her shoulder and greenish blue colored eyes. She's thin, about average height and often wears a serious expression on her face.

Personality: Normally she's on the serious side, hardworking and determined to do the very best in whatever she's doing. She often blames herself when someone she's trying to help doesn't make it, wondering instead what she could have done better to help them. Also, Virginia is daring and willing to take chances to help others. Because of this she often puts herself at risk.

Background: She grew up in South Carolina, although her family originally was from Virginia and her grandfather fought in the Civil War, where he was killed during Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. Even before that her family was a military family, a tradition that her father didn't follow, but her brother did. Wanting to stay with him, she signed up to be a nurse and came to France.

Other: Younger brother is in the United States Army.


Name: Sidney Payne

Age: 18

Side: Allies

Country: United States of America

Rank: Private

Appearance: Brown hair, greenish blue eyes. He's a little taller then his sister with a spray of freckles across his nose.

Personality: Confident, he started off excited about serving his country before he realized what life in the trenches could be like. Still, he believes that he'll make it through the war even as many people are dying around him. He's honest, and trusts that others will be honest with him as well, even though that isn't always true.

Background: Like his sister, he grew up in South Carolina.

Other: Virginia's brother.

5/25/2010 #14
Dreamer of the Day

Okay, is this RP still open? I'd like to join, if that's alright.

6/5/2010 #15
Star the Foxhound

((Yeah, this RP is still open, feel welcome to submit a character.))

6/5/2010 #16

Name: John Hood

Age: 19

Side: Allies

Country: United Kingdom

Rank: Corporal

Appearance: Short black hair and brown eyes. Generally considered to be of average height and weight.

Personality: Quiet yet can be quite short-tempered, the best way to stay on his good side is to not bother him at all.

Background: Born in Sheffield into a large but poor family, he had to strive to survive his rough childhood. Upon reaching puberty he put his average appearance to use as a pickpocket. When the war began he realised that a real career in the armed forces would be the better option than crime so he joined the army. Served at the 1st battle of Ypres where he gained his temperment but no real action beyond that.

Other: Generally seen manning the machine gun.

6/6/2010 #17
Jess Merrick

(Is this still open? I just found this and it seems so cool...I have my character figured out...well, three characters (if that's okay) and I'd really like to join)

11/11/2013 #18
Star the Foxhound

This rp has been dead for years, and it probably isn't going to start up again.

11/11/2013 #19

Name: Otto Heimbach

Age: 21

Side: central powers

Country: Germany

Rank: private

Appearance: short brown hair, brown eyes, smooth white skin, 5'11

Personality: proud of his country, caring, loyal

Background: Otto was raised by his parents at a very early age to love Germany, He went through school where his teacher was also very nationalistic, as a result he is very proud of his country, after the war, Otto hopes to be a writer

Other: he has a girlfriend named Eva back home in Berlin

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