A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

((Keeping RM's description of the boat from the last topic))

With a crew of 727, this US Navy Cruiser has four 7.5 in guns, six 6 in guns, two 2 pounder guns, twenty-two 3 pounder guns and two maxims plus two 18-inch submerged torpedo tubes. It barely bobs as it cuts its way through the Atlantic Ocean and the Marines it carries play cards and listen to music and lounge about the deck when no threat of danger is apparent.

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Star the Foxhound

"Tell me something Captain."

Anne Marley looked at him with a curious expression on her face, her blond hair falling partly over her face as she leaned on the railing of the ship, watching the man before him who leaned on the same railing, staring out into the see with a distant look in his hazel eyes.

"What?" John glanced over at her and Anne smiled.

"Have you ever been in love?"

The question caught John off guard and he paused for a moment before shaking his head and looking back out at the sea. "No, never. Guess I've just had bad luck with women."

"Oh." She wasn't sure what to say after asking the question and so followed his gaze out at the sea. It was not an answer she'd really been expecting, although it certainly meant that he was free.

For a moment they both stood there in silence.

"You know," Anne said then, "Your luck may be improving."

"What gives you that idea?" John asked.

Anne shrugged. "Take a look around you."

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