A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

The base of the allied soldiers (French, British, American, Canadian). While the different nationalities would be in different places in the camp, it's easier to have one thread they can all go to.

The base mostly consists off rows of tents were the soldiers sleep, although it also includes a place were they can eat.

5/22/2010 #1
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Try crossing your legs. I like that, we'll keep it. Open your mouth a little bit." The photographer ducked down, looking through the bulky lens of his camera and adjusting it with a cafe noir hand. The model's slender frame was posed carefully against the sandbags behind him as the orders continued. A few soldiers were watching interestedly from afar. A shoot at their base, of all places. A few were openly cracking jokes and laughing.

"Tilt your wrist. You don't shave like that." Este complied, tilting the razor and his wrist. He stayed perfectly still as Nick Gold took the pictures, indicating with his free hand where and how to pose. The shots came in a nice succession for five minutes before the roll ran out. Nick took it out and set it in the pile with four others. The Gilette representative bent forward and looked down his pointy, red little nose, pushing up his glasses and sniffling.

"Alright, we're spent. Thank you boys. I'll see you at the same time tomorrow. Good working with you." He sniffled again and reached into his pocket with a shaking paw, blowing his nose on his kerchief and patting the remains off in a spastic motion.

"Good working with you too." Nick's bass voice made the stilty man shiver and pat his nose with the tissue again before he left. Este's friend turned back to him with his signature smile. "I got some Vodka from that Gilette agent this morning. I haven't even opened it yet and there's a place down the way that we can drink at. Could you imagine the chances?"

"Vodka sounds nice." Damn, Nick knew him well. Este bent down, picking up his foot and squeezing the blanched ankle. "Jesus, my ankles hurt." He frowned as he walked, his toes turning inward with each step. "Being on my feet so long, you know."

"Oh, Lord. I'm guessing that you didn't sleep last night." Nick rolled his ebony eyes, blowing a short stream of air out of his dark, full lips. He made a dismissing gesture with one large, bony hand that could easily bend over the tops of Este's fingers if they pressed them together (even though there was only a three inch height difference between the two.) "Don't I always tell you to get to sleep? I mean, Lord!" Nick lifted both hands in the air, rolling his eyes again.

Este sported a casual smile and shrugged. "I'll get around to it eventually." Nick opened the door and entered the small bar, carrying the bottle in one hand. "Can we get two glasses?"

The waitress, whose gaze had settled on Este for the time being, glanced up at them. Este withheld a bemused smile as she thrust out what chest she did have, bending over and taking two small glasses out from under the table."Oh, certainly. It's on the house." She set them on the bar, clearly intent on talking to them. Nick smiled curtly and picked both up in one spidery hand, nodding.

"Thank you, but we've brought our own." Nick set down the bottle and sat down across from Este. The fairly short model was frowning at his reddened ankles and rubbing them again while the photographer poured two glasses of crystal clear alcohol, sliding one across the table.

Este stopped and picked up his glass, taking a few swallows and grabbing the neck of the bottle to look at it. "This is nice." Holding the rest of his drink in a perfected, blanched hand, he leaned back in his chair and took in his surroundings.

5/23/2010 #2
Star the Foxhound

Lewis Filler walked into the bar, not entirely sure why he found himself walking there. He was entirely sure what he wanted to do, his thoughts too busy wondering. A year ago, if anyone had ever told him he would have changed so much he would have turned his nose up at them and pushed a knife against their throat. Love did some strange things to the most unlikely of people.

Running a hand through his messy black hair, Lewis glanced around him, seeing no one that he knew. Sometimes he could find his only really close friend in the bar, but he didn't see Albert there this time and so paused, thinking that maybe he would just turn around and leave again. But after spending a good deal of time walking along abandoned trenches where he knew many good men had fallen, Lewis decided that he could use a drink and so approached the bar and took a seat.

"I'll take a beer," he told the waitress, placing a few coins in front of him.

5/23/2010 #3
SnowClaw of Windclan

After watching the worn-out soldier enter the bar and sit down alone, Este got up with his glass in his hand and walked over to him. "Hey, you don't look like you're drinking with anybody. Come join us, tell us a bit about yourself." He smiled casually, leaning on the counter with one elbow. He raised a perfected ash blonde eyebrow and gestured to their table.

5/23/2010 #4
Star the Foxhound

In his surprise, Lewis stared at the man for a moment, a curious look in his light blue eyes. "You want me to join you?" He said, taking his drink and standing up before shrugging. "Alright, sure, I'll join you."

Anyone wanting to spend time with him was news to Lewis. He thought for sure that no one wanted anything to do with him. His past attitude wasn't something many people wanted to get involved him. Most of the soldiers in his unit held a strong dislike for him. It didn't usually bother Lewis much, he had grown used to it.

5/23/2010 #5
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Sounds good." Este got up, moving more fluidly as the alcohol loosened his joints. He sat back down across from Nick; the photographer's corded arm muscles were evident as he pulled up a chair. Este tilted back his glass with a j*** of his wrist and finished the last few tablespoons of his drink in one short gulp. Setting his glass to the side, he leaned forward on both elbows. "So tell me, who are you? What's your story?"

5/23/2010 #6
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked down at his glass for a moment before looking up at Este. "I'm Lewis, I'm a private in the American infantry."

Pausing, he took a sip from the glass, unsure of what else he really wanted to say. He didn't know these people, couldn't trust them with his story, a past that he wished he could bury inside of him forever. "I'm from New York, but my wife's from France so I might stay here after the war if I live through it. There really isn't much that's interesting about me."

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #7
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Este De Giovanni. I'm actually here for a modeling job." Este smiled ironically and leaned back in his seat, pouring himself another glass of Vodka from the bottle with a nice, crisp red ribbon on its neck. "I'm from Seattle." He took a small sip from the transparent glass and set it down.

5/23/2010 #8
Star the Foxhound

"Nice to meet you," Lewis said, hoping that he could at least appear to be polite while in the company of a man who had invited him to join him. "Why are you modeling here, of all places? Here you're surrounded by soldiers and the war."

He found it strange that someone who didn't live nearby or wasn't a soldier, nurse or doctor would be there.

5/23/2010 #9
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Believe me, I didn't expect it, either." Este took another sip from his glass. "Gilette Razors is shooting magazine ads about the razors they sent to the army. The firing's far away enough for them to do the shoot here." He finished his drink, setting the glass on the edge of the table.

5/23/2010 #10
Star the Foxhound

For a moment Lewis was silent as he took another sip from his glass. "We aren't all that far from the fighting here, you know. There was fighting an easy walk away from here earlier in the war. You've heard news about the war I'm sure. We charge the Germans, gain a few feet, and then they charge us and gain it right back again. Whole thing isn't going anywhere and more men are dying everyday. And then you're here modeling razors?"

He gave his head a small shake. It was a waste of an entire generation. When the war first broke out he hadn't thought about it that way, but he could see that at last. There wasn't anything good about the pointless bloodshed.

5/23/2010 #11
disused account

Donnie Brighelm lay slumped against a tree. his rifle sprawled on his lap.


Aldo Ferrari was crouched inside his ambulance wiping the fresh blood off the floor.

5/23/2010 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

Este sat in silence for a long moment as Nick joined the nodding after swallowing the last of his drink. "Mm-hmm." A bass noise rose from his chest as he stacked his glass on top of Este's. "Gilette makes some money off of it. They didn't offer a discount for the military, though. The razors were still full price." And now they're using it. Este gave a worn out sigh, and added, "If the industry has a set and needs pictures, they send their models to wherever it is."

5/23/2010 #13
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shrugged. "Those people in the industry, they don't know what this war is all about. The fact that you're here proves it. They don't see anything wrong with sending you out to this hell do they? What's the point of modeling razors when the people you're modeling can go out and get themselves killed along with a million other people? They've never seen people fall over into the trenches with their faces shot off. If they had, maybe they'd have a little more sense. Who gives a damn about razors when each day in the trenches is a matter of life and death?"

5/23/2010 #14
SnowClaw of Windclan

Este and Nick exchanged glances, and the model cleared his throat. Running a hand through the top of his ruffled ash blonde hair, Este answered after a few seconds of thought. "It's the target audience. The people on the home front want to buy a product that supports the army. So Gilette tells them about it, and makes sure that everybody that might buy razors knows."

5/23/2010 #15
disused account

"Can I get some help?" grunted Aldo.

5/23/2010 #16

Josie, who had just finished berating a nurse for forgetting to give morphine to one of her patients, heard the plea and rolled her eyes. What now?

She set down her clipboard and hurried to the ambulance.

"Yes?" she asked. "What do you need?"

5/23/2010 #17
disused account

He pointed the hose on the wall next to him. "Can you hold that?"

5/23/2010 #18

She grabbed it without needing to be asked twice.

5/23/2010 #19
disused account

He held behind and began to spray the blood from the car, which slowly dribble on the grass.

5/23/2010 #20

Josie wondered who had been carried in here, she hadn't seen anyone bleed this much since the last battle. She reckoned it must be from the fight earlier that morning, and the blood belonged to more than one person.

5/23/2010 #21
disused account

"Thank you," he said getting up to scrub the remaining droplets.

5/23/2010 #22
Star the Foxhound

"Exactly how does it support the army?" Lewis asked, "This is the first I've heard about any of this."

He finished his drink and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back in his chair as he watched the other men, waiting for answer.

5/23/2010 #23
SnowClaw of Windclan

Este shrugged, the movement fluid with the pleasant warmth of the alcohol moving through his veins. Although drinking two small glasses of Vodka hadn't made him close to drunk, there still was a pleasant, relaxed sensation that came from it. "The army purchased a huge amount of their razors and blades." Nick reached forward and put the lid back on the bottle, twisting it with a few easy jerks of his bony wrist. The photographer leaned back in his chair, slowly nodding.

5/23/2010 #24
Star the Foxhound

Lewis stared at him for a moment. "So you're saying that he's helping the army just by selling razor blades. Anyone can sell that to the army, I hardly think that makes him anything special. I don't give a damn where my razor blades come from, and modeling anything over here is far from a good idea. Why don't you take a look about what this war is about? Then see if you think you're doing such a grand thing. If you want to help, why haven't you picked up a gun? And why hasn't the person who sent you here done that either? Maybe then he can actually make a difference."

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #25

She gave a brief nod and moved to go back to the nurses' station.

5/23/2010 #26
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Please, private." Este raised both hands horizontally in a calming gesture, the palms facing the table. "Nick and I do what we do as a career. I've been in the industry before this." Nick nodded in agreement, leaning forward and folding his hands on the table to watch. "A man that sells bicycles or paints pictures doesn't do any more or any less to help than I do."

"He's right. It's just the location that we're shooting at that's causing the anger. And maybe reasonably so." Nick leaned back again, putting his hands behind his head.

5/23/2010 #27
Star the Foxhound

"If you'd ever seen the trenches," Lewis said, "Then maybe you would understand. This is no place to be modeling razors. There's a war on, and maybe you'd better open your eyes and realize that. Look around you and find something that'll actually help. You aren't helping here, you shouldn't be here unless you intend to pick up a rifle and fight along side us."

Lewis stood up. "Thank you for inviting me over and good day."

With that he left the building.

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #28
SnowClaw of Windclan

That Evening

Nick Gold peered through the lens of the camera and made a gesture with his free hand, signaling for the model to move to the left as he took each picture in the unexpected shoot. Being on his feet so much would kill him, the photographer reflected. The representative from Gilette dabbed at his little red nose, watching with a trembling upper lip. Nobody could have seen it coming, but the German fire came too close to the sandbags.

A single shot was all it took, straight through the side of his head. Este collapsed, and went motionless after a short spasm. Nick knocked over the camera in his frenzy to get to his friend. His best friend, dead... The fashion model lay face down in the bloody dirt, an unused razor posed in his hand.

Nick Gold and the representative were there for a short burial in which they were the only two to attend and the only two to dig. It bothered Nick that the camp priest was gone, because he knew that it would upset Este's staunchly Catholic family. Within a few hours, they left the camp, leaving no sign that they had been there. Most hadn't even noticed. Vanity had no place in the war.

5/23/2010 #29
Star the Foxhound

With his arms crossed over his chest, Lewis stood near the spot where the man he'd been talking to earlier lay underneath the ground. "Serves you right," he muttered under his breath, having seen the whole thing from a distance. "Should teach you fools to stay away from places you aren't welcome."

He turned away from the spot then and walked by his tent where he really didn't spend much time anymore. When he had a chance, Lewis much preferred to head into the town nearby and go to the house where his family was.

5/23/2010 #30
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