A roleplay for the first World War.
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Irish toaster

We can play baseball! *hopeful eyes*

12/28/2008 #2,971
Kid of Colors

how do we do that? o.O

Miss, you know what that song is about right??

12/28/2008 . Edited 12/28/2008 #2,972
Irish toaster

I don't know.But if we find out the rules...

I know one dude hits the ball and other people run or crawl or backflip or somethin'

12/28/2008 #2,973

Hey Liesl, you ditched me. :(

12/28/2008 #2,974
Kid of Colors

uuuuhhh...okay? we can try?

I was thinkin of my name game but we can try that later..

12/28/2008 #2,975
Kid of Colors

say what first comes to your mind when i say this word.


12/28/2008 #2,976

Country music.

12/28/2008 #2,977
Kid of Colors

and then i say something country music reminds me of. get it?


12/28/2008 #2,978
Irish toaster


12/28/2008 #2,979
Kid of Colors


12/28/2008 #2,980
Kid of Colors

pish posh

12/28/2008 #2,981
Irish toaster

Is pish-posh a word?

12/28/2008 #2,982
Kid of Colors

i think so

12/28/2008 #2,983
Kid of Colors

you sound like a wee little kitty cat

12/28/2008 #2,984
Kid of Colors

wee wee. weeeeeeee! i could say that all day

12/28/2008 #2,985
Kid of Colors

maybe. why?

I may have to stop and take a showah.

12/28/2008 #2,986
Kid of Colors

coolio. i gotta shower, my moms about to leccture me...


12/28/2008 #2,987
Irish toaster

A cowboy hat.Dude.

I want one.*steals from danger/rock*

12/28/2008 #2,988
Irish toaster


I have a gas mask from when my dad was in the army.His jacket too.I was surprised they let him keep it but apartently he smuggled it out xP

12/28/2008 #2,989
Irish toaster

Luger?Nice.I bet people would kill for that*Pun intended.*

Dammit anyway.My girlfriend can't make it to the debs/prom later on next year.Oi.Don't you just hate unexpected things that just kick you right in the teeth.

12/28/2008 #2,990
Irish toaster

Yup.Now I've to find another date.It'l be weird though.I expected us to go.Dang.Ah well.

12/28/2008 #2,991
Irish toaster

Haha sounds cold but I get you.

Hmm I have two in mind who I like too.Which sucks because If i end up with them my girlfriend will kill me.She already hits me in the face If I'm any way joking with her xp

Hmm well this sucks.

12/28/2008 #2,992
disused account

What bout her best friend? They would trust each other and you could just hang out. No harm done.

12/28/2008 #2,993
Irish toaster

Danger/rock:Thats what she said xp no thanks

Lee:Good Idea but I don't really like two of her close friends and I don't know any others of her friends

12/28/2008 #2,994
disused account

I do to some degree. But if it's her bbest friend then she'll know her stand on little jamesy and won't get all worried.

12/28/2008 #2,995

Dudes! You don't go to prom with another chick if you already have a girlfriend! *headdesk*

There, my chick advice for the day. Now I'm gonna go fix up a car.

12/28/2008 #2,996
Irish toaster

I already paid for the tickets!

12/28/2008 #2,997

Then get a refund! Or work it off - I skipped a lot of nice, expensive things when my boy had to work. I got over it.

12/28/2008 #2,998

I still have the damn dress from one of 'em... anywho, do whatever ya want. Not my problem. :)

So who's posting?

12/28/2008 #2,999
Irish toaster

Pfft.I promised my friends I'd go.I can't tell them no now.

12/28/2008 #3,000
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