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Star the Foxhound

Danger is it really about the number of presents?? There's so much more to Christmas, there's the joy, the love and the family time. There is just a magic about Christmas and it doesn't matter what you get so long as you learn to be happy with it. We are all old enough to realize that Christmas is not about the presents.

Your parents love you and they want you to be happy. Isn't it enough to be thankful that you were all together, like I said, the presents aren't important, they are given almost as a way to show love but there are so many other ways to show it too. You should listen to yourself going on about how you hardly got anything, it makes you sound really greedy.

12/26/2008 #2,671
Star the Foxhound

I'm not saying I'm prefect and I'm not trying to sound like anything. I like the presents too, who doesn't but I'm not complaining and comparing how many presents I got with other people. I'm sure the guiter hero game you got wasn't very cheep. Maybe that's why you got less gifts. Just stop complaining about it, the gifts really are not the most important thing.

12/26/2008 #2,672
Star the Foxhound

Stop complaining, it's really starting to get on my nerves. I don't really like it when people complain about the presents because it's not what Christmas is about. The way you are going on about all this is making me think that you are greedy and selfish and I really don't want to think of you like that. But you keep complaining about it and you keep asking me to be a mod. If you think asking is going to get it for you I want to tell you now how very wrong you are. I will never let anyone be a mod unless I feel they have earned and I won't give it to anyone that asks. Asking to me is a sign of greedyness.

12/26/2008 #2,673
Star the Foxhound

I have to go now, be back tomorrow.

12/26/2008 #2,674
Kid of Colors

I have arrived!

calm down everyone.

12/26/2008 #2,675
Irish toaster

Lets just calm down people and drink some hot cocoa *offers cups*

Peacemaker is my job.I get paid so I have to do it xp

12/26/2008 #2,676
Kid of Colors

yay for the pacifists!

12/26/2008 #2,677

Y'all are weird.

12/26/2008 #2,678
Irish toaster

Better to be happy and weird than grumpy and boring

12/26/2008 #2,679
Kid of Colors

i agree

12/26/2008 #2,680
Kid of Colors

wierd is good!

12/26/2008 #2,681
Kid of Colors

where has everyone gone to. so lonely. the walls are closing in. There's no one to intimidate the walls with the steady beating of the heart. The area is empty black, a deep void filled with nothing. Not even nothing. For nothing is something. The area is filled with unoccupied space, ice-like and untouched. The cold is quickly spreading over the empty, I am clinging to the last warmth of someone's words, but they continue to slip from my fingertips like grains of sand, fading into the ominous sea of silence. The more words i speak, the less i will have to keep my self from dieing from the solitude. Right now, the only one I can speak to is myself. This will have to do...for now.

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #2,682
Irish toaster

Ok I have to best that piece of poetry.

There once was a man called tim.He once went for a swim.Then one day,he ate some hay,and didn't wake up again.

woo I rock!

12/26/2008 #2,683
Kid of Colors

hahah good one toast!

here ya go danger, i dont know if you'll find this funny but it brought a hehe

Q: Why did Santa have to have his balls removed? A: Because he'd carried his sack over his shoulders one too many times.

12/26/2008 #2,684
Irish toaster

Hmm that's gotta hurt xD

12/26/2008 #2,685
Kid of Colors

...hope thats a good thing, Miss!

12/26/2008 . Edited 12/26/2008 #2,686
Kid of Colors

because, idk...

*shrug shrug*

12/26/2008 #2,687
Kid of Colors

why was the other one better?

12/26/2008 #2,688
Irish toaster

Why did I change my pic to a top hat?

12/26/2008 #2,689
Kid of Colors

i look creepier huh? :P

because top hots are fun!

12/26/2008 #2,690
Kid of Colors

i'm making x-mas presents still! even after the holiday is over!

12/26/2008 #2,691
Irish toaster

Well then.Good bye to you!

*goes off in a huff still wearing top hat*

12/26/2008 #2,692
I ride flying pigs

HI! merry holiday season to everyone

I want to join an RP, does anyone have any suggestions

12/26/2008 #2,693
Kid of Colors

join mine!!!

my um...whats it called..oh yeah hollyham! lol hollyham...

12/26/2008 #2,694
I ride flying pigs

okay, I'm just thinking of a name now :)

12/26/2008 #2,695
Kid of Colors

a name for what?

12/26/2008 #2,696
I ride flying pigs

a character silly!

12/26/2008 #2,697
Kid of Colors

K: oh!

Miss: huh?

12/26/2008 #2,698

80's flick chick over here.

12/26/2008 #2,699
Kid of Colors

not really...i was about 5 back then...

12/26/2008 #2,700
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