A roleplay for the first World War.
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disused account

Read the thingy. I'm back.

12/27/2008 #2,821

Cheetos with eggnog? I'd rather eat caramelized roaches.

Hey Liesl. Caramel Square? XD

12/27/2008 #2,822
disused account

I'm already hyper.

12/27/2008 #2,823

I just wrote "Fly, pretty birdy, fly!" on my friends' forum. I'm just as hyper, if not more.

12/27/2008 #2,824
disused account

Its ok I did I review or PM to Mad once and wrote XX OO with a exta slopy X

12/27/2008 #2,825

I'll bet mad had to go o.0 when she saw that. XD

12/27/2008 #2,826
disused account

eh..we've been pming each other too long to be surprised..least I hope.

12/27/2008 #2,827
Irish toaster

Yawn I'm tired

12/27/2008 #2,828
disused account


12/27/2008 #2,829

Toast - Sugar rush? *offers more cookies*

Lee - XD

12/27/2008 #2,830
disused account

Where is Miss Fox today, I miss her question marks.

12/27/2008 #2,831

Prob'ly having fun.

12/27/2008 #2,832
disused account

Damn her! *shakes fist.*

12/27/2008 #2,833
Irish toaster

Nah had enough cookies over the christmas.I have to go for a jog.Actually I think I will go for a ten minute night jog with the ol' dog brb

12/27/2008 #2,834

*pats head* Get over it. She'll be back.

12/27/2008 #2,835
disused account

U missed my post in Paris..

12/27/2008 #2,836
disused account

Did you check out that website or find it.

12/27/2008 #2,837


12/27/2008 #2,838

Did Lee die again?

12/27/2008 #2,839
Irish toaster


12/27/2008 #2,840
disused account

Well Lee IS a ghost ya know.

12/27/2008 #2,841

*slaps head* forgot about that.

Hey toastah!

12/27/2008 #2,842

Look, it's you. :P


12/27/2008 #2,843

The headline of the next day's paper would look like this:

Homicidal Lhasa Apso Attacks Local Nursing Home

12/27/2008 #2,844


12/27/2008 #2,845
disused account

I said my choice last night. T, paris.

12/27/2008 #2,846

Yes sir! *runs off*

12/27/2008 #2,847
Irish toaster

I would die in a stupid way so people can get a laugh out of it.Death's so morbid these days

12/27/2008 #2,848

Danger, I have a sudden urge to lick the floor now. o.0

"There is always something to do, have you ever jumped off the hood of the car? Have you ever licked the floor?"

Toast - THat's a good way too.

12/27/2008 . Edited 12/27/2008 #2,849
Irish toaster

hahaha thank you.That was so awesome! *dies*

12/27/2008 #2,850
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