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disused account

No you didn't.

12/28/2008 #2,911
Star the Foxhound

I have to go now :( Sorry I just got on, I know, and I won't be on tomorrow if my parents have their way.

12/28/2008 #2,912

I didn't? Crap.

Aw, bye Hound. *sends cookies*

12/28/2008 #2,913
disused account

Poo.. Foxie!

12/28/2008 #2,914


12/28/2008 #2,915
disused account

*Gives Starbucks*

12/28/2008 #2,916
disused account


12/28/2008 #2,917

OMG STARBUCKS!!! *slurps on Double chocolate chip frap* OM NOM NOM...

12/28/2008 #2,918
disused account

Good T. nice T..Don't bite me!

12/28/2008 #2,919

*worships* Why would I bite da hand dat feedz me?

... Screw it *noms on hand*

12/28/2008 #2,920

BTW are you ever gonna post?

12/28/2008 #2,921
Kid of Colors


12/28/2008 #2,922

Hey Jessi! Wassup?

12/28/2008 #2,923
Kid of Colors

nuffin. I'm just sick. Pretty exciting huh?

12/28/2008 #2,924

Oooh, that's never fun! *gives soup and chocolate*

12/28/2008 #2,925
Kid of Colors

thank ya Sissi!

I hate being sick. I rarely am sick. usually i just puke and feel better.

Rocky, you need to take better care of yerself. Ah, who am I to be talking...

12/28/2008 #2,926

My boyfriend has the worst immune system ever - consider yourselves lucky. When I get a sneeze, he stays home for a week sick. :P

12/28/2008 . Edited 12/28/2008 #2,927
Kid of Colors

a little dizzy and my throat is bugging me. And my head and neck. The worst part though about being sick is my medicine . Agh.

and how are you feeling?

Ooh that sucks.

12/28/2008 . Edited 12/28/2008 #2,928
disused account

blahblah blah..

12/28/2008 #2,929

Hugs - Orange chocolate. Or any chocolate really. It makes the throat soften and it feels a helluva lot better. I did that when I was sick during a 3-day stint where I had to sing. :P

Hi Lee! Post? *holds out cookies*

12/28/2008 #2,930
Kid of Colors

yesterday. I think it was from sleeping downstairs on Kayla's bean bag. That thing is dirty...

Lol its funny because its called the LoveSac

ugh, i despise orange flavored anything.

hey lee how is you?

12/28/2008 . Edited 12/28/2008 #2,931

*drools* God I need some chocolate now. XD

12/28/2008 #2,932
Kid of Colors

okay, now how do you not like chocolate?

12/28/2008 #2,933
Kid of Colors

hmmm...very interesting...

12/28/2008 #2,934
Kid of Colors

I'm a little loopy so.... *shrugs*

I am going to change my pen name :]

12/28/2008 #2,935
disused account

Noo! Then where will I get a hug?

12/28/2008 #2,936
Kid of Colors

*hugs Lee* my name doesn't matter. You can still get hugs.

i'm not really ure what a funshovel is but its pretty funny.

12/28/2008 #2,937
Kid of Colors

yuppers. watch this or i will severely hurt you! jkjk jk, but its still funny :P:


12/28/2008 #2,938
disused account

I want Hugi now! *cries* Meet three year old Lee!

12/28/2008 #2,939
Kid of Colors

Snap out of it Lee!!!

*snappy snap snaps*

12/28/2008 #2,940
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